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1. "Faith, coming from the lack of faith: as much as the faith in oneself is demolished, as much the intoxicating faith in the salvation becomes strong and the desperate need to be save grows. The savior is that much great, as you're small, insignificant and unworthy. Anri Begrson writes: "It's not true that faith can move mountains. On the contrary, the main thing in faith is the ability not to notice anything, even the moving of the mountain in front of you. It's like a hermetic screen, fully impregnable to the facts."
Author: Amos Oz
2. "I swear, this stupid town. Why does every hideous supernatural thing that happens happen here? I'm gone for a few months and augh. Be right back. Grssll frrrsl rassle mrrrfl."
Author: Jim Butcher
3. "To: lostphoebe@theacademy.grFrom: gblake@theacademy.grSubject: If I could do it over......I wouldn't treat you so badly. I'm sorry.Today wasn't about the bet.Give me another chance.GJust like him: brief, cryptic, and full of crap."
Author: Tera Lynn Childs

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Bueno, que me cuelguen si no es ese gordo maloliente, el cabrón Billy y toda la porquería. ¿Cómo estás, botellón de aceite de cocina barato? Acércate, que te daré una en los yarblocos, si es que los tienes, eunuco grasiento."
Author: Anthony Burgess

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