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1. "Greg Broadmore's fertile and twisted imagination has conjoined multiple genres, memories, and a sharp sense of pulp, colonialist nostalgia/parody in this lavish, fully realized, imaginative tour-de-force. It's Jules Verne meets Fritz Lang meets Tintin. It's beyond Steampunk. It's clearly an insatiable passion for the talismans of a bygone civilization and it's slavish addiction to the early industrial age in all it's filigreed, ignorant glory. Greg has raised the bar."
Author: Adam Savage
2. "In my introductory course, Anthropology 160, the Forms of Folklore, I try to show the students what the major and minor genres of folklore are, and how they can be analyzed."
Author: Alan Dundes
3. "My experience of life is that it is not divided up into genres; it's a horrifying, romantic, tragic, comical, science-fiction cowboy detective novel. You know, with a bit of pornography if you're lucky."
Author: Alan Moore
4. "Growing up, a film was an action film or it was a comedy or it was romantic, but you don't really see such stark lines between genres nowadays."
Author: Beck
5. "The biggest misconception about us is that we're just a rock band. We think our music is a cross-section of many genres; a hybrid of what the six of us have grown up on."
Author: Brad Delson
6. "I truly believe that writing is a continuum - so the different genres and forms are simply stops along the same continuum. Different ideas that need to be expressed sometimes require different forms for the ideas to float better. I don't write essays as often as I should."
Author: Chris Abani
7. "I just want to see a good movie. Fortunately, good movies come in all sorts of genres."
Author: Colin Cunningham
8. "I am the consequence of a particular type of demographic movement, one that has always involved paying a high price. But I don't know much about styles or genres. I only know notes and chords."
Author: Concha Buika
9. "The cartoon is a metaphor really for the fact that it's almost impossible in our celebrity obsessed culture to move around genres and sort of change you ideas, change your face, you know?"
Author: Damon Albarn
10. "At any one time language is a kaleidoscope of styles, genres and dialects."
Author: David Crystal
11. "I love bouncing between different genres. And comedy, obviously, is something I enjoy doing the most and I've had the most success with. But I'm open to all jobs and all genres."
Author: David Koechner
12. "I think my time on 'Australian Idol' really helped train my voice for a lot of genres."
Author: Dean Geyer
13. "L'un des privilèges de l'écriture, pour moi en tout cas, est d'écrire ce qui me passe par la tête, comme je le fais maintenant. Mais, quand je dis " ce qui me passe par la tête", je ne veux pas dire que c'est désordonné. Le processus d'écrire est très mystérieux. Mais ce qui est sûr, c'est qu'il n'est pas désordonné. Il obéit à un ordre qui n'est pas celui du lecteur, c'est tout. Souvent, dans certains genres d'écritures, les plus intéressantes selon moi, cet ordre échappe à l'auteur aussi."
Author: Fatema Mernissi
14. "I write across several genres. I'm a slut for words. I can't keep it in my literary pants."
Author: Fierce Dolan
15. "Good authors worry about genres great authors don't."
Author: Frank Gaspar
16. "Hardy's astonishing technical versatility has won the admiration of major poets from Ezra Pound and Cecil Day Lewis to Philip Larkin. Among other genres he employs the lyric, narrative, ballads, and the sonnet. He also moves easily between the amplitude of dramatic monologue and the compression of imagism. He experiments continually with an ingenious variety of stanza forms and rhyme schemes, rejecting the fluidity of contemporary poetry for his own idiosyncratic style, based on a real understanding of the variety of speech rhythms and registers. Each individual poem is designed to express in its language and form, and with utter honesty, Hardy's impressions of life."
Author: Geoffrey Harvey
17. "I love so many different genres. I love crime films - and unusual coming-of-age pieces."
Author: Geoffrey S. Fletcher
18. "My folks have played everything from rock, disco, pop, funk, and blues. My dad has always brought and played different genres like jazz, classical, and Latin. With all this in my pocket, I feel I have a taste of everything for my influences."
Author: Haley Reinhart
19. "There are so many music genres competing against each other, but I feel like country music has always been a unified front."
Author: Hillary Scott
20. "Manga is a very entertaining cultural form, made of many totally different genres. Don't restrict yourself with a single style of manga. I would be delighted to be your springboard, but try to read as much as you can in order to branch out!"
Author: Hiromu Arakawa
21. "I'm not a fan of any genre but am a fan of movies that are intelligent and/or funny. That goes across all genres: a horror movie, a zombie movie, alien invaders, chick flick, or raunchy comedy. If it's well done, I'm a fan."
Author: J. K. Simmons
22. "I have the death sentence in seven genres."
Author: Jasper Fforde
23. "I'm developing some other things in other genres, including one dramatic piece. So, anything's possible."
Author: Jay Roach
24. "I have done all of the genres, and the dramatic role is my favorite."
