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1. "Hard work does not go unnoticed,and someday the rewards will follow"
Author: Allan Rufus
2. "Every habit, no matter its complexity, is malleable......however, to modify a habit, you must decide to change it. You must consciously accept the hard work of identifying the cues and rewards that drive the habits' routines, and find alternatives. You must know you have control and be self-conscious enough to use it."
Author: Charles Duhigg
3. "What I am suggesting is hard work and it can be slow work, but the rewards are well worth it."
Author: Jesse Helms
4. "Games? Cupid struck, slapping Nico sideways into a granite pedestral Love is no game! It is no flowery softness! It is hard work!-- A quest that never ends. It demands everything from you-- especially the truth. Only then does it yield rewards"
Author: Rick Riordan

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Quotes About Hard Work And Rewards
Quotes About Hard Work And Rewards
Quotes About Hard Work And Rewards

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