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1. "It should make you shake and sweat,nightmare you, strand you in the desertof irrevocable desolation, the consequencesseared into the vein, no matter what adrenalinefeeds the muscle its courage, no matterwhat god shines down on you, no matterwhat crackling pain and angeryou carry in your fists, my friend,it should break your heart to kill."
Author: Brian Turner
2. "The famous saying 'God is love', it is generally assumed, means that God is like our immediate emotional indulgence, not that the meaning of love ought to have something of the 'otherness' and terror of God."
Author: Charles Williams
3. "You don't seem to understand," I whispered. "It's Christmas relationships that are worrying Carol and me so! It worries us dreadfully! Oh, of course we understand all about the Little Baby Christ! And the camels! And the wise men! And the frankincense! That's easy! But who is Santa Claus? Unless—unless—?" It was Carol himself who signaled me to go on. "Unless—he's the Baby Christ's grandfather?" I thought Derry Willard looked a little bit startled. Carol's ears turned bright red. "Oh, of course—we meant on his mother's side!" I hastened to assure him."
Author: Eleanor Hallowell Abbott
4. "I pray to God that I shall not live one hour after I have thought of using deception."
Author: Elizabeth I
5. "God knows our hearts. There is no need for an idle formula or an intermediary. No need for language either: God is beyond translation."
Author: Hilary Mantel
6. "There was[is] something seriously wrong with the world for which neither God nor His absence could be blamed."
Author: Ian McEwan
7. "You can't let God down because you are not the one holding him up"
Author: Jon Scott
8. "God expects but one thing of you, and that is that you should come out of yourself in so far as you are a created being made and let God be God in you."
Author: Meister Eckhart
9. "He had heard about talking to plants in the early seventies, on Radio Four, and thought it was an excellent idea. Although talking is perhaps the wrong word for what Crowley did. What he did was put the fear of God into them. More precisely, the fear of Crowley. In addition to which, every couple of months Crowley would pick out a plant that was growing too slowly, or succumbing to leaf-wilt or browning, or just didn't look quite as good as the others, and he would carry it around to all the other plants. "Say goodbye to your friend," he'd say to them. "He just couldn't cut it. . . " Then he would leave the flat with the offending plant, and return an hour or so later with a large, empty flower pot, which he would leave somewhere conspicuously around the flat. The plants were the most luxurious, verdant, and beautiful in London. Also the most terrified."
Author: Neil Gaiman
10. "He'd gone to church for forty years and was only getting worse. It seemed like this should tell God something."
Author: Sue Monk Kidd

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Quotes About God Testing Relationships
Quotes About God Testing Relationships
Quotes About God Testing Relationships

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