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1. "Declare this smite time, extracting precious gems and wholly hours you share to fruitcake a friend so dear."
Author: Bradley Chicho
2. "Oh, these people's minds work in strange ways, Petunia, they're not like you and me," said Uncle Vernon, trying to knock in a nail with the piece of fruitcake Aunt Petunia had just brought him."
Author: J.K. Rowling
3. "A brick is like fruitcake. You don't want to use it up all at once, and in fact, you don't want to use it up at all. Well, if you won't use it, then give it to someone who will. Every other Christmas I get the gift of fruitcake—and I think it's the same loaf that I gave to that person the year before."
Author: Jarod Kintz
4. "Bite me, faerie fruitcake."
Author: Jim Butcher
5. "We need more fruitcakes in this world, and less bakers!"
Author: Jimmy Buffett
6. "A sharp bolt of hunger hit Luther hard. His knees almost buckled, his poker face almost grimaced. For two weeks now his sense of smell had been much keener, no doubt a side effect of a strict diet. Maybe he got a whiff of Mabel's finest, he wasn't sure, but a craving came over him. Suddenly, he had to have something to eat. Suddenly, he wanted to snatch the bag from Kendall, rip open a package, and start gnawing on a fruitcake."
Author: John Grisham
7. "Friends are the fruitcake of life - some nutty, some soaked in alcohol, some sweet."
Author: Jon Ronson
8. "Sooo, I'm tired of people thinking I'm a freak. I know you can't relate to that but -""Get over it already, will ya?" Candace stood. "You're not Smellody anymore. You're pretty. You can get hot guys now. Tanned ones with good vision. Not geeky hose jousters." She shut the window. "Don't you ever want to use your lips as something other than veneer protectors?"Melody felt a familiar pinch behind her eyes. Her throat dried. Her eyes burned. And then they came. Like salty little paratroopers, tears descended en masse. She hated Candace thought she had never made out with a boy. But how could she convince a seventeen-year-old with more dates than a fruitcake that Randy the Starbucks cashier (aka Scarbucks, because of his acne scars) was a great kisser? She couldn't."
Author: Lisi Harrison
9. "You're going to set us all on fire, you homicidal feral fruitcake."
Author: Melina Marchetta
10. "As her skin sizzled under the delicious heat, she supposed she should've been giving serious thought to the lunacy of what she was doing playing with a vampire, who was, for all his charm, as lethal as a stiletto across the throat. But then again, most of her friends already thought she was half a nut short of a fruitcake. Why disappoint?"
Author: Nalini Singh
11. "A woman without a past is like a fruitcake without brandy—insipid!" Aunt Augusta in Aunt Dimity and the Family Tree."
Author: Nancy Atherton.
12. "You little fruitcake, you little fruitcake, I said you are a fruitcake."
Author: Pete Stark

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