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1. "Why do some persons 'find' God in a way that others do not? Why does God manifest His Presence to some and let multitudes of others struggle along in the half-light of imperfect Christian experience? Of course the will of God is the same for all. He has no favorites within His household. All He has ever done for any of His children He will do for all of His children. The difference lies not with God but with us."
Author: A.W. Tozer
2. "I gotta go Seth, so I'll leave you to work on being nerdy and withdrawn.""It's not as easy as it looks, you know.""I'm sure," Nine said with a laugh."
Author: Charlie Fey
3. "Nothing is fair. Life is shit and it doesn't get any better. But there are things in life that will make it bearable; tolerable. There are things that will make all of the BS worth it. You've just gotta open yourself up to it. It's not always easy, and the scars will never go away...but maybe, just maybe, you can learn to live with them."
Author: Crystal D. Budy
4. "I have lunch, flirt with some local grandmothers, undercut my flirting by crotching myself on the corner of a table as I leave. -- "The Great Divider"
Author: George Saunders
5. "Cutting up fowl to predict the future is, if done honestly and with as little interpretation as possible, a kind of randomization. But chicken guts are hard to read and invite flights of fancy or corruption."
Author: Ian Hacking
6. "Classical musicians do this all the time. They want perfection. So they piece things together. Eight bars of this and six bars of that. Glenn Gould said that with a recording he wanted to make perfect versions of pieces."
Author: John Abercrombie
7. "Hey, I notice you look like you're coming down off a meth binge and smell vaguely of algae. Were you perchance dancing with a snakebit Margo Roth Spiegelman a couple of hours ago?"
Author: John Green
8. "I had a fun high school experience. We had a big old prom, we had 400 kids in the graduating class and everything. It was a fun night. I enjoyed the limo ride there the most. Me and a couple friends riding with their dates, everyone was all dressed up, and I was into it, the energy and the anticipation of that entire experience."
Author: Jonathan Keltz
9. "Kara, I'm not taking this job because of what's going on with me and Dan. I'm taking it because for a while back there today I glimpsed a different version of myself, and I liked her better."
Author: Kitty French
10. "He screwed the glass dildo as deep as it would go inside her and traced letters on her clitoris with the tip of his tongue. P… she shuddered R… she arched I… she moaned N… she gasped his name C… "Lucien..." E… she came S… and came S… and she came."
Author: Kitty French
11. "But I've got a gun," she said, twirling it on two fingers."A gun with bullets is worse than no gun at all."
Author: Lissa Price
12. "Oh, God. God, isn't that perfect? He's Dad. He's Dad with a layer of nerd. Solid, steady, chipping away so patiently, you don't even know you've had your shields hacked down until you're defenseless. It's the type." "You're not in love with a type, you're in love with a man," Penny corrected. "Or you're not."
Author: Nora Roberts
13. "You and I will always be friends.""Yet you poisoned me with a book once. I should not forgive that."
Author: Oscar Wilde
14. "Only one hour in the normal day is more pleasurable than the hour spent in bed with a book before going to sleep, and that is the hour spent in bed with a book after being called in the morning."
Author: Rose Macaulay
15. "I love doing the radio plays, creating a whole world with just the voice, and I'd love to be back on stage, too, at some point."
Author: Sophie Winkleman

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Quotes About Graduating With Friends
Quotes About Graduating With Friends
Quotes About Graduating With Friends

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