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101. "The heart," he said, "is half criminal. The trick is to be vigilant. To keep your eyes open, so if you get a look at this side of yourself you can make a positive ID."
Author: Adam Ross
102. "[T]he unsympathetic assessments we make of others are usually the result of nothing more sinister than our habit of looking at them in the wrong way, through lenses clouded by distraction, exhaustion and fear, which blind us to the fact that they are really, despite a thousand differences, just altered versions of ourselves: fellow fragile, uncertain, flawed beings likewise craving love and in urgent need of forgiveness."
Author: Alain De Botton
103. "What you burnt, broke, and tore is still in my hands. I am the keeper of fragile things and I have kept of you what is indissoluble."
Author: Anaïs Nin
104. "It is too often the quality of happiness that you feel at every moment its fragility, while depression seems when you are in it to be a state that will never pass. Even if you accept that moods change, that whatever you feel today will be different tomorrow, you cannot relax into happiness like you can into sadness. For me, sadness has always been and still is a more powerful feeling; and if that is not a universal experience, perhaps it is the base from which depression grows. I hated being depressed, but it was also in depression that I learned my own acreage, the full extent of my soul. When I am happy, I feel slightly distracted by happiness, as though it fails to use some part of my mind and brain that wants the exercise. Depression is something to do. My grasp tightens and becomes acute in moments of loss: I can see the beauty of glass objects fully at the moment when they slip from my hand toward the floor"
Author: Andrew Solomon
105. "******"Nasil istersen sevgilim.""Bana Charlotte diye hitap etmeni tercih ederim. 'Sevgilim', 'Düses Hanimefendileri' ve hatta 'Düses' diye bile degil. Sadece Charlotte.""Ah. Pekala. Eger yine de sen bana Phillip disinda, baska bir sekilde hitap etmek istersen, bilmeni isterim ki ben özellikle 'Hasmetmeaplari' demen taraftariyim."Charlotte basini yana egdi."Neden orada duralim ki? Neden arkasindan bir de Majesteleri demeyelim ki?"Phillip krallara layik bir reveransla karsilik verdi. "Madem israr ediyorsunuz."*******"Günden güne daha düsüncesiz ve kaba bir adam olup çiktigimi hissediyorum. Bu sabah uyandigimda, ilk düsüncem sirtimi ovman için seni uyandirmak oldu. Sadece o essiz hakimiyetim sayesinde kendimi yatak odana girmekten alikoyabildim."*******"Senin yaptigin her sey beni bastan çikariyor zaten. Yapman gereken tek sey nefes almak, sonra ben ne istersen yaparim."
Author: Ashley March
106. "Contrary to the ecologists, nature does not stand still and does not maintain the kind of equilibrium that guarantees the survival of any particular species - least of all the survival of her greatest and most fragile product: man."
Author: Ayn Rand
107. "Mais les vrais voyageurs sont ceux-là seuls qui partentPour partir; coeurs légers, semblables aux ballons,De leur fatalité jamais ils ne s'écartent,Et, sans savoir pourquoi, disent toujours: Allons!Ceux-là dont les désirs ont la forme des nues,Et qui rêvent, ainsi qu'un conscrit le canon,De vastes voluptés, changeantes, inconnues,Et dont l'esprit humain n'a jamais su le nom!"[...]"Amer savoir, celui qu'on tire du voyage!Le monde, monotone et petit, aujourd'hui,Hier, demain, toujours, nous fait voir notre image:Une oasis d'horreur dans un désert d'ennui!Faut-il partir? rester? Si tu peux rester, reste;Pars, s'il le faut. L'un court, et l'autre se tapitPour tromper l'ennemi vigilant et funeste,Le Temps! Il est, hélas! des coureurs sans répit,Comme le Juif errant et comme les apôtres,À qui rien ne suffit, ni wagon ni vaisseau,Pour fuir ce rétiaire infâme; il en est d'autresQui savent le tuer sans quitter leur berceau."
Author: Charles Baudelaire
108. "How do you even know I'm someone you'll want to remember? We've only seen each other once before.'(Amber)'Have you ever looked at a painting and known you had something in common with it? Have you ever seen something so beautiful you feel like crying? When I see you, I feel that way. I feel like the deepest part of me understands something vital about you.'(Virgil Daly)"
Author: Christina Westover
109. "¿Hemos de ceder anuestros impulsos de herir o matar a cualquiera que nos moleste, de tomar cuantoqueremos de quienes son más débiles y, en general, de despreciar los sentimientos de losdemás? Somos imperfectos por nacimiento y debemos vigilar nuestros defectos para queno nos destruyan."
