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1. "We are one of the last heavy metal bands. Iron Maiden has always been unique."
Author: Adrian Smith
2. "Only two to three per cent of an audience is interested in words and pays attention to lyrics; most of the rest of it is about image or the beat or the sound, or else it's a tribal thing - country & western, rap, heavy metal, with historical folk rock off in some kind of cult."
Author: Al Stewart
3. "It's a heavy weight, the camera. Now we have modern and lightweight, small plastic cameras, but in the '70s they were heavy metal."
Author: Annie Leibovitz
4. "If heavy metal bands ruled the world, we'd be a lot better off."
Author: Bruce Dickinson
5. "What music I listen to day to day changes very, very much. I can go from bluegrass to heavy metal, to blues, to classical and big band and then go to pop and rap."
Author: Casey James
6. "I have them a few minutes to absorb everything while I teased Ubie, who only had to recover from his near-death experience. I was so glad Reyes hadn't ripped him to shreds. I liked him much better un-shredded. Unlike, say, my preference for lettuce or heavy metal guitar solos."
Author: Darynda Jones
7. "Heavy Metal would not exist without Led Zeppelin, and if it did, it would suck."
Author: Dave Grohl
8. "The guitar influence that affected my songwriting came from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal."
Author: Dave Mustaine
9. "He doth, indeed, especially love heavy-metal; into the recording sessions whereof he does, indeed, sneak, that he may insert backward messages into songs; for he believeth retrograde gibberish laid inaudibly under ear-shattering grindcore, to be the most effective way to promote his views. 19 And he doth, indeed, visit people in their time of need; and offer to grant them mortal happiness in exchange for their immortal soul; and if they agree, he doth, indeed, have them sign a contract; for though he is the amoral Prince of All Lies, he hath for some reason an unshakable respect for tort law."
Author: David Javerbaum
10. "Guitar Player Magazine says Dick Dale is the father of Heavy Metal, blowing up 48 amplifiers, creating the first power amplifier."
Author: Dick Dale
11. "Black Sabbath invented heavy metal, in my opinion."
Author: Eddie Trunk
12. "I'm primarily thought of as a rocker, and certainly 'Frankenstein' had a very dramatic power rock image. It was almost a precursor of heavy metal and fusion. But I also love jazz and classical and if there's one common thread that runs through all my music, it is blues."
Author: Edgar Winter
13. "I didn't kiss him back even as my body went wild internally, blood being police escorted to certain extremities, endorphins diving out of my pituitary gland like they were in a Busby Berkeley musical, my heart going all heavy metal."
Author: Eli Easton
14. "...raucous heavy metal of punk guitars screeching like robots put to the rack..."
Author: Elizabeth George
15. "If you looked at my iPod, you would get a trip out of all the different music, from the real heavy metal to bluegrass to classical."
Author: Eric Close
16. "The hairstyles of most Heavy Metal bands are pretty horrendous."
Author: Fred Schneider
17. "They credited us with the birth of that sort of heavy metal thing. Well, if that's the case, there should be an immediate abortion."
Author: Ginger Baker
18. "To some people heavy metal is Motorhead and to others it's Judas Priest."
Author: Glenn Danzig
19. "We love not just Judas Priest music, but we love heavy metal and we love to get out on that stage every night and perform. It's a joy to be able to do it."
Author: Glenn Tipton
20. "Whenever I get dumped, I nail the door shut so that no one can come inside, get a towel and clip it around my neck so it's like a Superman cape, take off my shoes so I can slide across the room, and...get a fake mic, like a celery stick or a pen, and I play any record that features the vocalist Ronnie James Dio. And you can just pretend you're Dio, because on every album he does, he has minimum one, usually three, *EVIL WOMAN LOOK OUT!*- songs. And if you wanna point like Dio, it's a three-finger point. (heavy metal voice) 'The exit is that way. Evil LURKS! Evil lurks in twilight! Dances in the DARK! Evil woman! Just WALK AWAY!"
Author: Henry Rollins
21. "I leave a white and turbid wake;pale waters, paler cheeks, where'er I sail. The envious billows sidelongswell to whelm my track; let them; but first I pass. Yonder, by theever-brimming goblet's rim, the warm waves blush like wine. The gold browplumbs the blue. The diver sun --slow dived from noon, --goes down; my soulmounts up! she wearies with her endless hill. Is, then, the crown too heavythat I wear? this Iron Crown of Lombardy. Yet is it bright with many a gem; i, the wearer, see not its far flashings; but darkly feel that i wear that, that dazzlingly confounds. 'Tis iron --that I know--not gold. 'Tis split, too --that I feel; the jagged edge galls me so, my brain seems to beat against the solid metal; aye, steel skull, mine; the sort that needs no helmet in the most brain-battering fight!"
Author: Herman Melville
22. "Olaf hielt sich keineswegs für etwas Besonderes; seine Heavy-Metal-Kutte und die schwarzen T-Shirts mit grellbunten Aufschriften trug er nicht aus einem Grund, den man vor zehn oder zwanzig Jahren in den Kategorien von Identitätsstiftung, Sozialisierung und Jugendkultur erfasst hätte, sondern weil sie zu der Musik gehörten, die er mochte, und weil andere Klamotten ihm nicht gefielen. Aber 'Divergenz' bedeutete 'Auseinanderstreben', und Olaf strebte auseinander.Zwischen anderen Menschen und vor allem innerhalb der so genannten Klassengemeinschaft fühlte er sich wie ein Europäer unter Japanern: Alle sahen gleich aus, betrachteten einen als Gaijin, und zum Schluss erfuhr man, dass sie Koreaner waren. [...] er wusste nicht, worüber er mit ihnen reden sollte, und wunderte sich an manchen Tagen darüber, dass sie überhaupt dieselbe Sprache verwendeten wie er. Seine Unfähigkeit, sich als einer von ihnen zu fühlen, war Divergenz - und in deprimierten Momenten 'Inkompatibilität'."
