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1. "You're not wearing that," he informed me. "Yes,I am.""No,you're not.""Yes,I am.""You'll look ridiculous.""I beg your pardon?" I said, affronted."There's nothing wrong with your dress, or the way it fits you," he clarified with a roll of his eyes, as if he were explaining the obvious to a simpleton. "But it just won't do.""And why not?""Your attire doesn't complement mine at all."This as entirely accurate and pleased me greatly. He wore black pants and an ivory shirt under a fitted gold-and-emerald-green doublet, an emsemble that made him appear annoyingly godlike, but which was very near horrendous next to sky blue."Then our garb will complement our personalities," I retorted."
Author: Cayla Kluver
2. "People are intrigued and fascinated, almost obsessed with the private lives of great public personalities."
Author: Geoffrey Rush
3. "I think a lot of great male comic actors are introspective, quiet personalities, which I really admire. But they are really able to turn it up when the camera's on."
Author: Peter Dinklage
4. "Great personalities never dies....they just stops living...!"
Author: Shakir Parekh

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Quotes About Great Personalities
Quotes About Great Personalities
Quotes About Great Personalities

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The state of being frantic, overextended and distracted drives people away rather than drawing them in and inviting them to the refuge of your company."
Author: Andi Ashworth

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