Author: Christopher Paolini
110. "Gillette--The best a man can get."I stared at the screen. What happened to me? I was meant to be one of those guys, vigorous and athletic and successful and, most of all, American. I was going to walk on the moon, be a movie star or a rock got or a comedian. I was going to have an amazing life and kids with Helen and die like Chaplin a thousand years from now in my Beverly Hills mansion surrounded by my adoring family, with the grieving world media standing by. Instead, I was just another show-business mediocrity. A drunk who shat his pants and ran for help. My life had been careless and selfish. Pleasure in the moment was my only thought, my solitary motivation. I had disappointed whoever had been foolish enough to love me, and left them scarred. I was a very long way from being the best a man can get."
Author: Craig Ferguson
111. "Women are small and fragile...yet the power they hold, is unmeasureable."
Author: Da Xia
112. "Dia, yang tidak pernah kamu mengerti. Dia, racun yang membunuhmu perlahan. Dia, yang kamu reka dan kamu cipta. Sebelah darimu menginginkan agar dia datang, membencimu hingga muak dia mendekati gila, menertawakan segala kebodohannya, kehilafan untuk sampai jatuh hati kepadamu, menyesalkan magis yang hadir naluriah setiap kalian berjumpa. Akan kamu kirimkan lagi tiket bioskop, bon restoran, semua tulisannya --dari mulai nota sebaris sampai doa berbait-bait. Dan beceklah pipi-nya karena geli, karena asap dan abu dari benda-benda yang dia hanguskan--bukti bahwa kalian pernah saling tergila-gila--beterbangan masuk ke matanya. Semoga dia pergi dan tak pernah menoleh lagi. Hidupmu, hidupnya, pasti akan lebih mudah."
Author: Dee
113. "Abah bicara isi kitab suci! Kamu bicara tulisan orang yang sudah gila!""Setidaknya yang gila itu usaha sendiri. Bukan seperti Abah, bisanya cuma menadah sejarah. Cuma karena ada jutaan orang lain lagi yang punya kepercayaan sama seperti Abah, bukan berarti Abah jadi yang paling benar, kan?"
Author: Dee
114. "Life is a fragile thing. Apparently the whole world is fragile too."
Author: Elizabeth Norris
115. "Love is a fragile, useless thing. It decomposes easily in the tropic heat."
Author: Eric Gamalinda
116. "WHAT heart could have thought you? --Past our devisal(O filigree petal!)Fashioned so purely,Fragilely, surely,From what ParadisalImagineless metal,Too costly for cost?Who hammered you, wrought you,From argentine vapor? --"God was my shaper.Passing surmisal,He hammered, He wrought me,From curled silver vapor,To lust of His mind --Thou could'st not have thought me!So purely, so palely,Tinily, surely,Mightily, frailly,Insculped and embossed,With His hammer of wind,And His graver of frost."
Author: Francis G. Thompson
117. "Having spent a long time in open spaces, whether sea or desert, it is a luxury to be able to take refuge in towns with narrow streets which provide a fragile fortress against the assaults of the infinite. There is such a sense of security against the boundless there, even if the murmur of the wave or the silence of the sands still pursue one through tortuous corridors. The winds, despite their subtle spirits, are themselves lost in the vestibules of this labyrinth and, unable to find a way through, whistle and turn in turbulence like demented dervishes. They will not break through the walls of this den in which life still pulsates in the shadows of humanity's black sun."
Author: Georges Limbour
118. "If the work of the average man required half the mental agility and readiness of resource of the work of the average prostitute, the average man would be constantly on the verge of starvation."
Author: H.L. Mencken
119. "Prudenta lui ii egala averea. Era de o umilinta excesiva. Niciodata orgoliul nu-l prinsese in capcanele sale. Acest negustor se facea atat de mic, de bland, de placut si de sarac la curte, in fata printeselor, regilor si favoritilor, incat aceasa modestie si bonomie ii pazisera afacerea."
Author: Honoré De Balzac
120. "Los años transcurren sigilosos, de puntillas, burlándose en susurros, y de pronto nos asustan en el espejo, nos golpean a mansalva las rodillas o nos clavan una daga en la espalda."
