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1. "Get the hell out of my way!" Said by John Galt as the leaders of the country tried to make him become their dictator."
Author: Ayn Rand
2. "Your mind is your only judge of truth--and if others dissent your verdict, reality is the final court of appeal.John Galt"
Author: Ayn Rand
3. "The only proper purpose of a government is to protect man's rights, which means: to protect him from physical violence. The only proper functions of a government are: the police, to protect you from criminals; the army, to protect you from foreign invaders; and the courts, to protect your property and contracts from breach or fraud by others, to settle disputes by rational rules, according to objective law. (John Galt)"
Author: Ayn Rand
4. "The reporters who came to the press conference in theoffice of the John Galt Line were young men who hadbeen trained to think that their job consisted ofconcealing from the world the nature of its events.It was their daily duty to serve as audience for somepublic figure who made utterances about the public good,in phrases carefully chosen to convey no meaning.It was their daily job to sling words together in anycombination they pleased, so long as the words did notfall into a sequence saying something specific.They could not understand the interview now beinggiven to them."
Author: Ayn Rand
5. "John Galt spent years looking for it. He crossed oceans, and he crossed deserts, and he went down into forgotten mines, miles under the earth. But he found it on the top of a mountain. It took him ten years to climb that mountain. It broke every bone in his body, it tore the skin off his hands, it made him lose his home, his name, his love. But he climbed it. He found the fountain of youth, which he wanted to bring down to men.Only he never came back."
Author: Ayn Rand
6. "Who is John Galt?"The light was ebbing, and Eddie Willers could not distinguish the bum's face. The bum had said it simply, without expression. But from the sunset far at the end of the street, yellow glints caught his eyes, and the eyes looked straight at Eddie Willers, mocking and still - as if the question had been addressed to the causeless uneasiness within him."Why did you say that?" asked Eddie Willers, his voice tense.The bum leaned against the side of the doorway; a wedge of broken glass behind him reflected the metal yellow of the sky."Why does it bother you?" he asked."It doesn't," snapped Eddie Willers."
Author: Ayn Rand
7. "I can answer it," he said. "I can tell you who is John Galt." "Really? Everybody seems to know him, but they never tell the same story twice." "They're all true, though—all the stories you've heard about him." "Well, what's yours? Who is he?" "John Galt is Prometheus who changed his mind. After centuries of being torn by vultures in payment for having brought to men the fire of the gods, he broke his chains—and he withdrew his fire—until the day when men withdraw their vultures."
Author: Ayn Rand
8. "They have taught man that he is a hopeless misfit made of two elements, both symbols of death. A body without a soul is a corpse, a soul without a body is a ghost- yet such is their image of man's nature: the battleground of a struggle between a corpse and a ghost, (john Galt)"
Author: Ayn Rand
9. "Of course I'm all right, professor. I had to be. A is A."- John Galt"
Author: Ayn Rand
10. "Who is John Galt?"
Author: Ayn Rand
11. "The friends of Galtieri, Saddam Hussein, Mullah Omar and Milosevic make unconvincing defenders of humanitarian values, and it can be seen that their inept and sometimes inane arguments lack either the principles or the seriousness that are required in such debates."
Author: Christopher Hitchens
12. "Francis Galton, whose mission it seems to be to ride other men's hobbies to death, has invented the felicitous expression 'structureless germs'."
Author: Francis Galton
13. "One concrete way in which we all landscape our sanity is by having our experience of reality confirmed by others. When our experience of reality is disconfirmed by others, our confidence in our own sanity can be undermined. (page 125, Chapter 9, Graeme Galton)"
Author: Graeme Galton
14. "Doch am meisten von allem lernte er, als der Sommer sich neigte, den Müßiggang zu lieben, Müßiggang nicht mehr als Strecken der Freiheit, die heimlich hier und da unfreiwilliger Arbeit abgeknapst wurden, gestohlene Augenblicke der Freude, wenn er mit von den Fingern baumelnder Gabel vor einem Blumenbeet auf der Fersen hockte, nein, Müßiggang als Hingabe seiner selbst an die Zeit, eine Zeit, die langsam wie Öl von Horizont zu Horizont über das Angesicht der Welt floß, die seinen Leib überspülte, in seinen Achselhöhlen und Leisen kreiste, die seine Augenlider bewegte. Er war weder erfreut noch verärgert, wenn es zu arbeiten galt, es war dasselbe."
Author: J.M. Coetzee
15. "Ich hörte, dass Karl May der Öffentlichkeit so lange als guter Schriftsteller galt, bis irgendwelche Missetaten aus seiner Jugend bekannt wurden. Angenommen aber, er hat sie begangen, so beweist mir das nichts gegen ihn - vielleicht sogar manches für ihn. Jetzt vermute ich in ihm erst recht einen Dichter!"(Neues Wiener Tagblatt, 20 November 1935)"
Author: Karl May
16. "Îl cuprinse in brate si îl stranse tare. Ar fi vrut sa-l zgaltaie putin, poate asa si-ar fi regasit mai usor datele ei din trecut.- Suntem cam straini, zise. E frig, nu? Fa ceva, da-mi putin din sangele tau, sa ma incalzesc. Ajuta-mi sa fiu fericita ca sunt aici.I se parea excesiva, ca de atatea ori. Ce putea face la o ora cand cel mai bine este sa dormi? O aseza cu capul pe pieptul lui, apoi o inveli. Era concesiv.Ea isi spunea: "Nu trebuie sa dorm! Nu trebuie sa raman cu mine singura. Trebuie sa ma tin asa, inlantuita de el, pana la sfarsitul ultimului sfarsit!"- Eva, ce vrei sa-mi spui?- Ce nu stii?- Nimic de la plecarea mea.Se gandea: "Nimic de la plecarea lui! Si acum vine, si daca vine, il urmez, fara sa stiu pana unde ma va duce si pentru cat timp!"
Author: Radu Tudoran
17. "In der Wissenschaft kommt es alle paar Jahre vor, daß etwas, das bis dahin als Fehler galt, plötzlich alle Anschauungen umkehrt oder daß ein unscheinbarer und verachteter Gedanke zum Herrscher über ein neues Gedankenreich wird."
Author: Robert Musil
18. "We are connected to each other, Mister Galt. We are considerate. We think about others. We give to others. But in return we get it back. We do affect each other. Human beings—all life forms—are not fully free, nor are they meant to be. Complete freedom isn't any beautiful thing, because it means you're not getting anything back either. I think we need to be beholden to each other."
Author: Robert Peate
19. "Ich hatte nicht viel Ahnung von [der christlichen] Religion. Es gab kaum Götter, und sie galt als gewalttätig. Allerdings hatte sie gute Schulen."
Author: Yann Martel

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