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1. "(James Joyce, in conversation with Carl Jung:)"Literary artists know more about the human mind than you fellers have a hope in hell of knowing. Ha. My craft is ebbing. I am yung and easily freudened. One of these days I'll show the lot of you what the unconscious mind is really like. I don't need any of you. In a sense I am Freud."Jung looked gloomily guilty at the name. "Yes?""What's Freud in English?""Joy.""Joy and Joyce. There's little enough difference. Except that I add C and E for Creative Endeavour. I spit in all your eyes."
Author: Anthony Burgess
2. "I'm not close to him." He looked at me defiantly. "But he's put his whole life into this. He's no Freud or Jung or Pavlov or Watson, but he's doing something important and I respect his dedication - maybe even more because he's just an ordinary man trying to do a great man's work, while the great men are all busy making bombs."
Author: Daniel Keyes
3. "Freud expressed the opinion—not quite in earnest, though, it seemed to me—that philosophy was the most decent form of sublimation of repressed sexuality, nothing more. In response I put the question, 'What then is science, particularly psychoanalytic psychology?' Whereupon he, visible a bit surprised, answered evasively: 'At least psychology has a social purpose."
Author: Freud
4. "Zebra crossings have produced a peculiar new type of mentality in an increasing number of people. This has its new correlated freedom: THE RIGHT TO ZEBRA-CROSS. If Freud were still alive he would certainly be able to define this new psychological trait, this zebra-complex. For those afflicted, life is simply a huge zebra-crossing: as soon as they step into the arena they expect all movement to come to a standstill and give way to them. In very bad cases the patient expects people to watch him admiringly and wave to him with friendly smiles."
Author: George Mikes
5. "Mathematics is the study of analogies between analogies. All science is. Scientists want to show that things that don't look alike are really the same. That is one of their innermost Freudian motivations. In fact, that is what we mean by understanding."
Author: Gian Carlo Rota
6. "In truth, Freud sees nothing and understands nothing."
Author: Gilles Deleuze
7. "I think Freud is about contamination, but I think that is something he learned from Shakespeare, because Shakespeare is about nothing but contamination, you might say."
Author: Harold Bloom
8. "The world of the grotesque is the darkness within us. Well before Freud and Jung shined a light on the workings of the subconscious, this correlation between darkness and our subconscious, these two forms of darkness, was obvious to people. It wasn't a metaphor, even. If you trace it back further, it wasn't even a correlation. Until Edison invented the electric light, most of the world was totally covered in darkness. The physical darkness outside and the inner darkness of the soul were mixed together, with no boundary separating the two. They were directly linked. Like this." Oshima brings his two hands together tightly. "But today things are different. The darkness in the outside world has vanished, but the darkness in our hearts remains, virtually unchanged. Just like an iceberg, what we label the ego or consciousness is, for the most part, sunk in darkness. And that estrangement sometimes creates a deep contradiction or confusion within us."
Author: Haruki Murakami
9. "It has to be the right person.""And Make-Believe-Fantasy-Guy is the right person?"Yes! He is! I wanted to shout...but that would have sounded crazy. Still, it felt completely, 100 percent true. The man in my dreams was the right person. He proved it to me every night.Of course he did. No matter how real the dreams felt, they were dreams, which meant the man's personality was a figment of my imagination. Of course he knew me better than anyone else! Why wouldn't I make him perfect for me? The iris tattoo was an especially nice touch, tying him in with my father and how horribly I missed him. Freud would have had a field day with it."
Author: Hilary Duff
10. "After Freud's exploration within the psyche it is now the outer world of reality which must be quantified and eroticised"
Author: J.G. Ballard
11. "That the Sadian fantasy situates itself better in the bearers of Christian ethics than elsewhere is what our structural landmarks allow us to grasp easily. But that Sade, himself, refuses to be my neighbor, is what needs to be recalled, not in order to refuse it to him in return, but in order to recognize the meaning of this refusal. We believe that Sade is not close enough to his own wickedness to recognize his neighbor in it. A trait which he shares with many, and notably with Freud. For such is indeed the sole motive of the recoil of beings, sometimes forewarned, before the Christian commandment. For Sade, we see the test of this, crucial in our eyes, in his refusal of the death penalty, which history, if not logic, would suffice to show is one of the corollaries of Charity."