Author: Jeff Daniels
25. "Flaubert teaches you to gave upon the truth and not blink from its consequences; he teaches you, with Montaigne, to sleep on the pillow of doubt; he teaches you to dissect out the constituent parts of reality, and to observe the Nature is always a mixture of genres; he teaches you the most exact use of language; he teaches you not to approach a book in search of moral or social pills -- literature is not a pharmacopoeia; he teaches the pre-eminence of Truth, Beauty, Feeling and Style. And if you study his private life, he teaches courage, stoicism, friendship; the importance of intelligence, skepticism and wit; the folly of cheap patriotism; the virtue of being able to remain by yourself in your own room; the hatred of hypocrisy; distrust of the doctrinaire; the need for plain speaking."
Author: Julian Barnes
26. "I write across genres so I see them, more often, as complementary instead of separated by boundaries."
Author: Julianna Baggott
27. "I'm so excited to see 'Horns' because it's so many different genres in one film. It's a sci-fi, it's a love story, it's a horror movie, it's a fairy tale."
Author: Juno Temple
28. "My voice and the styles and genres I sing all express my appreciation for what I hear."
Author: K. D. Lang
29. "I'm a huge fan of a lot of different genres of music, and I really felt like somehow I had been pigeonholed a little bit - maybe of my own doing - and in a way where I felt like I was sort of falsely defined. What my music was being called wasn't really the music I was always listening to."
Author: Kathleen Edwards
30. "I've mainly been sampling jazz because the tone of the chords are expressive in itself, so it's quite nice to write over. It's got interpretations of a lot of different genres, too, a lot of dubby-ness and experimental stuff."
Author: King Krule
31. "With some exceptions in science fiction and other genres I have small difficulty in avoiding anything that could be called American literature. I feel it is unnatural, not I think entirely because it uses a language that is not mine, however closely akin to my own."
Author: Kingsley Amis
32. "By reading a lot of novels in a variety of genres, and asking questions, it's possible to learn how things are done - the mechanics of writing, so to speak - and which genres and authors excel in various areas."
Author: Nicholas Sparks
33. "But my problem with fantasy, and horror, and related genres, is that sometimes the problems are illogical."
Author: Octavia Butler
34. "Smash market vs. mass market: Indie authors delve deep into expressive vertical genres. Book stores hold 90-day-credit-return literature. Why wait? In five years, Indie authors will be both."
Author: Peter Prasad
35. "...the materials of genre - specifically the paired genres of horror and the fantastic - in no way require the constrictions of formulaic treatment, and in fact naturally extend and evolve into the methods and concerns of its wider context, general literature."
Author: Peter Straub
36. "I love dabbling in different genres, and I like being good at different genres of cinema."
Author: Priyanka Chopra
37. "I don't want to be held down by genres so much."
Author: Randy Jackson
38. "Not what you would call a musical family, but my father used to play saxophone, and I discovered many genres of music when I was a child."
Author: Rokia Traore
39. "I love mixing up my genres."
Author: Rosanne Cash
40. "As an actor, I am meant to dabble with different themes and genres."
Author: Sanjay Dutt
41. "I've been singing for a really long time and I love a lot of genres, but country just seemed like the best fit. The people in that genre are just so nice and welcoming. And that seemed so appealing. Also my voice fit it and seemed like the way to go."
Author: Sasha Pieterse
42. "The new Pirates! builds on that legacy delivering an even more powerful and fun experience to players... and is still unmatched in offering a blend of genres in one great game."
Author: Sid Meier
43. "'New' movies are almost always hipper, faster, they mix genres aggressively, they smother their genre origins in new form, there are fewer of them, and they tend to cost a lot more money because you usually make more money on the megahit than you do on the steady progression of break-eveners. Except for the horror movie."
Author: Stephen Hunter
44. "Considered purely as effects-driven filmed drama, 'The Day After Tomorrow' checks in somewhere in the middle of one of Hollywood's most absurd and least lamented dead genres, the disaster pic of the '70s. It's a little better than 'Earthquake' but not as good as 'The Towering Inferno,' because it doesn't star Steve McQueen and Paul Newman."
Author: Stephen Hunter
45. "What I like about the 'Underworld' thing is that it's a mix of cool genres, as well as creating its own message."
Author: Theo James
46. "I feel most comfortable keeping versatile when it comes to music genres."
Author: Thia Megia
47. "I love how 'melodrama' is a denigrated term - a lower-class citizen to other genres. And yet that's what life is, man."
Author: Todd Haynes
48. "I like to deconstruct things, deconstruct genres and stories."
Author: Will Gluck
49. "It's safe to say that 'Horror,' as a fictional genre, has claim to it's own canon. There is a definite history that can be traced back to the origins of human language, both orally and written, and now multimedia based. We at this point, have access to the full gambit of 'genre' Horror in all its hybrid forms (electronically at least). Sub-genres ensure that Horror can and will multiply in its complexities and evolve along with human fears."
Author: William Cook
50. "If there were genders to genres, fiction would be unquestionably feminine."
Author: William H. Gass

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