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1. "I'm crazy about ducks and swans and geese, so I don't eat foie gras. I try to eat organic."
Author: Anna Chancellor
2. "I say 'no' to nothing, 'yes' to moderation. That's how I approach everything. No matter if it's candy or foie gras. When you have the real deal, you're satisfied with that one bite. I say go full throttle and call it a day."
Author: Carla Hall
3. "I was so happy it was like a food, like I'd been stuffed with it, a foie gras goose of happiness; happy enough to know, fully, that I was happy, and foolishly, for one second, to dare the thought: "Imagine—imagine if each Saturday morning could be like this," and in the middle of the singing, I blushed, not even looking at her, because even just having it I knew there was something wrong about the thought. Another boundary crossing—an acknowledgment to myself, so fleeting but so dangerous, of how hungry I was."
Author: Claire Messud The Woman Upstairs
4. "Grand-père Volker a survécu à un triple pontage, une greffe de foie et se prélasse actuellement dans une de ses nombreuses résidences en compagnie d'une de ses nombreuses épouses. Qu'on ne me demande pas quelle résidence, je n'ai aucune mémoire pour la géographie. Qu'on ne me demande pas quelle épouse, je n'ai aucune mémoire pour la pornographie."
Author: Eli Esseriam
5. "La citeva luni dupa intoarcerea sa, incepuse sa imbatrineasca atit de repede si intr-un chip atit de nelinistitor, incit in curind fu privit ca unul dintre acei strabunici inutili care se foiesc ca niste umbre prin odai, tirindu-si picioarele, amintindu-si cu glas tare de timpurile frumoase din trecut, si de care nimanui nu-i mai pasa si nici nu-si mai aminteste de ei pina in ziua cind ii gaseste morti, in zori, in patul lor."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
6. "Go to the meat market of a Saturday night and see the crowds of live bipeds staring up at the long rows of dead quadrupeds. Does not that sight take a tooth out of the cannibal's jaw? Cannibals? who is not a cannibal? I tell you it will be more tolerable for the Fejee that salted down a lean missionary in his cellar against a coming famine; it will be more tolerable for that provident Fejee, I say, in the day of judgement, than for thee, civilized and enlightened gourmand, who naliest geese to the ground and feistiest on their bloated livers in thy paté-de-foie-gras."
Author: Herman Melville
7. "We show our surprise at this by speaking of something called the "French paradox," for how could a people who eat such demonstrably toxic substances as foie gras and triple crème cheese actually be slimmer and healthier than we are? Yet I wonder if it doesn't make more sense to speak in terms of an American paradox—that is, a notably unhealthy people obsessed by the idea of eating healthily."
Author: Michael Pollan
8. "Socialists find me too far left; Trotskyites not far enough; ecologists say I am too happy eating foie gras, defending nuclear energy and GM plants; feminists find I am not enough of a woman; anarchists a petit-bourgeois who has sold out because I believe in universal suffrage."
Author: Michel Onfray
9. "Flowers die and wine gets consumed. Both are lovely. I appreciate both. Wine and roses. I actually had someone bring me a lobe of foie gras once."
Author: Padma Lakshmi
10. "Un foie, deux reins, trois raisons d'utiliser la baïonnette."
Author: Pierre Desproges
11. "È foie gras" disse Christian. Sul volto aveva un sorrisetto che non mi piaceva affatto.Lo squadrai con circospezione. "Cos'è?""Non lo sai?" Il tono della sua voce era impertinente, e per una volta nella vita, mi diede l'impressione di essere un vero reale, che dispensava le sue conoscenze elitarie a noi subalterni.Scrollò le spalle. "Provalo."Lissa sospirò, esasperata. "È fegato d'oca."Ritrassi la mano di scatto. La cameriera passò oltre, e Christian rise. Lo fulminai con lo sguardo."
Author: Richelle Mead
12. "Congratulations to Prince Charles for banning foie gras from all his functions."
Author: Steven Morrissey

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