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1. "The simplest Surrealist act consists of dashing down the street, pistol in hand, and firing blindly, as fast as you can pull the trigger, into the crowd. Anyone who, at least once in his life, has not dreamed of thus putting an end to the petty system of debasement and cretinization in effect has a well-defined place in that crowd with his belly at barrel-level."
Author: André Breton
2. "There are naked people in boots on a mountain top firing guns."
Author: Andy Richter
3. "What do you see when you see me?' She asked him, burying her own face in his bosom. 'Do you want the truth?'She nodded.'The firing squad.''That's not the whole truth. Try again.''Insatiability,' he said with some bitterness.'That's oblique but altogether too simple. Once more,' she insisted. 'One more time.'He was silent for several minutes.'The map of a country in which I only exist by virtue of the extravagance of my metaphors.''Now you're being too sophisticated. And, besides, what metaphors do we have in common?"
Author: Angela Carter
4. "One should not put a loaded rifle onto the stage if no one is thinking of firing it."
Author: Anton Chekhov
5. "A philosopher has remarked that if a man knew that he had thirty years of life before him, it would not be an unwise thing to spend twenty of those in mapping out a plan of living and putting himself under rule; for he would do more with the ten well-arranged years than with the whole thirty if he spent them at random. There is much truth in that saying. A man will do little by firing off his gun if he has notlearned to take aim."
Author: Charles H. Spurgeon
6. "I have also been attacked by my opponents as someone seeking to purge university faculties of leftist professors. This is false. The first provision of the Academic Bill of Rights is that no professor should be hired or fired because of his or her political views. I have never myself called for the firing of any professor for his or her political views, nor would I."
Author: David Horowitz
7. "I fought in Korea, front line. I knew who the enemy were. The enemy were the people who were firing at me. And shooting at me."
Author: Douglas Wilder
8. "If I sleep for more than half an hour, I get horrible dreams in which I'm firing a gun and helicopters are coming down."
Author: Emmanuel Jal
9. "I love to go to the playground and watch the children jumping up and down. They don't know I'm firing blanks."
Author: Emo Philips
10. "One gets into a strange psychological, almost hypnotic, state of mind while on the firing line which probably prevents the mind's eye from observing and noticing things in a normal way."
Author: Fritz Kreisler
11. "I love firing guns. It's an amazing feeling - so sexy and powerful."
Author: Hayley Atwell
12. "She slid open the box, extracted a match, and struck it with a flourish. The flame flared up in the gloom of the unlit room, a tiny golden beacon. For a moment, Oma Kristel held it aloft, then the unthinkable happened. The match slipped out of her fingers and fell straight onto her pink mohair bosom. With a whooomph! like the sounds of a gas furnace firing up, the hairspray with which Oma Kristel had doused herself ignited, obliterating her in a column of flames."
Author: Helen Grant
13. "But it was just luck really if the girls survived. You're like a man firing a machine gun into a supermarket who happens not to become a murderer."
Author: Iris Murdoch
14. "My body knew what to do, what it wanted , even though my brain was firing off so many warnings I felt like Homeland Security during a Code Red."
Author: J. Lynn
15. "This we had to endure with a serious reduction in the price of goods - added to this early in the ensuing spring our glost oven fell while firing doing us considerable damage and rendering it necessary to build a new one."
Author: John Hawley
16. "She looked like a character from a video game. One of those improbably busty, impossibly well-armed superchicks who could do acrobatics and hit the kill zone even while firing guns from both hands during a cartwheel. "You look fucking ridiculous," she told herself."
Author: Jonathan Maberry
17. "In the empty immensity of earth, sky, and water, there she was, incomprehensible, firing into a continent."
Author: Joseph Conrad
18. "If you take a shot at someone, you keep firing until they can no longer return fire. Wound them, and you have an angry enemy who knows your position."
Author: Karen Traviss
19. "Don't worry dreams aren't real. They're just neurons firing randomly in your brain."
Author: Katherine Applegate
20. "Gregori jolted back. "Snap! You couldn't control one measly mortal?"Roman clenched his fists. "No."Gregori slapped a hand against his brow. "Snap!""Why the hell are you snapping? Are you a turtle?" It was times like this that firing Gregoriseemed to be the wise choice."
Author: Kerrelyn Sparks
21. "He's got a laugh like a machine gun firing through velvet."
Author: Libba Bray
22. "It was Russia, January 5, 1943, and just another icy day. Out among the city and snow, there were dead Russians and Germans everywhere. Those who remained were firing into the blank pages in front of them. Three languages interwove. The Russian, the bullets, the German."
Author: Markus Zusak
23. "I don't even like firing people. I don't think I've ever said, 'You're fired' to anybody."
Author: Martha Stewart
24. "Don't let another man, tight wearing fairy or not, help you out of your clothes again," he said, his eyes narrowing just enough to know some scalding emotions were firing through him right now. "If you need help out of so much as a sock, you call me, you got it? That's my job."
Author: Nicole Williams
25. "'Adbusters' is my favourite reading material, so as soon as you go there, the synapses start firing in a different way. You start taking on things that sometimes I feel are out of our control. That's what basically fuels my creative side."
Author: Raine Maida
26. "Through being fired I was given the perfect circumstances to finally answer my calling and live my dream, and I remain grateful to this day for that television network firing me. Without them, I would have refused the call to follow my dream, and I would have missed living the most exciting and fulfilling journey of my life."
Author: Rhonda Byrne
27. "Indiscriminate firing by police on people is absolute barbarism. Instead of solving their problems, the government is trying to suppress the people by force."
Author: Sheikh Hasina
28. "Some of the men and older boys were trained in firing the cannon, but since there wasn't any gun powder to spare for actually firing any more of the things, they made do with pushing wooden cartridges into the barrel and shouting, "Bang!" They got quite good at that, and were proud at the speed with which "Bang!" could be shouted. Daphne said she hoped the enemy would be trained to say "Aargh!"
Author: Terry Pratchett
29. "During the first firing a dozen or so numbers from the dock neglected to get out of the way - nothing remained of them except some crumbs and soot."
Author: Yevgeny Zamyatin
30. "Stillness seems to have the effect of easing the senses, until it starts to dull them. So while most of us need our lives to be filled with a modicum of stability, we need there to be some motion, too, for no other reason than it's during these episodes of activity that we're able to feel our synapses firing again, sometimes even with the abandon of the children we used to be."
Author: Youngme Moon

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