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1. "And he at once determined on going to find Gilbert, who was residing at Versailles, but who, without having revisited the queen after the journey of the king to Paris, had become the right hand of Necker, who had been reappointed minister, and was endeavoring to organize prosperity by generalizing poverty."
Author: Alexandre Dumas
2. "Actually, most things I say in public lead more or less directly to my own compositional practice, so I should be careful about generalizing lest they come back to haunt me."
Author: Brian Ferneyhough
3. "Generally, there is a lot of truth value in stepping back, observing, then logically generalizing the extremes of what you see."
Author: Criss Jami
4. "Power of generalizing gives men so much the superiority in mistake over the dumb animals."
Author: George Eliot
5. "The generalizing writer is like the passionate drunk, stumbling into your house mumbling: I know I'm not being clear, exactly, but don't you kind of feel what I'm feeling?"
Author: George Saunders
6. "Random search for data on ... off-chance is hardly scientific. A questionnaire on 'Intellectual Immoralities' was circulated by a well-known institution. 'Intellectual Immorality No. 4' read: 'Generalizing beyond one's data'. [Wilder Dwight] Bancroft asked whether it would not be more correct to word question no. 4 'Not generalizing beyond one's data."
Author: Hans Selye
7. "From my own experience, when someone is trying very hard to get something, they don't. And when they're running away from something as hard as they can, it usually catches up with them. I'm generalizing, of course."
Author: Haruki Murakami
8. "The power of generalizing ideas, of drawing comprehensive conclusions from individual observations, is the only acquirement, for an immortal being, that really deserves the name of knowledge."
Author: Mary Wollstonecraft
9. "I am not averse to generalizing the notion of "modern" to designate a certain way of life, rather than making it purely a synonym of 'contemporary'. There are moments and places in history to which 'we moderns' could return without too greatly disturbing the harmony of those times, without seeming objects infinitely curious and conspicuous... creatures shocking, dissonant, and unassailable."
Author: Paul Valéry
10. "To generalize about war is like generalizing about peace. Almost everything is true. Almost nothing is true."
Author: Tim O'Brien

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