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1. "We Live in a Generation, the things that were Legal are now Illegal and the things that were Illegal are now Legal"
Author: Abdul Bari Abdul Ghafoor.
2. "To demand that a person pee in a cup whenever you wish him to, without a documented reason to suspect that he has been using an illegal drug, is intolerable in our republic. You are saying to him, "I wonder if you are not behaving in a way that I approve of. Convince me that you indeed are.Outrageous.Intolerable."
Author: Alexander Shulgin
3. "Galen?""Hmm?""You can put me down now.""I'm not ready yet." He tightens his hold."You don't have to hold—""Emma? Can you hear me?""Uh, yes. I can hear fine. I just can't see—""That's a relief. Because for a minute there, I thought maybe you didn't hear me when I said I'm not ready yet.""Jackass."
Author: Anna Banks
4. "Galen, who forgot this little thing called "tact" when he accused my mom of being a runaway fish-princess."
Author: Anna Banks
5. "Olen natuke lennanud igal pool maailmas. Ja maateadusest, tõsi küll, on mulle palju kasu olnud. Oskasin kohe esimesest pilgust vahet teha Hiina ja Arizona vahel. See on väga vajalik, kui oled öösel ära eksinud."
Author: Antoine De Saint Exupéry
6. "A member of Parliament to Disraeli: 'Sir, you will either die on the gallows or of some unspeakable disease.'That depends, Sir,' said Disraeli, 'whether I embrace your policies or your mistress."
Author: Benjamin Disraeli
7. "To pick up the Sword of the Spirit without the Shield of Faith is to shrivel and dry up in the desert of legalism. To pick up the Shield of Faith without the Sword of the Spirit is to try walking by faith on quicksand."
Author: Beth Moore
8. "Growing up in an old-fashioned Bengali Hindu family and going to a convent school run by stern Irish nuns, I was brought up to revere rules. Without rules, there was only anarchy."
Author: Bharati Mukherjee
9. "I'm from New York; I've been in show business all my life. I'm a wild and crazy gal, yet I always play these soft, warm, loving earth mothers. It's a pain in the butt. I'm a femme fatale!"
Author: Bonnie Bedelia
10. "The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world."
Author: Carl Sagan
11. "I thought of the parable of the prodigal son. We had made merry for the beloved child's return too - but what happens when the beloved child doesn't say she's sorry? The parable doesn't talk about that. Jesus figures of course you're sorry. Jesus, I thought, you blew it. Not everybody is sorry."
Author: Caroline B. Cooney
12. "Every time we burn a gallon of gas or an acre of rain forest, aren't we killing the future to preserve the present?"
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
13. "Like I said in my election manifesto - why don't they legalise the whole thing and let people like me work?"
Author: Cynthia Payne
14. "I write longhand on legal pads, about half at home and half in cafes. I drink a lot of water and eat a lot of raw carrots."
Author: Daniel Handler
15. "Then welcome, you poor things! I'm so gald you're here! I never get to talk to anyone except when I'm working, and then I'm supposed to say things like, 'Woe is me' and 'Beware' and 'Uncle Rupert is going to die.' And then they look at me like I have two heads, which I don't because I'm not a troll , and they always say, 'Oh, no, the banshee is here!' Do you know how that makes me feel? Every time I show up, people run screaming and warn everybody else that I'm around. Believe me, I've thought about staying home and sleeping late, but I can't because I care about people. Without me to warn them, people would die unexpectedly, and then where would their relatives be? When I tell them, they have time to make arrangments, say know-important things. I'm actually a very nice person; it's just that no one gives me a chance to prove it."
Author: E.D. Baker
16. "I can do lovers. I can do Sir Galahad types. I'm not going to limit myself in voice-overs to irascible old men."
Author: Ed Asner
17. "Majina ya vitabu yanapaswa kuchaguliwa kwa mantiki na kwa makini ya hali ya juu mno, kwa sababu ni miongoni mwa vitu vya kwanza watu wanavyoviona na kuvisoma. Watu wakivutiwa na jina la kitabu, au mwandishi; kitu cha pili watakachovutiwa kuangalia ni dibaji, kusudi wasome muhtasari wa kitabu kizima. Kwa hiyo dibaji inapaswa iandikwe kwa mantiki na kwa makini ileile iliyotumika katika kuchagua jina la kitabu. Lengo la jina la kitabu na dibaji ni kuishawishi hadhira kusoma kitabu na kukifurahia."
Author: Enock Maregesi
18. "Hooper was no romantic. He had not as a child ridden with Rupert's horse or sat among the camp fires at Xanthus-side; at the age when my eyes were dry to all save poetry – that stoic, red-skin interlude which our schools introduce between the fast-flowing tears of the child and the man – Hooper had wept often, but never for Henry's speech on St Crispin's day, nor for the epitaph at Thermopylae. The history they taught him had had few battles in it but, instead, a profusion of detail about humane legislation and recent industrial change. Gallipoli, Balaclava, Quebec, Lepanto, Bannockburn, Roncevales, and Marathon – these, and the Battle in the West where Arthur fell, and a hundred such names whose trumpet-notes, even now in my sere and lawless state, called to me irresistibly across the intervening years with all the clarity and strength of boyhood, sounded in vain to Hooper."
