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1. "Trials come to each of us. Living righteously does not mean that our lives will be free of problems or sorrow, but no matter what hardships we face we can always rely on Heavenly Father and His son. They will not forsake us, and They will give each of us the strength to face whatever may come."June 2013 Ensign, "Our God Will Never Us Forsake"
Author: Jennifer Ann Holt
2. "I encourage anyone who has gone through hardships to look back through their life's chapters and see what can be turned into a book. For you never know what heartache God, one day, can turn into a redemptive story."
Author: Jolina Petersheim
3. "We all change everyday, when the sun surfaces and when the moon looms. we all change when the seconds revolve into minutes, hours turn into days, weeks rotate into months, and when years circulate into decades. we all change through experiences and hardships. i understand I'm changing whether it's prosperous or defective. Only God knows."
Author: Les Simple

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Quotes About Hardships And God
Quotes About Hardships And God
Quotes About Hardships And God

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