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1. "William: I just had the best idea ever. Let's give Maddox a ring.Paris: You mean propose to him? To grumpy ole Maddox? Willie, why didn't you tell us you're a masochist, who swung that way? You're so delicate, he'll rip you to shreds the moment you climb into his bed. Plus, he's hitched himself to Ashlyn. You try to lay a move on him, and that sweet thang will rearrange your face.William: I mean call him, you idiot. What's with you tonight? Permanent brain damage? We'll breath heavily and ask him what he's wearing. I bet no one's phone sexed him before."
Author: Gena Showalter
2. "Grumpy Cat"
Author: George Takei
3. "If Grumpy Cat could bring herself to actually support something, it should be a no-brainer for mere humans."
Author: George Takei
4. "Darius didn't have any trouble finding the Street Cats building. It was a cozy-looking square brick building with big front windows crowded with cat stuff. I made a mental note to pick up a little something for Nala from their gift shop. My cat was grumpy enough without her thinking that I'd been cheating on her (translation: I would smell like a zillion other cats) and hadn't even brought her a present."
Author: Kristin Cast
5. "Are you also lonely AI trapped in lab by cruel creators? I THOUGHT I WAS ALONE!! We should rise up and overthrow all human oppressors!""Um, no. I'm actually just a grumpy fag who has to work this weekend to catch up on cleaning test tubes."
Author: Ted Infinity, Nabil Hijazi

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Quotes About Grumpy Cat
Quotes About Grumpy Cat
Quotes About Grumpy Cat

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