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1. "The Grateful Dead, they're my best friends. Their message of hope, peace, love, teamwork, creativity, imagination, celebration, the dance, the vision, the purpose, the passion all of the things I believe in makes me the luckiest Deadhead in the world."
Author: Bill Walton
2. "I went to Ithaca, found the Grateful Dead and my life was changed."
Author: David Boreanaz
3. "I have a karaoke punk band called The Ungrateful Dead, but we don't exist yet."
Author: Eric Andre
4. "I never listened to the Grateful Dead as a teen; the only exposure I got was what came through the walls when my sister was listening to them."
Author: J. K. Simmons
5. "... as if I'd said I wanted to sell cheese sandwiches outside GratefulDead concerts..."
Author: J.R. Moehringer
6. "But audio is a component of video, so there's always been that anyway, and although we've never expressed a visual side apart from the Grateful Dead movie, I don't find it that remote, you know what I mean? It's a departure of sorts, but it's like a first cousin."
Author: Jerry Garcia
7. "I have all the patience in the world about Sirens. For me it's not a Grateful Dead project, it's a Me project."
Author: Jerry Garcia
8. "I mean people have compared us to like the Grateful Dead and all these like psychedelic sixties bands."
Author: Jon Fishman
9. "When I heard Grateful Dead music, I knew that it was the most powerful force on the planet."
Author: Mickey Hart
10. "When the Grateful Dead needed a quality sound system to deliver our sonic payload, I learned electronics and speaker design."
Author: Mickey Hart
11. "We weren't by any means like the Grateful Dead or something, who could just roll on and on and on."
Author: Neil Innes
12. "In a way, it's my way of dealing with, finding closure with Grateful Dead music, and giving thanks in a way to Jerry and Bob and all the guys in the band for making up this wonderful music."
Author: Phil Lesh
13. "Bruce's band is so different from the Grateful Dead; there's no lead guitar player, for one thing."
Author: Phil Lesh
14. "Back in the days, the groups and the bands that we listened to were like Earth, Wind and Fire, Santana and Grateful Dead. We don't have a lot of those bands anymore."
Author: Sheila E.
15. "I pull the sleeping bag up to his chin and kiss his forehead, not for the audience, but for me. Because I'm so grateful that he's here, not dead by the stream as I'd thought. So glad I don't have to face Cato alone."
Author: Suzanne Collins
16. "But such people (Moderate Conservatives) aren't liberal. What they are is corporate. Their habits and opinions owe far more to the standards of courtesy and taste that prevail within the white-collar world than they do to Franklin Roosevelt and the United Mine Workers. We live in a time, after all, when hard-nosed bosses compose awestruck disquisitions on the nature of 'change,' punk rockers dispense leadership secrets, shallow profundities about authenticity sell luxury cars, tech billionaires build rock'n'roll musuems, management theorists ponder the nature of coolness, and a former lyricist fro the Grateful Dead hail the dawn of New Economy capitalism from the heights of Davos. Coversvatives may not understand why, but business culture had melded with counterculture for reasons having a great deal to do with business culture's usual priority - profit."
Author: Thomas Frank
17. "When I grew up in the early '90s, the new World Wide Web felt like a gimmick, and I had no idea of the changes in store. In the summers, I'd backpack through Europe, follow the Grateful Dead. I had a car and a tent and traveled around the Great Lakes and out West. Jack Kerouac was my guiding light, his 'On the Road' a sacred text."
Author: Tony D'Souza
18. "[The modern age] knows nothing about isolation and nothing about silence. In our quietest and loneliest hour the automatic ice-maker in the refrigerator will cluck and drop an ice cube, the automatic dishwasher will sigh through its changes, a plane will drone over, the nearest freeway will vibrate the air. Red and white lights will pass in the sky, lights will shine along highways and glance off windows. There is always a radio that can be turned to some all-night station, or a television set to turn artificial moonlight into the flickering images of the late show. We can put on a turntable whatever consolation we most respond to, Mozart or Copland or the Grateful Dead."
Author: Wallace Stegner

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