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1. "What is "poker"? A card game where abler liars take money off less able liars."
Author: David Mitchell
2. "Getting hurt and watching Tom Brady take over and beginning what's been just a spectacular run of his, and to come back and play in the AFC Championship Game against the Steelers in Pittsburgh, and help us win that game, is a memory that stands out very clearly."
Author: Drew Bledsoe
3. "No one's gonna give a damn in July if you lost a game in March."
Author: Earl Weaver
4. "No cricketer is so dependent on the turf on which the game is played as the spinner; it can make, break, enfang or defang him."
Author: Gideon Haigh
5. "[I]f Modi is toast, it will in one sense be a tremendous pity. In his way, he represents a third generation in cricket's governance. For a hundred years and more, cricket was run by administrators, who essentially maintained the game without going out of their way to develop it. More recently it has been run by managers, with just an ounce or two of strategic thought. Modi was neither; he was instead a genuine entrepreneur. He has as much feeling for cricket as Madonna has for madrigals, but perhaps, because he came from outside cricket's traditional bureaucratic circles, he brought a vision and a common touch unexampled since Kerry Packer."
Author: Gideon Haigh
6. "The game, whatever it was, had to be played out. If the change of rooms had been the opening gambit, so much the better. The game had to begin somewhere."
Author: Ian Fleming
7. "I set very high standards for myself and worked every game with the same energy and enthusiasm as if it were the seventh game of a World Series."
Author: Jim Evans
8. "When I was younger I was trying to do what I wanted to do, not what the game wanted me to do."
Author: Thierry Henry
9. "Anything that exists on the human palette is, from my point of view, fair game for artists to portray. You don't have to go see it if you don't want to, so don't go."
Author: Tobin Bell

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Quotes About Ghost Game Of Thrones
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Extremes,' said the Controller, 'meet. For the good reason that they were made to meet."
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