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1. "48-point type, a letter size that big-city newspapers probably reserve for special occasions such as Armageddon. Out here in the heartland, we are not waiting that long. Our local paper's stance on the great big headline letters is: You got 'em, you use 'em."
Author: Barbara Kingsolver
2. "Our success as a party will largely be determined by how well we do here in the heartland... The time has come to be secure about our values. The time has come to lead."
Author: Evan Bayh
3. "I suppose that Heartland, Unknown Soldier and Pride and Joy represent not a quieter side but more of a serious side to my work, something I've been getting into recently."
Author: Garth Ennis
4. "My music is the chicken soup kind. I want people to get a good feeling in their soul from these songs. Roots rock, heartland rock...whatever you want to call it is OK with me."
Author: Kate Voegele
5. "No, it's not!" says Emby."Hey—he wanted my opinion, I gave it.""But it's wrong!""You see, Hayden? You see what you started?""Yes!" Hayden says excitedly. "It looks like we're about to have our own little Heartland War. Pity it's too dark for us to watch it."
Author: Neal Shusterman
6. "Maybe it's the best answer of all. If more people could admit they really don't know, maybe there never would have been a Heartland War."
Author: Neal Shusterman
7. "She smiles at them as they go by and continues to play, making it clear that this furnace of a place, full of planes that cannot fly, is more than it seems. It is a womb of redemption for every Unwind, and fora ll those who fought the Heartland War and lost - which was everybody."
Author: Neal Shusterman
8. "How much do you know about the Heartland War?' Connor shrugs. 'It was the last chapter in our history textbook, but we had state testing, so we never got to it."
Author: Neal Shusterman
9. "Well, perhaps Falconer will be able to figure it out; he's usually a good judge of character. I say the sooner we reach the Heartland the better. I, for one, am eager to rid him of our 'boring' company"
Author: Nicole Sager
10. "A poem, as a manifestation of language and thus essentially dialogue, can be a message in a bottle, sent out in the –not always greatly hopeful-belief that somewhere and sometime it could wash up on land, on heartland perhaps. Poems in this sense too are under way: they are making toward something. Toward what? Toward something standing open, occupiable, perhaps toward an addressable Thou, toward an addressable reality."
Author: Paul Celan
11. "Cinema should always be in touch with the soil of the country. My films celebrate the heartland of India."
Author: Salman Khan
12. "Sounds travel through space long after their wave patterns have ceased to be detectable by the human ear: some cut right through the ionosphere and barrel on out into the cosmic heartland, while others bounce around, eventually being absorbed into the vibratory fields of earthly barriers, but in neither case does the energy succumb; it goes on forever - which is why we, each of us, should take pains to make sweet notes."
Author: Tom Robbins
13. "There's hundreds of corners on this island, Crystal said. And there are thousands of us. Exiles from the heartland without a heart. Out of the old country, a brand-new tribe, dancing to new tunes around a bucket of fire in a vacant lot."
Author: Tom Spanbauer
14. "The heartland lies where the heart longs to be. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to find the true place to plant it."
Author: Vera Nazarian
15. "Maybe the heartland isn't just the place in the middle of the country; maybe it's also the place in the middle of your chest."
Author: Vicki Myron

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