Author: Jacques Lacan
12. "Alles ist Mist. Aber dann möchte man sich manchmal auf die Erde setzen und sich vor Freude ins Hemd weinen."
Author: Janosch
13. "Her face was fragile and mischievous, pale enough to absorb hues from the world around her-purple, green, pink-like a face painted by Lucian Freud."
Author: Jennifer Egan
14. "Most of the makers of the twentieth-century mind, figures such as Freud, Heisenberg, Picasso, Joyce, and Eliot, have in common an about-face on the subject-object question and the mindmatter question; they all reject the dualism that arbitrarily and irreversibly splits the world into pieces. This rejection of dualism and the corresponding reach for monism are of the essence in understanding the revolutionary nature of twentieth-century science and art."
Author: Jewel Spears Brooker
15. "In both jokes and dreams, Freud observed, meanings are condensed and displaced, things are represented indirectly or by their opposites, fallacious reasoning trumps logic. Jokes often arise involuntarily, like dreams, and tend to be swiftly forgotten. From these similarities Freud inferred that jokes and dreams share a common origin in the unconscious. Both are essentially means of outwitting our inner "censor."
Author: Jim Holt
16. "We are repeatedly left, in other words, with no further focus than ourselves, a source from which self-pity naturally flows. Each time this happens I am struck again by the permanent impassibility of the divide. Some people who have lost a husband or a wife report feeling that person's presence, receiving that person's advice. Some report actual sightings, what Freud described in "Mourning and Melancholia" as "a clinging to the object through the medium of a hallucinatory wishful psychosis." Others describe not a visible apparition but just a "very strongly felt presence."
Author: Joan Didion
17. "MaifestWie herrlich leuchtetMir die Natur!Wie glänzt die Sonne!Wie lacht die Flur!Es dringen BlütenAus jedem Zweig,Und tausend StimmenAus dem Gesträuch,Und Freud und WonneAus jeder Brust.O Erd, o Sonne!O Glück, o Lust!O Lieb', o Liebe,So golden schön,Wie MorgenwolkenAuf jenen Höhn;Du segnest herrlichDas frische Feld,Im BlütendampfeDie volle Welt.O Mädchen, Mädchen,Wie lieb' ich dich!Wie blickt dein Auge!Wie liebst du mich!So liebt die LercheGesang und Luft,Und MorgenblumenDen Himmels Duft,Wie ich dich liebeMit warmem Blut,Die du mir JugendUnd Freud und MutZu neuen LiedernUnd Tänzen gibst!Sei ewig glücklichWie du mich liebst!"
Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
18. "Sah ein Knab' ein Röslein stehn,Röslein auf der Heiden,war so jung und morgenschön,lief er schnell, es nah zu sehn,sah's mit vielen Freuden.Röslein, Röslein, Röslein rot,Röslein auf der Heiden.Knabe sprach: „Ich breche dich,Röslein auf der Heiden!"Röslein sprach: „Ich steche dich,dass du ewig denkst an mich,und ich will's nicht leiden."Röslein, Röslein, Röslein rot,Röslein auf der Heiden.Und der wilde Knabe brach'sRöslein auf der Heiden;Röslein wehrte sich und stach,half ihm doch kein Weh und Ach,musst' es eben leiden.Röslein, Röslein, Röslein rot,Röslein auf der Heiden."
Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
19. "He was more aware than is usually admitted of the Freudian implications in the novel, and the note of ambiguity could have insinuated itself at least as a partial effort to conceal the radical thesis and the problem of form. Since this is exactly what happens in Lady Chatterley's Lover, the hypothesis is not without possibilities."
Author: John E. Stoll
20. "In the context of Lawrence's rejection of the Freudian notion of incest and the close identification between author and character, Sons and Lovers becomes an exercise in deliberate ambiguity."
Author: John E. Stoll
21. "Hang in there, Frank!' Freud called - to the entire lobby. 'Don't let anyone tell you you're queer! You're a prince, Frank!' Freud cried. 'You're better than Rudolf!' Freud yelled to Frank. 'You're more majestic than all the Hapsburgs, Frank!' Freud encouraged him. Frank couldn't speak, he was crying so hard."
Author: John Irving
22. "Für den Freigebigen ist die Suche nach einem, der empfangen soll, eine größere Freude als das Geben."