Author: Evelyn Waugh
19. "I've been to Delhi, Madras, Bangalore and a lot of other cities, but I have never seen a crime set-up like that in Bombay."
Author: Gregory David Roberts
20. "A lot of the differences between people have biologic underpinnings. Now, we have a dogma of egalitarianism. Everyone's the same."
Author: Gregory Stock
21. "Tentang kopi kesukaanmu, cappucino, kopi itu bukan dari italia. Aslinya berasal dari biji-biji kopi Turki yang tertinggal di medan perang di Kahlenberg. Hanya sebuah info pengetahuan kecil-kecilan. Assalamu'alaikum" — Fatma, 99 Cahaya di Langit Eropa hal. 50"
Author: Hanum Salsabiela Rais
22. "Where the rivers meetyou tell me of your black dreams.Your memories make me uneasy.But I listen because I knowmy listening, like all other listeningallows you to heal."
Author: Holly Lynn Payne
23. "Sajak Musim GugurMalam-malam berguguran...Kenangan berguguran...Hanya sajak ini yang tumbuhKau selalu berdiri, ketika matahari mengoyak langitKetika panas, mengoyak-ngoyak hidup!Kau pernah ajak aku berjalanMelalui pagi dan senja, berbasah hujanMelalui kali. Luka dan suka mengalir di sanaTanpa jedaBertahan! Kau harus bertahan...Jangan gugur sebelum musim dingin tibaIni kuberikan napasku!"
Author: Iwan Setyawan
24. "And as she jogged out of sight, they could hear her muttering, "Tentacula. Devil's Snare. And Snargaluff pods. Yes, I'd like to see Death Eaters fighting those."
Author: J.K. Rowling
25. "So," sneered Fudge, recovering himself, "you intend to take on Dawlish, Shacklebolt, Dolores, and myself single-handed, do you, Dumbledore?""Merlin's beard, no," said Dumbledore, smiling. "Not unless you are foolish enough to force me to.""He will not be single-handed!" said Professor McGonagall loudly, plunging her hand inside her robes."Oh yes he will, Minerva!" said Dumbledore sharply. "Hogwarts needs you!"
Author: J.K. Rowling
26. "The words a father speaks to his children in the privacy of the home are not overheard at the time, but, as in whispering galleries, they will be clearly heard at the end and by posterity."
Author: Jean Paul Richter
27. "Laura Ingalls Wilder should have been in class with us, too. With friends like us, she never would have had to put up with Nelly Olsens or Jenny Pratts. With friends like us, she never would have had to feel bad about wearing her same dress every single day of her life."
Author: Jennifer Gooch Hummer
28. "Solo quiero que vivan su vida; que sigan adelante sabiendo que cada instante es valioso, que cada día es un regalo; que vean la vida como lo que es: una serie de infinitas posibilidades, no solo de grandes penas sino también de grandes alegrías."
Author: Jessica Warman
29. "Szabadság nélkül nem élet az élet, nyugalom nélkül pedig nincsen szabadság."
Author: Johan Huizinga
30. "MyrtleHow funny your name would beif you could follow it back to wherethe first person thought of saying it,naming himself that, or maybesome other persons thought of itand named that person. It wouldbe like following a river to its source,which would be impossible. Rivers have no source.They just automatically appear at a placewhere they get wider, and soon a realriver comes along, with fish and debris,regal as you please, and someonehas already given it a name: St. Benno(saints are popular for this purpose) or, orsome other name, the name of hislong-lost girlfriend, who comesat long last to impersonate that river,on a stage, her voice clankinglike its bed, her clothing of sandand pasted paper, a piece of real technology,while all along she is thinking, I cando what I want to do. But I want to stay here."
Author: John Ashbery
31. "Every parent is at some time the father of the unreturned prodigal, with nothing to do but keep his house open to hope."
Author: John Ciardi
32. "We all know how powerful the web can be for raising political money. Well, if you're game, the Duke Cunningham Legal Defense Fund is apparently ready to accept your donation."
Author: Joshua Micah Marshall
33. "Does the imam have a legal right to build the mosque at Ground Zero? The answer is yes. But is it the right thing to do? The answer is no. And most Americans, and most moderate Muslims, join with me in that call."
