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1. "Lumea ingerilor - mundus imaginalis - sta ca o oglinda intre lumea lui Dumnezeu si lumea oamenilor, aducindu-le pe amindoua intr-o nesperata contiguitate. Lumea ingerilor aduce in acelasi plan 'vazutele si nevazutele' (visibilia et invisibilia) distantele ireconciliabile, dihotomiile,"
Author: Andrei Ple?u
2. "Dar oglinda mi-a spus asta:nu poti sti totul,doar privindu-ma.Nu poti sti niciodata totul doar uitandu-te la cineva"
Author: Cecelia Ahern
3. "… eram prea tanara atunci sa-mi dau seama cum simple considerente geografice sau temporale puteau sa separe oamenii. Acestea sunt motivele pentru care n-ar fi trebuit sa ma intreb ce m-am intrebat mai apoi, in timp ce ma uitam la reflexiile noastre sparte in oglinda – daca exista oare ceva, chiar si ghinionul, care san e tina legate una de cealalta in toti anii care aveau sa urmeze."
Author: Curtis Sittenfeld
4. "Cica in fiecare grasan se afla cate-un slabanog care se lupta sa iasa la lumina, iar eu unul ii aud strigatele inabusite ori de cate ori ma uit in oglinda."
Author: David Lodge
5. "My job is to protect you, Lady Glinda even if you are loosing your mind."
Author: Gregory Maguire
6. "[Puggles] "What population signs on willingly for slavery?""You mean other than wives?" [Glinda]"
Author: Gregory Maguire
7. "I'm just doing your tea, Mum," he said. "Are you all imbecilic? Is that a requirement of enlisted men? It's Lady GLINDA!" She was losing it, big time. "Get me Murth!"
Author: Gregory Maguire
8. "Then, abrupt and decisive, the Emerald City rose before them. A city of insistence, of blanket declaration. It made no sense, clotting up the horizon, sprouting like a mirage on the characterless plains of central Oz. Glinda hated it from the moment she saw it. Brash upstart of a city."
Author: Gregory Maguire
9. "Oh, wary, well, I'm wary of the water I drink, it might be poisoned," said Glinda. "That doesn't mean I stop drinking water."
Author: Gregory Maguire
10. "Well, I learned to cook. At my age," she told him. "What's next? Art therapy? Anyway, I've had quite a time of it this summer, and who knows what eases down on any road. Come, Rain. A quick goodbye, and off you go." "Goodbye," said Rain to the Lion, and then to the woman. "Not to them," said Glinda, "To me."She turned eyes that were saucerly upon Glinda. "Mum?"
Author: Gregory Maguire
11. "Glinda waved dismissively. Then she tucked her hand against her mouth and bit her knuckles. It was hard to tell if her pretty ways were studied or innate. "Oh, oh," she managed, "I don't know that I'll see you again- and you remind me so of her."
Author: Gregory Maguire
12. "I'm interested in just about anything that's right for my voice, and that's a good fit for my personality in the part as well. 'Evita' has always been a dream part for me, but it's really, really high to sing. I'd love to do Elphaba - heck, I'd even do Glinda. For me, I'd do anything to get into 'Wicked!'"
Author: Lea Salonga
13. "You are so vicious. (Tee)Hence the nickname. (Syd)You know it's bad when you make me look like Glinda the Good Witch, right? (Tee)Just call me Elphaba. But don't drop a house on me, ‘kay? (Syd)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
14. "Da, domnule, un roman e ca o oglinda purtata de-a lungul unui drum batut de multa lume. El va rasfrange in ochi cand seninul cerului albastru, cand noroiul mocirlelor din cale. Iar pe cel ce poarta povara oglinzii in spate il veti invinovati ca e imoral! Oglinda lui arata noroiul, iar voi invinuiti oglinda! Mai bine ati invinui drumul pe care se afla mocirla si, mai mult inca, pe inspectorul drumurilor, care ingaduie sa zaca apa si sa se formeze mocirla."
Author: Stendhal
15. "GLINDA: Well,I'm a public figure now! People expect me to--ELPHABA: Lie?GLINDA: (fiercely) Be encouraging! And what exactly have you been doing? Besides riding on around on that filthy thing!ELPHABA: Well, we can't all come and go by bubble. Whose invention was that, the Wizard's? Of course, even if it wasn't, I'm sure he'd still take credit for it.GLINDA: Yes, well, a lot of us are taking things that don't belong to us, aren't we?Uh oh! The two stare daggers at each other, then...ELPHABA: Now, wait just a clock-tick. I know it's difficult for that blissful blonde brain of yours to comprehend that someone like him could actually choose someone like me!But it's happened. It's real. And you can wave that ridiculous wand all you want, you can't change it! He never belonged to you -- he doesn't love you, he never did! He loves me!"
Author: Stephen Schwartz

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