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1. "I think that what 'Oz' did is it spawned a great generation of television production. But people know its place in television and just in great dramas. It's the foundation of my career. Most producers, show runners, directors, and casting directors put me in movies based on my performance in that show."
Author: Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje
2. "I'm not saying it isn't frustrating that my films haven't gotten a bigger release, but I'm really happy with them and if you just keep cranking and eventually, if you have a certain sensibility, some of your movies will hit and some just won't."
Author: Alex Winter
3. "Mostly in movies an actor has to come to a mark, an X, and deliver his line - but that's so artificial, that's not how people really behave."
Author: Bruce Robinson
4. "I know it's good when I see a smaller film get recognized because it means more publicity for them. When you start producing and directing the movies become a little more like your children."
Author: Campbell Scott
5. "Before that, they thought talking movies might eliminate radio as well. But radio just keeps getting stronger."
Author: Casey Kasem
6. "I've had it where things didn't go well for me with movies or something that got canceled."
Author: David Spade
7. "You know, Mamet is not a huge writer of female parts. Most of his movies don't even have women in them, so I'm lucky I'm in it at all."
Author: Elle Macpherson
8. "Women's total instinct for gambling is satisfied by marriage"
Author: Gloria Steinem
9. "Ironically, I grew up watching Indian movies as a kid in Russia. I am quite familiar with Bollywood. I grew up watching 'Disco Dancer;' I watched it some 20 times as a kid."
Author: Jan Koum
10. "She had searched for just the right guy; sensitive and gentle and willing to wait. Quite a long search, of course. She was looking for some imaginary man who cared more about having someone to talk to and see movies with than he needed to have sex, because she was just Not Ready for That. Did I say imaginary? Well yes. Human men are not like that."
Author: Jeff Lindsay
11. "I believe movies are better, the less you know going in."
Author: Joe Cornish
12. "What he'd never understood about men in his position, in all the books he'd read and movies he'd seen about them, was clearer to him now: you couldn't keep expecting wholehearted love without, at some point, requiting it. There was no credit to be earned for simply being good."
Author: Jonathan Franzen
13. "The history of horror movies goes back a long way... of people trying to convincingly be terrified when looking at a piece of tape on the side of the camera box. I have a whole new respect for it."
Author: Josh Hamilton
14. "It's not like I sit around watching my movies again and again, but I've never quite believed actors when they say they don't watch themselves."
Author: Kristen Stewart
15. "Slightly forgettable movies can sometimes make great musicals."
Author: Mark Gatiss
16. "A lot of the people that stop you - well, they're not nuts, exactly. They're more like super-fans. They think that I'm some sort of rich guy, that everyone in the movies is making the kind of money Angelina Jolie is making. They don't realize that most of my life has been a struggle."
Author: Mark Margolis
17. "I go to movies and concerts and stuff - that's why I think all my money would be gone if I weren't working because I just keep spending it, on that, and CDs, and I don't know."
Author: Nick Wechsler
18. "I don't think the competition's so rough, within the majority of movies made in Hollywood."
Author: Paul Thomas Anderson
19. "Nine of us now seem to feel that the defendant is innocent, but we're just gambling on probabilities. We may be wrong. We may be trying to return a guilty man to the community. No one can really know. But we have a reasonable doubt, and this is a safeguard that has enormous value in our system. No jury can declare a man guilty unless it's sure. We nine can't understand how you three are still so sure. Maybe you can tell us."
Author: Reginald Rose
20. "It's like everybody is obsessed with Hollywood movies worldwide. And even though everybody hates the Americans, they're still watching American movies."
Author: Roland Emmerich
21. "Now that I've established myself in a drama, I'm plugging away, trying to get the attention of people who do the independent movies and the features."
Author: Shemar Moore
22. "Cult movies are basically movies Hollywood missed the first time - that they should have gotten - and then the fans got it and made it successful."
Author: Troy Duffy

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