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1. "She felt like parts of her soul were missing, had left her body long ago. It had happened not in Greece three months ago, but long before that. It was in Greece that she'd realized those parts had left her and were not coming back."
Author: Ann Brashares
2. "Whatever labels may be attached to the fifteen charges brought against me, they all arise from my having been a member of the Communist Party and from my activities as a member."
Author: Bram Fischer
3. "You will always fall in love, and it will always be like having your throat cut, just that fast."
Author: Catherynne M. Valente
4. "...and the lamp having at last resigned itself to death.There was nothing now but firelight in the room,And every time a flame uttered a gasp for breath It flushed her amber skin with the blood of its bloom."
Author: Charles Baudelaire
5. "You're reaching outAnd no one hears you cryYou're freaking out again'Cause all your fearsRemind you another dream has come undoneYou feel so small and lost like you're the only oneYou wanna scream 'cause you'reDesperateYou want somebody, just anybodyTo lay their hands on your soul tonightYou want a reason to keep believin'That someday you're gonna see the lightYou're in the darkThere's no one left to callAnd sleep's your only friendWell even sleepCan't hide you from all those tearsAnd all the pain and all the daysYou wasted pushin' them awayIt's your life, it's time you face it"
Author: David Archuleta
6. "Hey, if you can't remember, don't worry about it. I'm having a few memory problems myself in this place. Little things like how long I've been here, what my purpose in life is, which feet to put my shoes on. Stuff like that."
Author: Eoin Colfer
7. "There are two infinities that confuse me: the one in my soul devours me; the one around me will crush me"
Author: Gustave Flaubert
8. "Oh yes, right—right. What is the use of having right on your side if you have not got might?"
Author: Henrik Ibsen
9. "You ask me why I don't love you, but surely you must believe I am very fond of you and if to desire to possess a person wholly, to admire and honour that person deeply, and to seek to secure that person's happiness in every way is to "love" then perhaps my affection for you is a kind of love. I will tell you this that your soul seems to me to be the most beautiful and simple soul in the world and it may be because I am so conscious of this when I look at you that my love or affection for you loses much of its violence."
Author: James Joyce
10. "His sisters were anxious for his having an estate of his own; but, though he was now only established as a tenant, Miss Bingley was by no means unwilling to preside at his table—nor was Mrs. Hurst, who had married"
Author: Jane Austen
11. "Just when you begin thinking of yourself as memorable, you run into someone who can't even remember having met you"
Author: John Irving
12. "We're just being ourselves and having fun playing baseball. The biggest thing is when people look at our team, they can see that we're having a lot of fun."
Author: Johnny Damon
13. "I am just the person who didn't want to settle for not having everything I dreamed of."
Author: Katharine McPhee
14. "Seth's clock had been set on survival so long that he didn't realize that he was starving himself of an essential element of being, that of having fun"
Author: Kenneth Eade
15. "Somehow, having a deer preside over the ceremony of a werewolf and a girl seems oddly appropriate."
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
16. "I've been fired five times for having a bad attitude."
Author: Meg Rosoff
17. "Empty orators and silent scholarsdied without having understood Being and non-Being.Ignorants, my brothers, let us continue tastingthe juice of the grape attentively and letthe authorities satisfy themselveswith dry raisins."
Author: Omar Khayyam
18. "I didn't agree with Cokie. It wasn't just rich folks. Mother was soul broke, too."
Author: Ruta Sepetys
19. "It is merely an accident of history that it is considered normal in our society to believe that the Creator of the universe can hear your thoughts while it is demonstrative of mental illness to believe that he is communicating with you by having the rain tap in Morse code on your bedroom window."
Author: Sam Harris
20. "If women are breadwinners and men bring home the bacon, why do people complain about having no dough? I'm confused. Also hungry."
Author: Stephen Colbert
21. "Pursue something so important that even if you fail, the world is better off with you having tried."
Author: Tim O'Reilly

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