Author: K. A. Paul
34. "Dr Gall: Hoši, je to zlocin staré Evropy, že naucila Roboty válcit! Nemohli už dát, u certa, pokoj s tou svou politikou? To byl zlocin, udelat z živé práce vojáky!Alquist: Zlocin byl vyrábet Roboty!Domin: Cože?Alquist: Zlocin byl vyrábet Roboty!Domin: Ne. Alquiste, ani dnes toho nelituju.Alquist: Ani dnes?Domin: Ani dnes, v poslední den civilizace. Byla to veliká vec."
Author: Karel Čapek
35. "Legalism is when we try to obtain the result of obedience by our own means and strength. It is self-righteousness, as opposed to God's righteousness covering us, and the two are as different as spirit and flesh."
Author: Kelly Minter
36. "You seem to forget that I'm Evie's legal guardian.""And you seem to forget that there's absolutely nothing legal about your guardianship, considering all the documents were forged."
Author: Kiersten White
37. "I have a thing for men's boxer briefs and a tank top. If I'm wearing them, I'm a happy gal."
Author: Liz Vassey
38. "Sex was like Disneyland to her: an allotment of organized wonders and legal mischief."
Author: Martin Amis
39. "We inter-change ideas. You can stay in the United States and inspire people in Indonesia. You can stay in Ghana and inspire people in Turkey. You can stay in Nigeria and inspire people in cote'd voire. You can stay in Senegal and inspire people in China and vice versa."
Author: Michael Bassey Johnson
40. "I want to be more physical and theatrical within the stand-up. There might be dance moments, and people better watch out - I will gallop."
Author: Miranda Hart
41. "Setiap pengalaman yang tidak dinilai baik oleh dirinya sendiri ataupun orang lain akan tinggal menjadi sesobek kertas dari buku hidup yang tidak punya makna. Padahal setiap pengalaman tak lain daripada fondasi kehidupan"
Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
42. "The biblical way to express God's love to a sinner is to show him how great his sin is (using the Law—see Romans 7:13; Galatians 3:24), and then give him the incredible grace of God in Christ."
Author: Ray Comfort
43. "Elizabeth, having rather expected to affront him, was amazed at his gallantry; and Darcy had never been so bewitched by any woman as he was by her. He really believed, that were it not for the inferiority of her connections, he should be in some danger of falling in love, and were it not for his considerable skill in the deadly arts, that he should be in danger of being bested by hers--for never had he seen a lady more gifted in the ways of vanquishing the undead."
Author: Seth Grahame Smith
44. "Our border patrol does a great job under these very dangerous conditions. They use very sophisticated equipment, including gamma rays, to detect drugs and illegal immigrants as they enter the U.S."
Author: Timothy Murphy
45. "The word nobody wants to use, but you see if you are here illegally, that's the punishment, deportation."
Author: Tom Tancredo
46. "Her heavy knives of defense against misery, regret, gall and hurt, she placed one by one on a bank where dear water rushed on below."
Author: Toni Morrison
47. "Ma la virilità si è tutta smammolata in coccolette; il coraggio svaporato in complimenti, e gli uomini sono diventati tutti lingua, come dei pappagalli ammaestrati. Oggi è più valente di un Ercole chi sa meglio mentire e spergiurare. Non posso diventare uomo di mia volontà, e allora morirò donna per disperazione."
Author: William Shakespeare
48. "Bulan emas tinggal separuhBintang-bintang sangat pemaluKau terduduk disampingkuAku lantas mencintai bayangmuKau menoleh untuk tersenyumHatiku berserakan... lebur dan lepuh_Nata_"
Author: Winna Efendi
49. "Igazságos? - mormogta Nagymama. - Jó szó. Anthony, a sérült emberekkel teli sérült világban semmi nincs, ami igazságos. Az igazságszolgáltatás igyekszik igazságos lenni, de úton-útfélen csodöt mond. A kegyelemben és a megbocsátásban szintén nincs soha semmi igazságos. A büntetéssel nem lehet helyreállítani az igazságosat. A bunvallás sem teszi igazságossá a dolgokat. Az élet nem arról szól, hogy megkapod a megfelelo teljesítményért járó igazságos jutalmat. A szerzodések, az ügyvédek, a betegség, a hatalom - ezek egyikét sem érdekli, mi az igazságos. Jobb lenne a halott szavakat kivenni a nyelveitekbol, és helyette élo szavakra összpontosítani, mint az irgalom, kedvesség, megbocsátás és kegyelem. Jó lenne, ha nem foglalkoznál annyit a jogaiddal, és azzal, hogy szerinted mi igazságos."
Author: Wm. Paul Young
50. "I raised an eyebrow. "You know, you're really good at compliments. Actually, it's surprising that a person with charm like yours has any enemies." The words came out before I could stop them. At this rate I would never be able to ask him about Benjamin Gallow, and it didn't help that every time he looked at me I wanted to melt."So, you think I'm charming?" Dante countered, mocking me. "Is that why you keep staring at me?""Alarming, not charming. And no, I'm just curious."
Author: Yvonne Woon

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