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1. "Vance took the news of their "big-city fellows" status better than Philip. Probably because it turned out that he was actually gay."You're what?""Well, I'm not entirely sure," said Vance, "but I'd say it's seventy-thirty for it.""But I've seen you with women.""That would be the thirty part of the equation," said Vance as he sipped his coffee."Oh my God. That's why you agreed to do this with me. You think I'm gay, too!"Vance chuckled. "Dude you're not gay.""I know I'm not, but do you know I'm not?""I'd say ninety-two-eight on the straight side," said Vance."How the hell-""They've made some terrific advances in gaydar, dude."
Author: A. Lee Martinez
2. "Maybe he had a gaydar anti-cloaking device."
Author: Josh Lanyon
3. "Hey!" Marty protested. "I have the best gaydar around." "Except when you're wrong. Like that construction worker?" "I'm not wrong just because they won't admit it."
Author: Kaje Harper
4. "I love that word. Gaydar. So clever.""I'm afraid mine is broken," Burke said. "It never occurred to me that you were gay.""It's because I'm teeming with masculinity," Gaither joked."
Author: Michael Thomas Ford
5. "Were we ever that beautiful?""You still are," Roger told him. "Maybe we should make the most of the hurricane.""This was definitely foreplay.""It's like Tumblr, the live version."Dave chuckled. "True. But I did not see it coming.""Maybe hurricanes affect gaydar?""How much did you have to drink?""Enough to pretend we can still have sex like that."
Author: S.E. Jakes
6. "I don't care if you wear white to your coming-out party and pretend to be a virgin, but you're gay, Kit. G-A-Y. Gay! So gay, fairies everywhere will weep that your machismo avoided their gaydar for so long."
Author: Tibby Armstrong
7. "It was no way to think about her best friend's boyfriend. But every time she saw Andy, her body reacted. My gaydar is defective, she thought grimly."
Author: Virginia Nelson

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Quotes About Gaydar
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