Author: Kahlil Gibran
23. "Ihr betet in eurer Not und Pein; würdet ihr doch auch in der Fülle eurer Freude und in den Tagen des Überflusses beten."
Author: Kahlil Gibran
24. "Sie dachte noch an Unkes Maske, als sie einschlief, und im Halbschlaf fragte sie sich, ob nicht jedermann bisweilen eine Maske trug.Eine Maske der Freude, eine Maske der Trauer, eine Maske der Gleichgültigkeit.Eine Maske aus Ihr-seht-mich-nicht."
Author: Kai Meyer
25. "Thanks, Dad, for leaving a huge void in my life that Freud says has to be filled with dick."
Author: Leah Raeder
26. "Although Freud said happiness is composed of love and work, reality often forces us to choose love or work."
Author: Letty Cottin Pogrebin
27. "Oh, sure. Of course, they say now that we've got Freud and the motorcar, God is dead." "He's not dead; just very tired."
Author: Libba Bray
28. "Schon im Bette drängen sich die Ideen zu dir meine Unsterbliche Geliebte, hier und da freudig, dann wieder traurig. Vom Schicksaale abwartend, ob es unß erhört..."
Author: Ludwig Van Beethoven
29. "Her constant orders for beheading are shocking to those modern critics of children's literature who feel that juvenile fiction should be free of all violence and especially violence with Freudian undertones. Even the Oz books of L. Frank Baum, so singularly free of the horrors to be found in Grimm and Andersen, contain many scenes of decapitation. As far as I know, there have been no empirical studies of how children react to such scenes and what harm if any is done to their psyche. My guess is that the normal child finds it all very amusing and is not damaged in the least, but that books like Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz should not be allowed to circulate indiscriminately among adults who are undergoing analysis."
Author: Martin Gardner
30. "(...)– aber vor allem: standhalten, dem Licht, der Freude (wie unser Kind als es sang) im Wissen, dass ich erlösche im Licht über Ginster, Asphalt und Meer, standhalten der Zeit, beziehungsweise Ewigkeit im Augenblick. Ewig sein: gewesen sein."
Author: Max Frisch
31. "Since Madonna is positioned as always 'cooler than thou,' we all are primed for schadenfreude if something in her fabulous life goes amiss."
Author: Naomi Wolf
32. "Women never bought Freud's idea of penis envy: who would want a shotgun when you can have an automatic?"
Author: Natalie Angier
33. "It is amusing to poke fun at the experts when their predictions fail. However, we should be careful with our Schadenfreude. To say our predictions are no worse than the experts' is to damn ourselves with some awfully faint praise. Prediction does play a particularly important role in science, however. Some of you may be uncomfortable with a premise that I have been hinting at and will now state explicitly: we can never make perfectly objective predictions. They will always be tainted by our subjective point of view."
Author: Nate Silver
34. "She liked a very particular kind of plot: the sort where the pirate kidnaps some virgin damsel, rapes her into loving him, and then dispatches lots of seamen while she polishes his cutlass. Or where the Highland clan leader kidnaps some virginal English Rose, rapes her into loving him, and then kills entire armies Sassenachs while she stuffs his haggis. Or where the Native American warrior kidnaps a virginal white settler, rapes her into loving him, and then kills a bunch of colonists while she whets his tomahawk. I hated to get Freudian on Linda, but her reading patterns suggested some interesting insight into why she is such a bitch."
Author: Nicole Peeler
35. "He wanted to do, to be, to feel- and could not; he wanted sense, he wanted purpose- in Freud's words, 'Work and Love'."
Author: Oliver Sacks
36. "Freud was just a novelist."
Author: Peter Ackroyd
37. "Freud could never be certain, he said,in view of?? his wide and early reading,whether what seemed like a new creationmight not be the work insteadof ??hidden channels of memory leadingback to the notions of others absorbed,coming now anew into formhe'd almost known within him was growing.He called it (the ghost of a) cryptomnesia.So we own and owe what we know."
Author: Peter Cole
38. "My assumption is that fundamentally the picture of the human animal, as developed by Freud, is largely right."
