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1. "He called her a MILF, which must be offensive because Miss Castle called him a thug and sent hit out of the room. Gabe, what is a MILF?"- Bethany"
Author: Alexandra Adornetto
2. "Cold case or not, the case was technically still open, never closed. These files should have been totally off limits to him. Gabe was risking his job by giving him this. "Wow, I had no idea you'd give me the keys to the kingdom. Thank you.""If you can find anything new about this case, I will kiss you in front of the squad room. On the lips. Hell, find something actionable and I just may give you a hand job.""Not a blow job?""Don't push it."
Author: Andrea Speed
3. "You never told me how the story ends, Gabe." She held her breath, waiting for his response.His expression held all the love and desire she knew he felt for her."It doesn't."
Author: Bella Andre
4. "- Ti amava - protestai.Lei mi fissò. Pensavo che stesse per esplodere, ma si limitò a sorridere e a scuotere la testa. - Mi venerava, Derfel - disse in tono stanco - e non è la stessa cosa che essere amata.Si lasciò cadere su uno sgabello, accanto alla cassapanca di legno. - Essere venerata, Derfel, è una cosa che stanca, a lungo andare."
Author: Bernard Cornwell
5. "Es war der Purpurne, der Ausgleich schaffte zwischen den Brüdern der ersten Brut. Er wusste um das Feuer in ihren Herzen und sorgte sich, dass ein Streit sie alle entzweien würde. So bat er die Alben, ihm Kinder zu erschaffen, die den Schleier der Zukunft zerreißen sollten, damit er jeden Streit schlichten könne. Und die Alben schenkten ihm die Xana. Nymphen, schön wie ein Sommertag, mit langem, goldenem Haar und einem Leib, so vollkommen, dass man den Blick nicht von ihnen abwenden konnte. Doch waren sie launisch wie ein Gebirgsbach im Frühling, mal sanft und friedlich, mal wild und überschäumend. Und sie sagten alles, was sie sahen, wenn sie in die Zukunft blickten, denn groß war ihre Gabe, doch Weisheit war ihnen nicht beschieden worden."
Author: Bernhard Hennen
6. "Paths are so much clearer when people stop looking at what everyone else is doing and instead concentrate on themselves ~Gabe"
Author: Cecelia Ahern
7. "Gabe clucked his tongue. "He's probably not the only one," he said, glancing at me. "Trouble does seem to find you, Kitten."
Author: Chloe Neill
8. "The bad thing caught you.I've never retreated in my life. I've never backed away from a fight and I've never cowered in fear. Ever. That's not who I am. But I've been in combat long enough to know that when something unbeatable chases you, you do the only thing you can do.You run. - Gabe"
Author: Courtney Cole
9. "Gabe taps Michi on the shoulder. "I can understand any hesitation on your part, Michika. If you wish, you can stay behind with your family …""Nuh-uh, not a chance!" She brushes Gabe's hand off of her shoulder. "If my best friend's gonna be risking her life to kick New Empire ass, then I wanna be right there with her in my asskickin' boots."
Author: Don A. Martinez
10. "And hey," Gabe added, "I don't even need the second bedroom, so we could set that up as a guest room, then you and Wade can stay when you visit.""You might want a roommate or something.""For won't let me pay you any rent, so it's not like I need the financial assistance.""Well a boyfriend maybe?" "And he'd be sleeping in the second bedroom because?" "When he's mad 'cause you won't put out, for one." Gabe tried to shove me off him. "Don't be mean—like I wouldn't want to have sex with my boyfriend." "I'm just teasing Sally Sensitive, sheesh." "I do actually like having sex you know." Gabe frowned. I gasped, placing a hand on my chest. "Lordy mercy, my little Gabe's all growed up." Gabe laughed at me. "Finally ready to stuff his Italian sausage where the sun doesn't shine!"
Author: Ethan Day
11. "Sure am. I even practiced my lines, though I can't believe I agreed to this. I'm delivering up our new teacher to the two of you on a silver tray. I should make you work harder for a chance to sweet talk her," Gabe said."
Author: Fiona Archer
12. "„Eine Regierung muss sparsam sein, weil das Geld, das sie erhält, aus dem Blut und Schweiß ihres Volkes stammt. Es ist gerecht, dass jeder einzelne dazu beiträgt, die Ausgaben des Staates tragen zu helfen. Aber es ist nicht gerecht, dass er die Hälfte seines jährlichen Einkommens mit dem Staate teilen muss."
