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1. "Women's liberation is one thing, but the permeation of anti-male sentiment in post-modern popular culture - from our mocking sitcom plots to degrading commercial story lines - stands testament to the ignorance of society. Fair or not, as the lead gender that never requested such a role, the historical male reputation is quite balanced. For all of their perceived wrongs, over centuries they've moved entire civilizations forward, nurtured the human quest for discovery and industry, and led humankind from inconvenient darkness to convenient modernity. Navigating the chessboard that is human existence is quite a feat, yet one rarely acknowledged in modern academia or media. And yet for those monumental achievements, I love and admire the balanced creation that is man for all his strengths and weaknesses, his gifts and his curses. I would venture to say that most wise women do."
Author: Tiffany Madison

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Gdy siedze w korku, serce bije mi z normalna szybkoscia. Nie jestem sam. Utknawszy tam, moge uchodzic za normalnego czlowieka, który wraca do zony i dzieci, który ma dom. Moge udawac, ze moje zycie jest czyms wiecej niz tylko czekaniem na kolejna katastrofe. Ze wiem, jak funkcjonowac. Tak samo, jak dzieci bawia sie w dom."
Author: Chuck Palahniuk

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