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1. "—No dejes nunca de ser tan franca y directa —murmuré, mirándola ala cara—. No dejes nunca de pedir lo que quieres.—No lo haré —susurró—. Esta noche sí te he sorprendido, ¿verdad?Y fue así, sin más, como se ganó mi corazón."
Author: Christina Lauren
2. "El pesar nos envejece prematuramente, cuando estas en deuda emocional eres pesimista con respecto al futuro, y aun en tus años de plenitud, ansias volver al pasado para remediar las carencias de amor y oportunidad que sufriste. a veces ansias mas atención, pasar mas tiempo con alguien que ya no esta, tener la oportunidad de hablar francamente y desprenderte de tu carga emocional, o solo resolver tu confusión descubriendo, por fin, lo que realmente ocurrió"
Author: Deepak Chopra
3. "O gouvernment francais, I think it was not very clever of You to put this terrible doll in La Ferte; for when Governments are found dead there is always a little doll on top of them, pulling and tweaking with his little hands to get back at the microscopic knife which sticks firmly in the quiet meat of their hearts."
Author: E.E. Cummings
4. "Desconfio de todas as pessoas francas e simples, principalmente quando suas histórias são coerentes."
Author: Ernest Hemingway
5. "Il rimorso non tormenta chi l'ha fatta franca". Oggi so che è vera."
Author: Erri De Luca
6. "Talk English to me, Tommy.Parlez francais avec moi, Nicole.But the meanings are different-- in French you can be heroic and gallant with dignity, and you know it. But in English you can't be heroic and gallant without being a little absurd, and you know that too. That gives me an advantage."
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
7. "A Novilíngua diferia da maior parte das outras línguas porque o seu vocabulário ia diminuindo em vez de aumentar todos os anos. Cada redução era um ganho, pois quanto menor a área de escolha, menor a tentação de pensar. Como fim último, esperava-se atingir uma linguagem emitida pela laringe, sem passar pelos centros nervosos superiores. Objectivo esse, francamente admitido no termo de Novilíngua "patofalar", que significava "grasnar como um pato". (...) Desde que as opiniões grasnadas fossem ortodoxas, o termo era perfeitamente laudatório; quando o Times se referia a um dos oradores do Partido caracterizando-o como "duploextrabom patofalante" estava a fazer-lhe um elogio caloroso e extremamente apreciado."
Author: George Orwell
8. "Not a single object seems to possess a practical use. The antechamber itself seems useless, a sort of vestibule to a barn, It is exactly the same sort of sensation I get when I enter the Comedie-Francaise or the Palaise- Royal Theatre; ; it is a world of bric-a-brac, of trap doors, of arms and busts and waxed floors, of candelabras and men in armor, of statues without eyes and love letters lying in glass cases. Something is going on, but it makes no sense; it's like finishing the half-empty bottle of Calvados because there's no room in the valise."
Author: Henry Miller
9. "Las mujeres se presentan francas y risueñas, comprendiendo muy bien que no es preciso ser mojigatas para ser virtuosas"
Author: Ignacio Manuel Altamirano
10. "Cultivo una rosa blanca,En julio como en enero,Para el amigo sinceroQue me da su mano franca.Y para el cruel que me arrancaEl corazon con que vivo,Cardo ni oruga cultivoCultivo una rosa blanca.I have a white rose to tendIn July as in January;I give it to the true friendWho offers his frank hand to me.And to the cruel one whose blowsBreak the heart by which I live,Thistle nor thorn do I give:For him, too, I have a white rose."
Author: José Martí
11. "One finds the same basic mythological themes in all the religions of the world, from the most primitive to the most sophisticated, from the North American plains to European forests to Polynesian atolls. The imagery of myth is a language, a lingua franca that expresses something basic about our deepest humanity. It is variously inflected in its various provinces."
Author: Joseph Campbell
12. "The formalities necessary to obtain a work were quite complicated; the borrower's form had to contain the book's title, format, publication date, edition number, and the author's name- in other words, unless one was already informed, one could not become so. At the bottom, spaces were left to indicate the borrower's age, address, profession, and purpose of research. Michel obeyed these regulations and handed his properly filled-out form to the librarian sleeping at his desk; following his example, the pages were snoring loudly on chairs set around the wall; their functions had become a sinecure as complete as those of the ushers at the Comedie-Francaise. The librarian, waking with a start, stared at the bold young man; he read the form and appeared to be stupefied at the request; after much deliberation, to Michel's alarm, he sent the latter to a subordinate official working near his own window, but at a separate little desk..."
Author: Jules Verne
13. "Y en a pas deux comme lui pour defendre la race francaise! Elle en a bien besoin la race francaise, puisqu elle n existe pas!"
Author: Louis Ferdinand Céline
14. "Mark Twain dijo: "Los dos días más importantes de tu vida es el día en que naces y el día en que descubres por qué."No recuerdo el día en que nací, pero recuerdo el día en que descubrí por qué.Su nombre era Deuce.Él era mi "por qué"Y esta es nuestra historia.No es una bonita.Algunas partes de ella son francamente feas.Pero es nuestra.Y porque creo que todo pasa por una razón, no cambiaría nada."
Author: Madeline Sheehan
15. "Mi táctica es mirarte aprender como sos quererte como sosmi táctica es hablarte y escucharte construir con palabras un puente indestructiblemi táctica es quedarme en tu recuerdo no sé cómo ni sé con qué pretexto pero quedarme en vosmi táctica es ser franco y saber que sos franca y que no nos vendamos simulacros para que entre los dosno haya telón ni abismosmi estrategia es en cambio más profunda y más simple mi estrategia es que un día cualquiera no sé cómo ni sé con qué pretexto por fin me necesites"
Author: Mario Benedetti Táctica Y Estrategia
16. "Hip-hop, this thing we love that loves us back, is our lingua franca."
Author: Raquel Cepeda
17. "English:Ô, take this eager dance you fool, don't brandish your stick at me. I have several reasons to travel on, on to the endless sea: I have lost my love. I've drunk my purse. My girl has gone, and left me rags to sleep upon. These old man's gloves conceal the hands with which I've killed but one!Francais: Idiot, prends cette danse ardente, au lieu de tendre ton bâton.J'en ai des raisons de voyager encore sur la mer infinie: J'ai perdu l'amour et j'ai bu ma bourse.Ma belle m'a quitté, j'ai ses haillons pour m'abriter. Mes gants de vieillard cachent les mains d'un fameux assassin!"
Author: Roman Payne

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