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1. "When you start crafting a story and characters, there is something so crazy important that you must always keep it in the back of your mind: there is no single force on this planet more powerful than that of empathy...   Hulk knows your likely counter already: "Oh yeah, Hulk? Well what about Galactus! Galactus is totally the most powerful!!!!"   Pssssh. How does Galactus get defeated? It's because Alicia Masters appeals to the Silver Surfer's sense of empathy, which causes him to join the Fantastic Four and defeat his former master!   Empathy, bitches. Empathy."
2. "It's the superhero problem . . . .Superpowers make everything personal. Batman versus Joker. Fantastic Four versus Galactus. The Big G might be the Devourer of Worlds, but in the end he's just a dude. Beat him and the problem goes away. But the real problems aren't like that. You can't solve them by hitting them. The real supervillains. . . . were people in suits who met in rooms and decided things. Destroy one and another would take her place"
Author: Ian McDonald
3. "Of what import are brief, nameless lives . . . to Galactus?"
Author: Stan Lee

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Quotes About Galactus
Quotes About Galactus

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