Author: Isabel Allende
121. "Ngu?i ta tìm th?y can d?m ? nh?ng ch?n ít mong ch? nh?t.Gildor FinrodChúa T? Nh?ng Chi?c Nh?nÐoàn h? Nh?nQ1, C3, tr110"
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
122. "Gil-galad was an Elven-king.Of him the harpers sadly sing:the last whose realm was fair and freebetween the Mountains and the Sea.His sword was long, his lance was keen,his shining helm afar was seen;the countless stars of heaven's fieldwere mirrored in his silver shield.But long ago he rode away,and where he dwelleth none can say;for into darkness fell his starin Mordor where the shadows are."
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
123. "I wanted to hug him, tell him it was gonna be alright. Tell him I'm not as fragile as I look. But I can't hug him. I can't even hold his hand. I can't tell him it's gonna be alright, because it's not; not as long as he's dead and I'm alive."
Author: Janae Mitchell
124. "And I want you to find something in the hills for the vigils to protect, like a rock or a thornbush. I don't want them around here."
Author: Jennifer A. Nielsen
125. "Our stories may not always be pleasant as they're being lived. They can in fact be just the opposite, acquiring a warm hue only in retrospect. "I think this boils down to a philosophical question rather than a psychological one," Tom Gilovich, a professor of psychology at Cornell, tells me. "Should you value moment-to-moment happiness more than retrospective evaluations of your life?" He says he has no answer for this, but the example he offers suggests a bias."
Author: Jennifer Senior
126. "He'd forgotten just how beautiful she was.She was wearing a plain gown the color of weak, milky tea, largely covered by a black apron. There was a smudge of dirt across her cheek, and her gilded curls were an untamed riot with a cobweb draped across one side.She was exquisite."
Author: Jo Beverley
127. "The world just feels different for those of us who come alive after dark. It's more fragile and unreal, a replica of the one everyone else inhabits."
Author: Jodi Picoult
128. "Life is but a day:A fragile dewdrop on its perilious wayFrom a tree's summit"
Author: John Keats
129. "To find them all in one package...well, perhaps better not to dwell on his package in my fragile state."
Author: Josh Lanyon
130. "As Lothaire lifted the lid with a sense of dread, Nïx murmured, "Hint: it's the middle one."Elizabeth's fragile finger.Seeing it severed like this brought on a visceral reaction—pain shooting through his own hand, radiating throughout his regenerated heart. He closed the lid with a swallow, sentimentally pocketing the package."You gave her your heart, and she gave you the bird." Nïx sighed. "Songs will be written about this."
Author: Kresley Cole
131. "See those people holding hands?" he asked at the candlelight vigil outside the still-smoking Taj Hotel. "They're neither Hindus nor Muslims, but citizens of Bombay first."
Author: Manil Suri
132. "I feel like...the boy lost somewherebetween the torment of memoryand a few fragile shardsof hope."
Author: Margarita Engle
133. "Now, let's never talk about you being related to her again. Because I'm technically still engaged to her, and that's really weird."Cinder couldn't help laughing, even exhaustedly, even just to cover up the screaming inside, as he bound her up in his arms again. Her headache began to fade, replaced with the strength of his heartbeat and the way she felt almost delicate when she was pressed up against him like this. Almost fragile.Almost safe. Almost like a princess."
Author: Marissa Meyer
134. "Ti amo di sbieco perché ho un cuore malandato fin dalla nascita. I medici mi hanno formalmente vietato di innamorarmi perché il mio orologio-cuore è troppo fragile per resistere. Ciò nonostante ho messo la mia vita nelle tue mani, perché oltre al sogno, tu mi hai regalato una dose d'amore tanto forte che mi sono sentito capace di affrontare qualunque cosa per te."
Author: Mathias Malzieu
135. "So much of translating, Gil once told me, takes place in an imaginary space where the writer and the translator come together. It is not necessary to sympathize with the writer, to agree with what he's written. But it is necessary to walk alongside and stay in step. It's harder, he says, when the other person has a bad limp or stops and starts all the time or moves erratically. It is hardest of all when the story comes from a place the translator himself can't go."
Author: Meg Rosoff
136. "Few understand that procrastination is our natural defense, letting things take care of themselves and exercise their antifragility; it results from some ecological or naturalistic wisdom, and is not always bad -- at an existential level, it is my body rebelling against its entrapment. It is my soul fighting the Procrustean bed of modernity."
Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb
137. "Happiness is such a fragile thing, isn't it? So easily burst, like a bubble blown by a child, and always on the verge of being carried away."
