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1. "Physical pain however great ends in itself and falls away like dry husks from the mind, whilst moral discords and nervous horrors sear the soul."
Author: Alice James
2. "Painting what I experience, translating what I feel, is like a great liberation. But it is also work, self-examination, consciousness, criticism, struggle."
Author: Balthus
3. "Loving you is a full-time job. It's a great job, don't get me wrong. It's the best job in the universe. But it's not easy."
Author: Carrie Jones
4. "I put it to the great man [Hitchcock], the key to fictitious terror is partition or containment: so long as the Bates Motel is sealed off from our world, we want to peer in, like at a scorpion enclosure. But a film that shows the world is a Bates Motel, well, that's... the stuff of Buchloe, dystopia, depression. We'll dip our toes in a predatory, amoral, godless unive3rse, but only our toes."
Author: David Mitchell
5. "It is needless to say how great has been the influence of the doctrine of Evolution, or rather perhaps of the method of investigation to which it has given birth, upon the study of history, especially the history of institutions."
Author: Goldwin Smith
6. "In Santiago, the capital of the kingdom of Chile, at the moment of the great earthquake of 1647 in which many thousands lost their lives, a young Spaniard called Jeronimo Rugera was standing beside one of the pillars in the prison to which he had been committed on a criminal charge, and he was about to hang himself."
Author: Heinrich Von Kleist
7. "And magnificently blue and imperturbably quiet—save for the great regular swell of"
Author: Henry James
8. "It is not the thunder that makes the flowers grow..."
Author: Jury Nel
9. "Haiti is 10.4-million people, of whom 35 per cent are children under 15. The country has always had great potential - and this is still the case. Our ill fortune has long been a matter of bad governance. And now things have changed."
Author: Laurent Lamothe
10. "I used to be a great blues singer."
Author: Roger Daltrey

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Quotes About Flowers In The Great Gatsby
Quotes About Flowers In The Great Gatsby
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