Author: Friedrich Der Große
13. "Mugabe's become a disgrace to Africa. And I must say this because I am an African and a lot of us looked up to him back in the 1980s when he was the liberation hero. But he's now turned himself into a murderous despot."
Author: George Ayittey
14. "Die Wirtschaft hat nicht die Aufgabe, Arbeitsplätze zu schaffen. Im Gegenteil! Die Aufgabe der Wirtschaft ist es, die Menschen von der Arbeit zu befreien."
Author: Götz Werner
15. "How can I be sure? Tell me something only you would know." There went his hands to his hair again. And when that frustrated him, he did the fist thing. So far,he was very convincing. "You want trivia right now?""Yes!" Why did he always make things so difficult? Add another check to the "He's probably Gabe" list."Like what?" I had to stop looking at his head. "I don't know.What tattoo do I have on my left boob?""I thought you said to tel you something only I would know."
Author: Gwen Hayes
16. "Natürlich gibt es sehr viele Menschen, denen das Leben leichter fällt und die scheinbar oder wirklich "glücklicher" sind; es sind die nicht stark Individualisierten, die keine Probleme kennen. Sich mit ihnen zu vergleichen hat für uns andere keinen Sinn; wir müssen unser eigenes Leben leben, und das bedeutet etwas Neues und Eigenes, immer Schwieriges und auch immer Schönes für jeden Einzelnen. Es gibt keine Norm für das Leben, es stellt jedem eine andere, einmalige Aufgabe, und so gibt es auch nicht eine angeborene und vorbestimmte Untauglichkeit zum Leben, sondern es kann der Schwächste und Ärmste an seiner Stelle ein würdiges und echtes Leben führen, und anderen etwas sein, einfach dadurch dass er seinen nicht selbstgewählten Platz im Leben und seine besondere Aufgabe annimmt und zu verwirklichen sucht."
Author: Hermann Hesse
17. "Könnte ich es sagen und lehren, so wäre ich ein Weiser. So aber bin ich nur ein Fährmann und meine Aufgabe ist es, Menschen über diesen Fluss zu setzen."
Author: Hermann Hesse
18. "Iqbal, in seinem Poem "Die Moschee von Cordoba"- ein paar Verse daraus: Stein sei es, Farbe, sei's Ton:Wort sei es, Stimme, sei's Ton - Jegliches Wunder der Kunstwächst nur aus Herzensblut - seht!Ja, durch den Tropfen von Blutwird selbst der Felsen zum Herz;Ja, aus dem Herzblut, dem Leid,Lied, Sang und Klang erst entsteht.[aus "Nimm eine Rose und nenne sie Lieder" übersetzte Poesie der islamischen Völker von Annemarie Schimmel, insel Taschenbuch Ausgabe, S. 168]"
Author: Iqbal
19. "Gabe slowly backed out of the kitchen, hands raised. "Wow. That takes family drama to a whole new level."Hayded stared at him."And I think I'll go to my room now." Gabe said."
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
20. "Everyone there including President Mugabe knows something needs to change because so many people are hurting."
Author: Kirsty Coventry
21. "So I've made up with Mar. I've made up with Señor Shitslacks. I'd even forged a shaky truce with Amanda. The only person I still needed to deal with was Johnny Mercer. Oh yeah, I had to kill Gabe Walker, too, but there was plenty of time for that."
Author: Kristin Walker
22. "I couldn't help daydreaming that I was Elizabeth and Gabe was Mr. Darcy. fighting against his blossoming feelings for me. Discovering that his passion was beyond his control and finding me more and more desirable each time we met."
Author: Kristin Walker
23. "Kaitlyn:I though- that you might need something.Gabe:I don't need anything from anyone!Kaitlyn: I think you're lying"
Author: L.J. Smith
24. "I acknowledged Gabe and his attempts at flight the way a legless child might view a hopeful but misguided parent buying a house full of stairs. After a while, when Gabe offered me a morning greeting, it didn't feel like he was greeting me but rather a giant pair of wings; no girl, just feathers."
Author: Leslye Walton
25. "I hear the word in the hallover and over again.Suicide.Suicide.Suicide.Did he or didn't he?Everyone's got a guess.Still no one knows for sure, except Gabe, but he's not talking. Why does it even matter? He's gone. His, ours, theirs— blame needs a place. His, ours, theirs— pain all over the place. His, ours, theirs— forgiveness missing from this place."
Author: Lisa Schroeder
26. "Gabe?"The newchild stirred slightly in his sleep. Jonas looked over at him. "There could be love", Jonas whispered."
