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1. "I'm tired of being thought of as Miss Goody Two-Shoes... the girl next door, Miss Happy-Go-Lucky."
Author: Doris Day
2. "I'm a goody two-shoes who's never taken anything stronger than Tylenol."
Author: Erika Christensen
3. "I am such a goody-two-shoes."
Author: Hunter Parrish
4. "[Devina] "You know, Adrian, you ever get bored with being a Goody Two-shoes, you could come over to my side.""Because you have cookies, right."Those black eyes returned to his own. "And so much more.""Well, I'm on a diet. Sorry—but thanks for the invite."
Author: J.R. Ward
5. "I'm sick of everyone thinking I'm Miss Goody Two-shoes, with my perfect grades, and days of the week panties. You know what? I have my Wednesdays on today—it's Saturday—and that's a pretty sad way of rebelling, huh?"
Author: Kendall Ryan
6. "It's not that I'm Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes now, but I've got my priorities in order."
Author: Kid Rock
7. "Goody Two-shoes Evie Greene got herself pickled, for true. If I'd known you were such a juvenile delinquent, I might've asked for a new history podna.""Juvenile delinquent? Hmm. Aren't your initials J.D.? If the shoe fits..."
Author: Kresley Cole
8. "It's tragic that extremists co-opt the notion of God, and that hipsters and artists reject spirituality out of hand. I don't have a fixed idea of God. But I feel that it's us - the messed-up, the half-crazy, the burning, the questing - that need God, a lot more than the goody-two-shoes do."
Author: Mike Doughty
9. "I'm not a goody-two-shoes. I'm just a father with four children."
Author: Ricky Skaggs

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