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1. "New Rule: Whenever you think the Tea Party can't get any dumber, they get dumber. Now they're in love with Donald Trump. Because nothing says "We're serious about fiscal responsibility" quite like a billionaire whose corporations have filed for bankruptcy three times."
Author: Bill Maher
2. "Fiscal responsibility and government reform are going to be good themes for governing, well at any time, but particularly coming out of a recovery."
Author: Bob McDonnell
3. "I'm not really conservative. I'm conservative on certain things. I believe in less government. I believe in fiscal responsibility and all those things that maybe Republicans used to believe in but don't any more."
Author: Clint Eastwood
4. "I will work to restore fiscal responsibility to our country's budget and to provide for a more robust economy."
Author: Ed Pastor
5. "Rather than waiting to restore fiscal responsibility after we pass legislation, we must work to ensure we remain committed to it as we draft legislation."
Author: Gary Miller
6. "The lack of fiscal responsibility is one of the main reasons I finally left my old Party."
Author: Lincoln Chafee
7. "I represent what I think is a traditional Republican... a limited government, fiscal responsibility, strong national defense, individual freedom and liberty."
Author: Olympia Snowe
8. "Veterans are driven by the same frustrations that the public has with what is happening in Washington... the fiscal irresponsibility and the financial crisis that our country is facing."
Author: Pete Hegseth
9. "I stand for limited government, fiscal responsibility, personal freedom, personal responsibility, so the Republican Party will support me."
Author: Rick Scott
10. "As the President reviewed the state of the union and unveiled his second-term agenda, he fell short of adequately explaining how he intends to set America back on the course of fiscal responsibility and secure the fiscal health of the nation."
Author: Ron Kind
11. "My friend Paul Ryan talks about fiscal responsibility, but voted to put two wars on a credit card."
Author: Steny Hoyer
12. "Republicans should simply focus on first principles and give the American people what they want - an honest party dedicated to common sense, fiscal responsibility and limited government. If we govern to save the country, we'll do well as a party."
Author: Tom Coburn
13. "We in Scotland need fiscal responsibility. Quite simply, we need to be responsible for what we raise in tax and what we spend in tax."
Author: Tom Hunter

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Quotes About Fiscal Responsibility
Quotes About Fiscal Responsibility
Quotes About Fiscal Responsibility

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