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1. "She's trying to figure out the Plague on her own and not taking what the Rising says for granted."
Author: Ally Condie
2. "She felt like an amputee, reaching out reflexively with an arm she no longer had."
Author: Frances Hardinge
3. "Wish on everything. Pink cars are good, especially old ones. And stars of course, first stars and shooting stars. Planes will do if they are the first light in the sky and look like stars. Wish in tunnels, holding your breath and lifting your feet off the ground. Birthday candles. Baby teeth."
Author: Francesca Lia Block
4. "Even though it hurt, there are kinds of pain you couldn't speak out loud."
Author: Jodi Picoult
5. "I had a test on my kidneys a few weeks back and found out I have two."
Author: Liam Payne
6. "I am running after you, and life, in desperate pursuit. My dream is that someday you will both turn and let me catch you. That dream carries me through every night... I have enclosed a hundred kisses in this letter. You must count them out carefully and not lose any."
Author: Lisa Kleypas
7. "I'm just not having a very good time and I don't have any reason to think it'll get anything but worse. I'm tired. I'm hurt. I'm sad. I feel used."
Author: Marsha Norman
8. "I haven't come to the theater to hear about other people's probelms. I've come to be taken out of myself, and, preferably, not put back again."
Author: Michael Frayn
9. "Still, as much as I had experienced, there was more waiting to be found. I had started out with a feeling of burning dullness and desperation. Now I was filled with a thrill and expectation of new discovery."
Author: Peter Jenkins
10. "I loved you!" he yelled. He jumped up out of his chair so quickly I never saw it coming. "I loved you, and you destroyed me. You took my heart and ripped it up."
Author: Richelle Mead
11. "Oh yeah, this was bad. The kind of bad they made horror movies out of. In fact, he'd rather be naked in a zombie flick with no ammo or shelter, coated in brain matter and wearing a sign that said COME GET ME, than face what they were going to have to face now.' "Honey, let me give you a quick lesson. Just 'cause someone's a few centuries old and fanged, doesn't make them a Dark-Hunter." – Sundown"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
12. "As suburbs go, Bromley's not bad. But as David Bowie and Hanif Kureishi have observed, you do want to get out of there quickly."
Author: Tibor Fischer

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Quotes About Having A Baby Out Of Wedlock
Quotes About Having A Baby Out Of Wedlock
Quotes About Having A Baby Out Of Wedlock

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