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1. "What?" He cut a grin at Kat when he saw the impressed look on her face. "Corporate espionage is my second greatest passion.''"With your first being..." Kat prompted."Gelato," Hale said, and turned back to the group."
Author: Ally Carter
2. "I believe gelato is meant to be treated as medicine and taken daily as a prescription."
Author: Betsy Brandt
3. "«Quando ti porti dietro un libro» le aveva rivelato Mo quando Meggie ci aveva messo dentro il primo «avviene qualcosa di straordinario: le sue pagine raccoglieranno i tuoi ricordi. E un giorno ti basterà risfogliarle per tornare con il pensiero al luogo dove le hai lette per la prima volta: le immagini, gli odori, il gelato che ti eri gustata... Credimi, i libri sono un po' come la carta moschicida: a nient'altro i ricordi restano attaccati come alla carta stampata.»"
Author: Cornelia Funke
4. "This is how life works. Deciding whom to love is not an alien form of decision-making, a romantic interlude in the midst of normal life. Instead, decisions about whom to love are more intense versions of the sorts of decisions we make throughout the course of our existence, from what kind of gelato to order to what career to pursue. Living is an inherently emotional business."
Author: David Brooks
5. "Hai bisogno di uno con una mano grande così. [...] Uno che se ne sta con la mano alzata, forte, ferma, come la statua della Libertà, ma senza quel cono gelato. Solo con la mano aperta, in alto e allora tu... [...] tu da lontano, da qualsiasi punto della terra, vedrai quella mano e saprai che lì potrai posarti e riposare."
Author: David Grossman
6. "I found that all I really wanted was to eat beautiful food and to speak as much beautiful Italian as possible. That was it. So I declared a double major, really-in speaking and in eating (with a concentration on gelato)."
Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
7. "How come we got the grumpy boat of bandy-legged Puritans? How come we didn't get the Italian party boat with the cappuccino makers and the gelato machine? That was the sexy boat, man."
Author: Greg Proops
8. "The present was better. Much, much better. Humans had coffee now. And gelato."
Author: Larissa Ione
9. "Jules hated it when I used "delicious" to describe anything but food, but that day he was nothing if not a sugar cone of melting sea salt and caramel gelato."
Author: Leila Howland
10. "I spent the next couple of hours either walking around with a gelato in my hand or on my knees in church asking to be forgiven for the sin of gluttony."
Author: Mark Leslie
11. "First, he though, I need shoes with rubber on the bottom. I need gelato."
Author: Michael Ondaatje
12. "When I have a bad day, I dream about opening up a gelato stand on the streets of Sydney, Australia. Doesn't everyone have a random escape fantasy?"
Author: Nancy Lublin
13. "I get a message from my dad. In the mood I'm in, I tear up to see his name in my inbox, and imagine him down the hall in bed, propped on pillows, emailing me. "Hon,Enjoyed our gelato date the other night. I just want to say I'm proud of you for a lot of reasons. Also, I've attached a picture of my foot."He's such a weirdo goofball. I love him."
Author: Sara Zarr
14. "L'amore non è mai migliore di chi ama. I malvagi amano con malvagità, i violenti con violenza, i deboli con debolezza e gli stupidi in modo stupido, ma l'amore di un uomo libero non è mai sicuro. on c'è dono per la persona amata. Solo chi ama possiede il suo dono d'amore. Chi è amato viene reciso, neutralizzato, congelato nello sguardo dell'occhio interiore di chi ama."
Author: Toni Morrison

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