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1. "Usually I am the only subject I care to discuss with company. But when I'm getting reacquainted with an old friend, I really enjoy just sitting back and listening to them talk about me for a while."
Author: Bauvard
2. "We shook hands, just as we had the first day we'd met, which seemed absurd, given everything that had gone down between us, but I wasn't sure I could handle anything else anyway, or what was actually appropriate to do when getting reacquainted with someone you'd had sex with while on vacation.Should've Googled it before I left the house."
Author: Cary Attwell
3. "But before she could fend him off, Ethan pressed her back against the dryer and closed his mouth over hers. It wasn't a soft getting-reacquainted kiss, but it didn't feel like a kiss good-bye, either; it was fevered. His lips were scalding hot, and his grip unyielding. She couldn't break away if she wanted to. Only when he lifted her onto the dryer did she get hold of herself. Taking a big gulp of air, she gasped. "I thought we were kissing good-bye?""We are. I just want to make a thorough job of it," he said, kissing her again."
Author: Stephanie Draven

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Quotes About Getting Acquainted
Quotes About Getting Acquainted
Quotes About Getting Acquainted

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