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1. "Corporate documents, like football game plans, are not easily drafted in a stadium, with thousands of very interested fans participating, each with their own red pencil, trying to reach a consensus on every word."
Author: Jon Postel
2. "But it didn't stop him from loving her just a little. From loving all women—all shapes, all sizes, all walks of life. Their soft skin and softer curves, the way they gasped and giggled and sighed, the way the wealthy ones played their coy games, and the less fortunate ones looked at him, stars in their eyes, eager for his attention. Women were, without a doubt, the Lord's finest creation. And, at twenty-three, he had plans for a lifetime of worshipping them."
Author: Sarah MacLean

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Quotes About Game Plans
Quotes About Game Plans

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Becca remembered something Chris had said earlier. "Wait, I thought you would be benched all year if you got in another fight."Gabriel laughed. "You're sweet. I'm not worried.""You're not?""Nah. Don't you remember? They all think I'm Nick."
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