Author: Peter Gay
39. "Man muß nie verzweifeln, wenn einem etwas verloren geht, ein Mensch oder eine Freude oder ein Glück; es kommt alles noch herrlicher wieder. Was abfallen muß, fällt ab; was zu uns gehört, bleibt bei uns, denn es geht alles nach Gesetzen vor sich, die größer als unsere Einsicht sind und mit denen wir nur scheinbar im Widerspruch stehen. Man muß in sich selber leben und an das ganze Leben denken, an alle seine Millionen Möglichkeiten, Weiten und Zukünfte, dem gegenüber es nichts Vergangenes und Verlorenes gibt."
Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
40. "The psyche will do anything to avoid pain, and when faced with something traumatic, like having to pay, its instinct is to put it off - what Freud called 'Nachträglichkeit' or delayed effect. Credit card and psyche conspire to soften the blow of paying by staggering it over time."
Author: Robert Rowland Smith
41. "The disturbed individual who believes himself to be Christ, or to receive messages from God, is something of a cliche in our society. Ever since Sigmund Freud, many people have associated religiosity with neurosis and mental illness."
Author: Robert Winston
42. "I thought of my mother (...). Freud wrote that no man is secure in the love of his mother can ever be a failure. Well, I had been busy proving that theory wrong."
Author: Scott Spencer
43. "The child is father of the man….attributed to Sigmund Freud, but believed to have been coined by a well-known poet years before Freud's time"
Author: Shirl Solomon
44. "Ben'de yalnizca en derin olanlar degil en yüce olanlar da bilinçsiz kalabilir demek zorundayiz. Böylelikle, en basta bilinçli Ben hakkinda söyledigimiz sey; onun her seyden önce bir Beden-Ben'i oldugu bilgisi, bize sergileniyormus gibidir."Sigmund Freud, ‘Ben ve O', sayfa 52"
Author: Sigmund Freud
45. "Ancak klinik gözlemler bize nefretin sadece beklenmedik siklikta sevginin yoldasi oldugunu, insan iliskilerinde sevginin bir öncülü oldugunu söylemekle kalmiyor, kimi durumlarda nefretin sevgiye ve sevginin de nefrete dönüsebildigini gösteriyor. Sayet bu dönüsüm sadece zamana bagli ardil bir yer-degistirmeden ibaret degilse, birbirine ters yönlerde seyreden fizyolojik süreçleri öngören, erotik güdülerle ölüm güdüleri arasindaki o temel ayrimin dayandigi zemin kaymis olur."Sigmund Freud, ‘Ben ve O', sayfa 76"
Author: Sigmund Freud
46. "You could say, in a vulgar Freudian way, that I am the unhappy child who escapes into books. Even as a child, I was most happy being alone. This has not changed."
Author: Slavoj Zizek
47. "[B]y reinterpreting Freudianism in terms of language, a pre-eminently social activity, Lacan permits us to explore the relations between the unconscious and human society. One way of describing his work is to say that he makes us recognize that the unconscious is not some kind of seething, tumultuous, private region ‘inside' us, but an effect of our relations with one another. The unconscious is, so to speak, ‘outside' rather than ‘within' us — or rather it exists ‘between' us, as our relationships do."
Author: Terry Eagleton
48. "But I think what made me go into theater was seeing my mother onstage. The first thing she did was Mrs. Frank in 'The Diary of Anne Frank.' The second thing she did was a play about Freud called 'The Far Country.' She played a paralyzed woman in Vienna who goes to see Freud."
Author: Tony Kushner
49. "Sigmund Freud once asserted, "Let one attempt to expose a number of the most diverse people uniformly to hunger. With the increase of the imperative urge of hunger all individual differences will blur, and in their stead will appear the uniform expression of the one unstilled urge." Thank heaven, Sigmund Freud was spared knowing the concentration camps from the inside. His subjects lay on a couch designed in the plush style of Victorian culture, not in the filth of Auschwitz. There, the "individual differences" did not "blur" but, on the contrary, people became more different; people unmasked themselves, both the swine and the saints."
Author: Viktor E. Frankl
50. "- Czy to dlatego przespalas sie ze swoim terapeuta?- To byla terapia. Wedlug Freuda seks jest królewskim goscincem do nieswiadomosci.-Freud mówil, ze marzenia senne sa droga do nieswiadomosci.- Seks, sny - masz zamiar znowu sie mnie czepiac?"
Author: Woody Allen

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