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1. "I haven't had a lot of 'Games Of Thrones' groupies. The fans seem to be really nice. They don't seem that invasive."
Author: Alfie Allen
2. "The fans, the vampire groupies, love the idea of this androgynous, preternatural figure stalking the night, and craving aesthetic pleasure just as he craves blood, wearing only the best velvet clothes, and savoring red roses."
Author: Anne Rice
3. "Ann, I love you. I hope my car starts. I hope the sink isn't plugged up. I'm glad I didn't fuck a groupie. I'm glad I'm not very good at getting into bed with strange females. I'm glad I'm an idiot. I'm glad I don't know anything. I'm glad I haven't been murdered. When I look at my hands and they are still on my wrists, I think to myself, I am lucky."
Author: Charles Bukowski
4. "Groupies? Did BDSM have groupies?"
Author: Cherise Sinclair
5. "There are no big groupie fans or anything."
Author: Daniel Johns
6. "I did not let people tell me what to do, and I never wanted to be a groupie."
Author: Eve Jihan Jeffers
7. "I'm a bit of a groupie."
Author: Jerry Hall
8. "As soon as the groupie finds out that you make errors in everyday life like everybody else does and that you are human, they turn on you and hate you."
Author: John Fahey
9. "James "Knockout Jimmy" O'Brien, Granite Fall's very own boxing legend—a title he held until a young groupie poked holes in the condom she made him wear "for protection."My brother was born nine months later, fists already swinging."
Author: Kate Avelynn
10. "You learn that the only way to get rock-star power as a girl is to be a groupie and bare your breasts and get chosen for the night. We learn that the only way to get anywhere is through men. And it's a lie."
Author: Kathleen Hanna
11. "Who's that?" I asked him."Probably Noah's latest groupie," Clare offered."Don't talk about your mom that way," Pat responded."
Author: Katie Kacvinsky
12. "Good," said Gideon. "It means the effect of the alcohol is wearing off. One question, by the way: what did you want a hairbrush for?""I wanted it as a substitute for a mike," I murmured through my fingers. "Oh, my God! I'm so horrible.""But you have a pretty voice," said Gideon. "Even I liked it, and I told you I hate musicals.""Then how come you can play songs from them so well?" I put my hands in my lap and looked at him. "You were amazing! Is there anything you can't do?" Good heavens, I heard myself sounding like a groupie."No. Go ahead, you're welcome to think me some kind of god!" He was grinning now. "It's rather sweet of you!"
Author: Kerstin Gier
13. "I'd love to be a pop idol. Of course, my groupies are now between 40 and 50."
Author: Kevin Bacon
14. "Every time I find a picture of him with other women, or read in magazines that he's involved with 'groupies,' I don't go and show up where he is making a huge scene and getting our faces put all over the TV and papers."
Author: Kim Mathers
15. "He crossed the stage, pushed the bench back and sat, hands resting on the keyboard cover. After a moment, he took off the cloth, and uncovered the keyboard. He rested his fingers on the keys, but didn't depress them, simply sitting there for a moment, in the dark and silent auditorium, and closed his eyes. He belonged here. Not on a stage, but with a piano. It was the only place he felt alive. The groupies, the concerts, the strangely worshipful perks of fame, none of them made him feel complete like these moments alone did."
Author: Kristine Kathryn Rusch
16. "Like a groupie incognito posing as a real singer, life imitates art."
Author: Lana Del Rey
17. "The rock star stuff never came up for us. The Band was never attacked by groupies before, during or after any show that we ever played."
Author: Levon Helm
18. "If she was a regular groupie... well, he wasn't quire sure how he'd handle that. "Did you drop in for an autograph?" Her smile slipped. "Actually..." Simon watched as her chest expanded on a nervous breath. "I came for you" Such a sweetheart. Forcing his attention from her breasts back up to her face, Simon held her gaze and said softly, "Not yet, Dakota." Confusion darkened the blue of her eyes. She tipped her head. "What?" "You haven't come for me...yet." He still had a lot of work to do, so he headed back to the mat. Over his shoulder, he said, "But stick around, and I can guarantee you will."
Author: Lori Foster
19. "I was a groupie for a year and followed a band. I dated the drummer of the band."
Author: Malin Akerman
20. "When I was a rapper, the groupies didn't have to try too hard with me. Just show up at the hotel."
Author: Mark Wahlberg
21. "We don't get groupies, well I don't see them, anyway. That was something that I always looked forward to and am constantly disappointed by the lack of!"
Author: Mark Webber
22. "Unless Spelling Bee bitches exist, this makes her the geekiest kind of groupie on e can possibly be."
Author: Megan McCafferty
23. "Laughter tumbled from the bunk above. "Who needs groupies when I can listen to you two every night? Can you pass me a sock or something? I just spewed down my leg." Fucking Laz."
Author: Pam Godwin
24. "The groupies are far more real now than there were then."
Author: Peter Tork
25. "I got into physics through pop science and quantum science and ended up being such a quantum groupie."
Author: Talulah Riley
26. "Now I know what it's like to be a rock star. No, I didn't sleep with 5 groupies at once. But I was interviewed about 45 times in 5 days in 3 cities."
Author: Tony Visconti

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