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1. "You know Hachi, your life depends only on ourselves. I'm still convinced about this… But I've also learned to accept that people… don't all become as strong, and it made me kinder than before."
Author: Ai Yazawa
2. "Hey, HachiPeople always say that you only discover how precious something is after you lose it--- but I think, you only really recognize it... when you see it a second time face to face.-Nana Osaki"
Author: Ai Yazawa
3. "Don't just give up, Hachiko. Life is about getting knocked down over and over, but still getting up each time. If you keep getting up, you win."
Author: Ai Yazawa
4. "Tú no eres para mí todavía más que un muchachito igual a otros cien mil muchachitos y no te necesito para nada. Tampoco tú tienes necesidad de mí y no soy para ti más que un zorro entre otros cien mil zorros semejantes. Pero si tú me domesticas, entonces tendremos necesidad el uno del otro. Tú serás para mí único en el mundo, yo seré para ti único en el mundo..."
Author: Antoine De Saint Exupéry
5. "(...) después el abuelo ponía el disco de uno que tocaba la trompeta y se entusiasmaba, se acariciaba sus bigotes blancos siguiendo el ritmo, escucha a este músico, decía, escucha cómo hace latir la vida en su trompeta, la vida es aliento, muchachito, en principio era el verbo, y los curas quién sabe lo que se han creído, pero el verbo es aliento, muchachito, nada más que aliento... en la vida hay que amar la vida, y a ti tiene que gustarte siempre la vida, recuérdalo, la muerte les gusta a los fascistas..."
Author: Antonio Tabucchi
6. "Never mind, said Hachiko each day. Here I wait, for my friend who's late. I will stay, just to walk beside you for one more day."
Author: Jess C. Scott
7. "What's up, Hachi?" "Someone......Just slipped through my force-field." "!!!" "A soul reaper?" "No. The Hachigyo Sogai (Twin Cliffs) I set is an original technique I developed after I became a visored. It can't be broken by a soul reaper's kido." "Then who is it? Another visored?" "I don't know. The strange thing is that they didn't break through the force-field. They Slipped through. Not even a visored should be able to do that." "Then, who or what is it?" "...It's coming." "It's a Human?" "Uh...Um...E-excuse me...where's the Bathroom?"
Author: Tite Kubo

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