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1. "There's one guy who inspired a nation of golfers, and that's Greg Norman. He's been incredible to me and all the great golfers."
Author: Adam Derek Scott
2. "Our view is that the very best data miners or statisticians can earn as much as the very best golfers or tennis players."
Author: Anthony Goldbloom
3. "Among golfers the putter is usually known as the payoff club and how right that is! Putting is in fact a game in itself."
Author: Bobby Locke
4. "I've got a lot of favorite golfers."
Author: Deron Williams
5. "Golfers don't scream. Golfers just adjust the pleats in their pants and go from there. That's about as antagonistic as we get."
Author: Gary McCord
6. "I'm thinking of taking up golf, but the idea of spending time with golfers frightens me."
Author: Harlan Coben
7. "When human beings stop progressing at an endeavor, they stop enjoying it and move on to something else. Not golfers. Masochists, all of them."
Author: Jay Mohr
8. "Musicians, like golfers, have to put their minds in the right place – trusting, confident, enjoying the pressure, being in present. And so forth. Otherwise, no amount of practice or "Time management" will make them better. The same is true in all professions: if you're stuck in the Training Mindset, evaluating yourself, or thinking in the past or future, you will not perform up to your potential. You will waste a lot of time, be an inefficient performer, and likely assume you need to manage your time better. In reality you need to manage your thinking better."
Author: John Eliot
9. "Now, I was well aware that certain sports required certain modes of dress for protection, but I failed to see how wearing a sleeveless blouse on the course qualified as a safety hazard. God forbid the sight of my bare shoulders should send male golfers into a tizzy, knocking balls everywhere."
Author: Kelley Armstrong
10. "I've said before that the Ryder Cup is not the European Tour versus the American Tour. It's Europe's best golfers against the US."
Author: Lee Westwood
11. "I never mixed with golfers when I was playing, mainly because I didn't want to talk golf all night."
Author: Nick Faldo
12. "Golfers are forever working on mechanics. My tennis swing hasn't changed in 10 years."
Author: Pete Sampras
13. "Our championship committee pledged to review entry conditions and to assess how women golfers might compete on equal terms with men for a place in the Open."
Author: Peter Dawson
14. "The top golfers in the world are like Formula One cars when it comes to their swings."
Author: Stuart Appleby
15. "We tournament golfers are much overrated. We get paid to much."
Author: Tom Watson

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