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1. "My good sir, is she your daughter then?''Yes, but don't pay any attention to what she says,' said the lord. 'She's a child - a silly, foolish thing.''Indeed,' said my lord Gawain, 'then I'd be very ill-mannered not to do what she wants."
Author: Chrétien De Troyes
2. "I must be alive," Gawain said hoarsely. "Dead doesn't hurt this much."
Author: Gerald Morris
3. "With the suggestion of a compromise Gawaine mustered up enough courage to speak."What will you do if I surrender?" he asked."Why, I'll eat you," said the dragon."And if I don't surrender?""I'll eat you just the same."
Author: Heywood Broun
4. "Let's see," mused the dragon, "that doesn't tell us much, does it? What sort of a word is this? Is it an epithet, do you think?"Gawaine could do no more than nod."Why, of course," exclaimed the dragon, "reactionary Republican."
Author: Heywood Broun
5. "Elaine turned to her father in her distress. ‘Father will you give me permission to ride after Sir Lancelot? I must reach him. Otherwise I will go out of my mind with grief.'‘Go, good daughter. Rescue him, if you can.'So she made herself ready for the journey, weeping all the time. Gawain himself rode back to the court of the king in London" –The Fair Maid of Astolat"
Author: Peter Ackroyd
6. "The fairy or fantastic world replaces the classical Hades (or Hell) in Sir Orfeo, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight takes this fantasy element to new heights. Sir Gawain is one of the Knights of the Round Table, the followers of King Arthur, who is so much of a presence in English history, myth and literature."
Author: Ronald Carter
7. "Gawaine and Gareth took turns with the fat ass, one of them whacking it while the other rode bareback."
Author: T.H. White
8. "I incline my agreement with Toirdealbhach,' said Gareth. 'After all, what is the good of killing poor kerns who do not know anything? It would be much better for the people who are angry to fight each other themselves, knight against knight.' 'But you could not have any wars at all, like that,' exclaimed Gaheris. 'It would be absurd,' said Gawaine. 'You must have people, galore of people, in a war.' 'Otherwise you could not kill them,' explained Agravaine."
Author: T.H. White
9. "Ah Gawaine, Gawaine, ye have betrayed me; for never shall my court be amended by you, but ye will never be sorry for me as I am for you"
Author: Thomas Malory

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