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1. "That's what really makes great skating competitions. When you have two top skaters in good form giving superb performances."
Author: Dick Button
2. "I make films from the heart. I want to concentrate on the job of doing great and honest performances, and I'm gonna get better with every performance of mine, with every film of mine."
Author: John Abraham
3. "Clean living is the cardinal principle in the lives of the world's greatest athletes, as the phenomenal performances of these outstanding characters will obviously show."
Author: Major Taylor
4. "I am thrilled yet overwhelmed. There are so many great women athletes, some incredible performances."
Author: Nancy Greene
5. "I was in New York for a little while, doing some really bad theater. I did some great stuff, too, but there were Saturday morning theater performances in one-third-filled church basements. So, I paid my dues."
Author: Silas Weir Mitchell
6. "They improve greatly, and sometimes I go and see the performances they do and I am consciously aware that there isn't enough work for the good dancers."
Author: Siobhan Davies
7. "I don't care to analyze acting. On the other hand there is a fascination because distributors are putting out British films. You get films here with great performances you'll never see again. Why compare. We should go after the businessmen."
Author: Tim Roth
8. "Lizzy Weiss is such a great writer, and she really writes for the performances."
Author: Vanessa Marano

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