Author: Nenia Campbell
138. "Tell me how you crumble when you hit the wall,the place you cannot go beyond by the strength of your own will. What carries you to the other side of that wall, to the fragile beauty of your own humanness?"
Author: Oriah Mountain Dreamer
139. "Di zaman edan ini, siapa yang tidak frustrasi? Kalau kamu ikutkan perasaanmu, kamu akan gila. Tetapi, semua orang memang sudah gila. Kamu tidak akan menjadi istimewa karena menjadi gila."
Author: Putu Wijaya
140. "At 09:22, Mitchell radioed down. "We're in position." Pete peered up into the canopy, but of course he couldn't see a thing. "How's it looking up there?" "Five by five." He snorted at Mitchell's cheery misuse of the phrase. "Thank you, Faith." "Any time, Giles. Now go be a good watcher and keep us clear." "Roger that. Out."
Author: Rachel Haimowitz
141. "[A]ll who are smitten with the love of books think cheaply of the world and wealth; as Jerome says to Vigilantius: The same man cannot love both gold and books... The hideousness of vice is greatly reprobated in books, so that he who loves to commune with books is lead to detest all manner of vice. The demon, who derives his name from knowledge, is most effectually defeated by the knowledge of books, and through books his multitudinous deceits and the endless labyrinths of his guile are laid bare to those who read..."
Author: Richard De Bury
142. "Again, I tried to not let it bother me, but the ego is frail, fragile tender thing."
Author: S.C. Stephens
143. "Içki, sevgili,ev, aile, arkadas, eglence, dünya isleri, bir aralik fikir bile...Hepsi, hepsi zarina igne batirilmis, cigara tutulmus irmizi, yesil, sari, turuncu balonlara döndügü günlerimiz olur. Her sey rengini, uçarligini, sevincini lahzada bosaltir. Öyle zamanlarimiz olmamasina imkan mi vardir? Balonlarina hiç igne batirilmayan insanlar da yasiyor. Onlari gün olur kiskanir, gün olur küçük görürüm."
Author: Sait Faik Abasıyanık
144. "Percayalah, bila kamu tidak dapat mengalihkan perhatian pada hal lain yang fana..., dan hanya memikirkan kehidupan itu sendiri, kamu akan gila: karena ia akan mengalahkan dan merendahkanmu secara perlahan."
Author: Soe Tjen Marching
145. "Non tentarmi, il mio cuore è fragileConsumato, ferito. BatteA fatica per me, non può batter per dueScegli bene le parole tueUna sola e si potrebbe spezzareNon voglio più amare, ricordaloTroppo amore ho voluto sprecareMi è caduto a terra, si è rottoParla pure, ripara ed incollaIl mio fauno non corre, barcollaPrega le ninfe che gli stanno intorno:"Non scappate da me così in fretta"Ma le ninfe ridono e fuggonoEd è giusto. E' la loro vendetta."
Author: Stefano Benni
146. "Our planet is not fragile at its own timescale and we, pitiful latecomers in the last microsecond of our planetary year, are stewards of nothing in the long run."
Author: Stephen J. Gould
147. "To create anything — whether a short story or a magazine profile or a film or a sitcom — is to believe, if only momentarily, you are capable of magic. These essays are about that magic — which is sometimes perilous, sometimes infectious, sometimes fragile, sometimes failed, sometimes infuriating, sometimes triumphant, and sometimes tragic. I went up there. I wrote. I tried to see."
Author: Tom Bissell
148. "Fly! ropade muminmamman. Polisen är här!Hon visste inte vad hennes mumintroll hade gjort men var alldeles säker på att hon gillade det."
Author: Tove Jansson
149. "Embora de sua aliança só resultasse o mal, havia algo de contemplação na submissão de Mme Thénardier ao marido. Aquela montanha de ruídos e de carne movia-se a um sinal do dedo mindinho daquele frágil déspota. Era, vista por seu lado mesquinho e grotesco, essa grande realidade universal, a adoração do espírito pela matéria; porque certas monstruosidades têm sua razão de ser nas mesmas profundezas da beleza eterna. Havia incognitas em Thénardier; daí o império absoluto daquele homem sobre aquela mulher. Em certos momentos, ela o via como uma vela acesa; em outros, sentia-o como uma terrível garra."
Author: Victor Hugo
150. "It terrifies me, the fragility of these moments in our lives."
Author: William Boyd

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