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1. "Trust me, I have not earned your dear rebuke,I love, as you would have me, God the most;Would lose not Him, but you, must one be lost,Nor with Lot's wife cast back a faithless lookUnready to forego what I forsook;This say I, having counted up the cost,This, tho' I be the feeblest of God's host,The sorriest sheep Christ shepherds with His crook.Yet while I love my God the most, I deemThat I can never love you overmuch;I love Him more, so let me love you too;Yea, as I apprehend it, love is suchI cannot love you if I love not Him.I cannot love Him if I love not you."
Author: Christina Rossetti
2. "Lady Undómiel," said Aragorn, "the hour is indeed hard, yet it was made even in that day when we met under the white birches in the garden of Elrond where none now walk. And on the hill of Cerin Amroth when we forsook both the Shadow and the Twilight this doom we accepted."
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
3. "Wert thou that just Maid who once beforeForsook the hated earth, O tell me sooth,And cam'st again to visit us once more?Or wet thou that sweet smiling Youth?Or any other of the heavenly broodLet down in cloudy throne to do the world good?Or wert thou of the golden-winged host,Who, having clad thyself in human weed,To earth from thy prefixed seat didst post And after short abode fly back with speedAs if to show what creatures heaven doth breed;Thereby to set the hearts of men on fire,To scorn the sorded world, and unto Heaven aspire?"
Author: John Milton
4. "I was sleeping, and you woke meTo walk on the chilled shoreOf a night with no memory,Till your voice forsook my earTill your two hands withdrewAnd I was empty of tears,On the edge of a bricked and streeted seaAnd a cold hill of stars."
Author: Philip Larkin
5. "BILL: I have not forsook my responsibilities!-BARBARA: It's "forsaken," big shot!BILL: Actually, "forsook" is also an acceptable usage!-BARBARA: Oh, "forsook" you and the horse you rose in on!"
Author: Tracy Letts

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