Author: Lois Lowry
27. "She was willing to give you everything she had. And you took it from her. You took her youth, and her beauty, and her energy and her health-" For a moment, think of his mother, Gabe couldn't continue speaking. He fell silent and choked back tears. Then he took a deep breath and went on, "- and it didn't matter. We found each other. None of it mattered but that. You won't ever know what that's like, to love someone. In a way, I pity you. But I hope you starve."
Author: Lois Lowry
28. "Gabe brings home a chicken and Tommy Falk for dinner. Truth be told, I'm not unhappy to see any of them. Gabe, because it's been so long since we've had dinner with him; the chicken because it's not beans; and Tommy Falk because his presence makes Gabe cheerful and goofy."
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
29. "Gabe says you make a mean chicken."Finn, who is sitting by the fireplace making smoke, comments for the first time. "Well, she certainly doesn't make a nice one."
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
30. "Put that out,' she says to Gabe, and he takes the cat from her and puts it on the other side of the door. She scowls at me. 'I don't cook. Cats make it worse."
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
31. "Gabe, did you pray?' 'Sort of.' 'Me too. Do you believe?''No. Do you?''No.''I don't believe,' said Gabriel, 'But I have faith, if you know what I mean.''What in?''I don't know, life, carrying on, I suppose.''Yes."
Author: Monica Ali
32. "Unbelievable," Audrey's voice squeaked as I pushed past her. "Here we are, talking to you about your freaky little-boy encounter back in Breaux Bridge and how your caramel macchiato tasted like cardboard, and boom! You just zone out like one of the kids from Children of the Corn.""Um, Aud, babe … I don't think those kids zone out. They're just freaky twenty-four-seven. It's a year-round thing." Gabe's response drew a half-hearted laugh from me, but it was quickly reined in when I reached the Book of the Ancients."Whatever, Gabriel," Audrey said to him. "My point is, it's freaky, okay? She gets this glazed-over look in her eyes, like she's gonna whip out a butcher knife and go all Michael Myers on us or something."I glanced over my shoulder to cock an eyebrow at her."Oh, now you pay attention." She cocked an eyebrow back."What is it with you and the cheesy horror-movie references?" Gabe muttered. "Hey, now. Halloween is a classic," Gavin scolded him. "Don't go hating on the classics."
Author: Rachael Wade
33. "Gabe held my face between his hands. "What you two have — it's a once in a lifetime — you fight for him, sweetheart. Fight for him with every last breath. No regrets, okay?"
Author: Rachel Van Dyken
34. "I had waited so long to touch him. I was like a kid in a candy store. I backed him into the cabinets and pressed myself against his lean body. Gabe was breathing hard and he grinned."Goodness, Purdie Magee.""What?" I said."I'm a little surprised."I took his hands into my own and kissed his palms then his fingers. I placed his hands on my hips and pushed a little harder against the part of him that made us significantly different and he took it from there."
Author: Rhonda Tibbs
35. "We walked on the beach, fed blue corn ships to the seagulls, and munched on blue jelly beans, blue saltwater taffy and all the other free samples my mom brought home from work. I guess I should explain the blue food. See, Gabe had once told my mom there was no such thing. They had this fight, which seemed like a really small thing at the time. But ever since, my mom went out of her way to eat blue. She baked blue birthday cakes. She mixed blueberry smoothies. She bought blue-corn tortilla chips and brought home blue candy from the shop."
Author: Rick Riordan
36. "Watching him lumber back toward the apartment building, I got so mad I did something I can't explain. As Gabe reached the doorway, I made the hand gesture I'd seen Grover make on the bus, a sort of warding-off-evil gesture, a clawed hand over my heart, then a shoving movement toward Gabe. The screen door slammed shut so hard it whacked him in the butt and sent him flying up the stair case as if he'd been shot from a cannon.Maybe it was just the wind, or some freak accident with the hinges, but I didn't stay long enough to find out.I got in the Camaro and told my mom to step on it."
Author: Rick Riordan
37. "You'll definitely find one or two of the maids walking about tomorrow morning with their hands over their eyes for fear they'll see the wrong man before they meet up with their sweethearts." He gestured to Gabe. "That joker there likes to ask them to pick something up, just to see if they can do it with their eyes closed. He's a devil that way.""It serves them right to be thwarted if they're foolish enough to participate in such a ridiculous superstition." Mrs. Plumtree said with a snort. "I'd never let any of my servants do it. It smacks of country ignorance.""I think it's romantic," Celia said dreamily. "You let Fate choose your mate. The stars align, and suddenly you're confronted with the man of your dreams.""Or the man of your nightmares," Maria bit out, thinking of how Fate had thrown her into Oliver's power a week ago. "Fate can be rather fickle in that respect, if you ask me. I wouldn't trust Fate with my future."Minerva eyed her over her glass of wine. "Probably a wise policy."
