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1. "Gretchen," Clint said, his voice full of the same luscious agony Gretchen felt building inside of her. "I'm going to kiss you." He was giving her one last chance to back out, to push him away. That was not going to happen.Her mouth twisted with amusement. "Not if I kiss you first."
Author: Aria Kane
2. "If Gretchen had been feeling charitable she would have let me die...I wanted to die. I was ready to die. If she had put a scalpel in my hand, I would have stabbed myself in the neck and happily bled to death right there in her basement. She didn't do me any favours by not killing me. Gretchen enjoys people's pain. And she just found a way to prolong my pain and her pleasure. Believe me, it was the cruellest thing she could have done to me. If she could have thought of something crueller she would have done it. Gretchen doesn't show people mercy."
Author: Chelsea Cain
3. "Debbie often talked about Gretchen as if she was his mistress. But to Archie it sometimes felt like the other way around. As if, by moving back in with his ex-wife, he was cheating on Gretchen.That was probably worthy of bringing up in therapy"
Author: Chelsea Cain
4. "You're wrong, you know," Susan said. "She doesn't belong here. I'm against the death penalty. I don't think the state should be in the business of killing people. I think it's wrong. And it's hypocritical. Mostly, I just think it's mean. Gretchen Lowell ? She is the exception. She deserves to die. If we kill one person, one criminal in the history of the world, it should be her." Susan paused, reconsidering. "And Hitler. Her, and Hitler". Prescott had that shrink look on his face again, passive and unimpressed, and yet somehow judgmental at the same time. Susan continued. "She removed a detective's spleen without anesthesia. She stuck a wire through an old woman's eyeball and then threaded it behind her nose and out through the other eye socket and then she stuck the wire into an outlet."Prescott raised an eyebrow. "And you're arguing that she's sane?"
Author: Chelsea Cain
5. "What's she like?' Archie repeated softly. He put his hand on the trooper's shoulder and leaned forward, so his face was inched from his. Gretchen was a beautiful, sensual, charismatic, manipulative bitch, the object of Archie's sexual obsession, his torturer, and the person who knew him best in the world. 'She's a serial killer,' Archie said. He smiled and gave the trooper's shoulder an avuncular pat. 'If you ever lay eyes on her, shoot her.'Archie turned to Henry. 'I'm ready to go back to the loony bin,' he said"
Author: Chelsea Cain
6. "Why did you come here?' Gretchen asked.'To kill you,' Archie said.'How badly do you want it?''Pretty badly,' Archie said."
Author: Chelsea Cain
7. "His whole relationship with Gretchen was one long postcoital illusion"
Author: Chelsea Cain
8. "Gretchen's eyes blazed at Henry. 'Don't ever think you can know what I'll do"
Author: Chelsea Cain
9. "Gretchen took a beautiful mugshot."
Author: Chelsea Cain
10. " that moment Archie realised that Gretchen had never told him anything, never let him see anything that she didn't want him to know. She had always been in control. She had always been one move ahead."
Author: Chelsea Cain
11. "Mr. Mancini had a singular talent for making me uncomfortable. He forced me to consider things I'd rather not think about – the sex of my guitar, for instance. If I honestly wanted to put my hands on a woman, would that automatically mean I could play? Gretchen's teacher never told her to think of her piano as a boy. Neither did Lisa's flute teacher, though in that case the analogy was obvious. On the off chance that sexual desire was all it took, I steered clear of Lisa's instrument, fearing that I might be labeled a prodigy."
Author: David Sedaris
12. "Every time he pounded into her an involuntary groan of pleasure escaped her throat. She was so close and he hadn't even touched her clit. "Oh, God, Hunter, keep fucking me." "So . . . damn . . . naughty," he told her between rough thrusts. "You're such a fucking tease, Gretchen." "I am," she moaned. "I like teasing you. You like it, too."
Author: Jessica Clare
13. "I was a little worried she might try to drag me off to hell and drain my essence at some point, but I figured that was still better than having Gretchen for a best friend."
Author: Josephine Angelini
14. "Tony can't contemplate anything with Gretchen because to him, what good is a man who is incomplete on the outside, but completely broken inside?"
Author: Leanne Davis
15. "These golf people seem unnaturally obsessed. They dress kind of funny too, and it's become a running joke for Gretchen and I to e-mail the most ridiculous golfing pictures back and forth to each other. Sometimes she adds hysterical captions. She never puts them on PitchBitch, though. We can't threaten the gravy train."
Author: Shawn Klomparens

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