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1. "My two fingers on a typewriter have never connected with my brain. My hand on a pen does. A fountain pen, of course. Ball-point pens are only good for filling out forms on a plane."
Author: Graham Greene
2. "Few girls are as well shaped as a good horse."
Author: Hannah Arendt
3. "But, when I had this feeling and started painting sacred art, as I had this feeling to do, then it come to me: my problem is I'll get a lot of criticism and another problem is my work's not good enough to sell."
Author: Howard Finster
4. "If I stop to think about fans, or best-selling, or not best-selling, or good reviews, or not-good reviews, it just becomes too much. It's like staring at the mirror all day."
Author: Jhumpa Lahiri
5. "David: "How the hell did you get dressed so fast?"Renee: "How do you know I didn't streak naked through the lobby and had clothes waiting for me in the car?" David: "Heh. Good thing the archaeological paparazzi didn't have a team on duty."Renee: "I'd have taken 'em out. My whole body is a weapon."
Author: John C. Stipa
6. "I'm accustomed to being top man. I been a bull goose catskinner for every gyppo logging operation in the Northwest and bull goose gambler all the way from Korea, was even bull goose pea weeder on that pea farm at Pendleton -- so I figure if I'm bound to be a loony, then I'm bound to be a stompdown dadgum good one."
Author: Ken Kesey
7. "And I could tell she loved him. And although she was an evil fungus growing on 200 pounds of irritated lard, her feelings were real."
Author: Lynda Barry
8. "The place Joanne is building inside [herself] has rooms for all of this. Not just rooms. Beautiful ones. For Karl and Jerry and Karen and Nate in his cowboy hat and the hot-tub guy and movie directors and old-lady healers and people trying to love their asses and people who think they're stupid for it. In these rooms, each thing that looks crazy or stupid will be like a drawing you give your mother, regarded with complete acceptance and put on the wall. Not because it is good but because it is trying to understand something. In these rooms, there will be understanding. In these rooms, each madness and stupidity will be unfolded from its knot and smoothed with loving hands until the true thing inside lies revealed."
Author: Mary Gaitskill
9. "Give me good digestion, Lord, And also something to digest; but where and how that something comes I leave to Thee, who knoweth best."
Author: Mary Webb
10. "If you sleep with one eye open are your dreams only half as good as everyone elses?"
Author: Neil Leckman
11. "If your office post is on an LRA path, then believe me your job is as good as lost." - Peter Kotara."
Author: Ray Anyasi
12. "Like a lightning bug... Like a lightning bug?... Yes, just like a night lightning bug; because there are day lightning bugs too - even if nobody has ever seen one, I know there are some, and I know the day lightning bugs are the cockroaches that since they can't light up, people kill them."
Author: Reinaldo Arenas
13. "Any time anyone makes a comic book into a movie, in some way, I think they have to kill the comic book."
Author: Sam Raimi
14. "God saw fit, for wise reasons to allow the people of Israel thus to make and possess slaves; but is this any license to us to enslave any of our fellow-men, to kill any of our fellow-men whom we please and are able to destroy, and take possession of their estates?"
Author: Samuel Hopkins
15. "People told me I couldn't kill Nicholson, so I cast him in two roles and killed him off twice."
Author: Tim Burton
16. "No director wants to be directed, but no good director... would shy away from the good ideas of others."
Author: Tommy Lee Jones

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Quotes About Good Vs Evil In To Kill A Mockingbird
Quotes About Good Vs Evil In To Kill A Mockingbird
Quotes About Good Vs Evil In To Kill A Mockingbird

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