Author: Sabrina Jeffries
38. "My mouth dropped open, because even if it wasn't my best friend, I knew the guy who was presently rubbing the short stubble on his chin. The only new thing about him was the little scar on his left eyebrow. It was Gabriel Green, known to me as Gabe the douche bag. Great!"
Author: Stephanie Witter
39. "Yeah, that went really well. What, I wasn't gentle enough for you? Were you looking for flowers and candles? You don't like to sweat? Are you really a romantic under the tough guy swagger?"Gabriel straightened. "No, but Oz said that you are."~Dev/Gabe"
Author: Sydney Croft
40. "People need hope Michael, as much as they need a leader. You and Gabe are the answer to both of those things. You'll lead the people of earth to victory and Gabe will give them the hope they need to keep going," Mirada said, her voice sensitive, yet unwavering."
Author: Wendy Owens
41. "Michael felt as if his heart might burst. With the death of the council he had felt as though he had lost everything that mattered to him, but here in his arms, he found the last piece of hope he had left in the world. "We have to go back and help Gabe."
Author: Wendy Owens
42. "You better hope she doesn't say a word," Gabe warned, lifting a finger to Uri's nose.Uri grabbed the finger laughing, "What are you going to do, cupcake? Seduce me to death, in all your sexy glory?""Just shut up," Gabe groaned, pushing the door shut in his friend's face."
Author: Wendy Owens
43. "Before Gabe could react, he watched helplessly as Rachel slipped backwards and out of sight into the mountainside, a crumbling wall now the only thing he could see."Rachel!" Gabe shouted, rushing forward. Before Gabe could reach her Haim, being closer to where she had fallen through, leapt into the gaping hole after her. The group now only heard Haim's cries echoing in the darkness as they drifted further away."
Author: Wendy Owens
44. "The two sat quiet for a moment; Gabe unsure what to say to comfort his friend and Uri stewing in his own frustration. "Damn it! It was a stupid plan!" Uri swung an arm around behind himself and his bag being the nearest object in reach, swung it across the room with as much force as he could muster."
Author: Wendy Owens
45. "You feel like you're cursed. Death follows you wherever you go and you feel completely abandoned. You wish it would all end for you. You think that death would be a release, yet something compels you forward."The blood drained from Gabe's face as he listened to Uri speak. "You're not alone, Gabe, there are many more like us and we want to help you."
Author: Wendy Owens
46. "Gabe realized he was standing there alone, with a goofy smile on his face. Limping inside, he closed the door behind him, her words still lingering in his mind. Gabe wanted more than anything to be able to choose happiness. He wanted a rain storm to make him smile. He desired that the simple task of cooking would make him dance. To Gabe, however, it didn't seem as simple as just making a choice. He hoped her joy was contagious, because he was in uncharted territories."
Author: Wendy Owens
47. "Uri stood staring at him, casually looking Gabe's body up and down before saying with a sly grin, "Well hello to you too, sexy. Does your wife know about this?" Uri then motioned with a dainty fingertip to Gabe's ensemble.Looking down, Gabe quickly realised the robe he had grabbed to cover himself with belonged to Rachel, and much to his dismay, was far too sheer for comfort at the moment. Slipping a well laid hand into place, Gabe huffed and looked at his friend in aggravation, secretly trying not to laugh."
Author: Wendy Owens
48. "He knew she loved him in that moment. Gabe never wanted to be part of the holy fight, but now he was, he was not about to lose."
Author: Wendy Owens
49. "Crossing the small wooden bridge, just past the rubble, Gabe ducked off to the left and swooped underneath into hiding. Once sure he was secure, and could not be seen by those that passed overhead, Gabe collapsed on to the dirt and grass. Turning on his side, his body convulsed, and relieved itself of any food that had been in his belly. Rachel was right. He was a liability. Anyone who tried to protect him ended up paying a high price. He didn't know if his old friends were dead, but he was certain whatever fate had found them must have been bad."
Author: Wendy Owens
50. "Again Gabe looked back at Michael, hoping he was about to step in, but all he did was give him a nod. A nod? Really? I don't need a nod. I need someone to stop this! Gabe thought."
Author: Wendy Owens

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