Author: Juli Zeh
23. "I have tons of friends in the heavy-metal music world, and just going to see them inspires me."
Author: Kerry King
24. "The same sensations that you get in heavy metal are in horror movies. Heavy metal sounds evil and horror movies are evil, ha ha!"
Author: Kirk Hammett
25. "I like playing heavy metal music and pretending I'm a vampire in front of the mirror."
Author: Luke Mably
26. "RJD was pretty much heavy metal personified, a tiny 5-foot-4-inch sorcerer with a mangy mane, demonic eyes and sly grin, all coupled to a simply huge, operatic voice, a diminutive powerhouse who prowled the stage like a feline elf and who was, it turns out, also finely intelligent and well spoken, an actual gentleman in a genre known all too well for its bombastic, monosyllabic doltbuckets. A rare thing indeed."
Author: Mark Morford
27. "Bon Jovi's trick is to use heavy-metal chords and still sound absolutely safe. Rock & roll used to be rebellion disguised as commercialism; now so much of it is commercialism disguised as rebellion."
Author: Michael Azerrad
28. "I want you to hit the pedal heavy metal, show me you care."
Author: One Direction
29. "My favourite prank in heavy metalwork was to get a penny and spend three or four minutes making it really hot with a blowtorch, and then leave it on Mr Lane's desk, so that he'd see it and pick it up out of curiosity.First you'd hear: ‘Waaaaahhhhhh!'Then: ‘Osbourne, you little bastard!'Heh-heh-heh.The old hot-penny trick. Priceless, man."
Author: Ozzy Osbourne
30. "All that stuff about heavy metal and hard rock, I don't subscribe to any of that. It's all just music. I mean, the heavy metal from the Seventies sounds nothing like the stuff from the Eighties, and that sounds nothing like the stuff from the Nineties. Who's to say what is and isn't a certain type of music?"
Author: Ozzy Osbourne
31. "The best indication is that I still love to ski on most anything, from skating gear to heavy metal."
Author: Paul Parker
32. "Pop music, disco music, and heavy metal music is about shutting out the tensions of life, putting it away."
Author: Peter Tork
33. "I wasn't that wild about that. I told them basically if they were really going to want to bring back heavy metal to a program on MTV, then they are really going to have to get in touch with what real heavy metal is."
Author: Phil Anselmo
34. "I tried to take heavy metal... and balled it up and chopped it in half and really tried to create a new form of energy. I really tried to re-shape extreme music as I see it through my eyes."
Author: Phil Anselmo
35. "I have truly eclectic taste in music, and I seem to cycle through phases in terms of to what's inspiring me. I'll go from Beethoven to Sigur Ros; world music, Brit-pop, classic rock, blues/jazz, even the odd bit of heavy metal."
Author: Rachel Miner
36. "I was in punk rock bands, heavy metal bands, world music bands, jazz groups, any type of music that would take me. I just love music."
Author: Reggie Watts
37. "No scientific or medical study is valid unless and until a heavy metal assay has been completed on the subject(s)."
Author: Richard Diaz
38. "At 15, I started listening to hard rock and heavy metal, but I would say it was more hard rock because I liked Kiss, Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, and eventually AC/DC."
Author: Rick Rubin
39. "I think the minute you mention death, people run for the hills - unless it's heavy metal. People do not like death."
Author: Rufus Wainwright
40. "If I've got a Dad, and his name is Wormwood Rot, and he's in some heavy metal rock band called Grave Dirt . . . then I'm definitely meeting him!She stares at me awkwardly, and I'm about to ask again—maybe even insist—when she says, "Honey, why do you think he's on the news? Wormwood, I mean . . . your father? Becca, he's . . . dead."
Author: Rusty Fischer
41. "Why would heavy metal ever go away?"
Author: Scott Ian
42. "Anthrax, it's something that gets you sick, it's horrible, strong. It's a heavy-metal band name if there ever was one."
Author: Scott Ian
43. "Cards and boards, [Johnny] thought. And the dead. That's not dark forces. Making a fuss about cards and heavy metal and going on about Dungeons and Dragons stuff because it's got demon gods in it is like guarding to door when it is really coming up through the floorboards. Real dark forces... aren't dark. They're sort of gray, like Mr. Grimm. They take all the color out of life; they take a town like Blackbury and turn it into frightened streets and plastic signs and Bright New Futures and towers where no one wants to live and no one really does live. The dead seem more alive than us. And everyone becomes gray and turns into numbers and then, somewhere, someone starts to do arithmetic..."
Author: Terry Pratchett
44. "It was a free-for-all with music when I was growing up. My mother was a huge music fanatic so I was listening to everything from country to heavy metal to Indigo Girls to Elton John. I guess when I was really young I didn't like Willie Nelson, and she obviously loved him. Now I do too, I'm so thankful to her for playing his music nonstop."
Author: Tig Notaro
45. "Then about 12 years ago it dawned on me that folk music - the music of Woody Guthrie and Phil Ochs, early Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Pete Seeger - could be as heavy as anything that comes through a Marshall stack. The combination of three chords and the right lyrical couplet can be as heavy as anything in the Metallica catalogue."
Author: Tom Morello
46. "I was a fan of heavy music - first metal, then punk, then hip hop."
Author: Tom Morello
47. "My mom always encouraged me, it was never weird. She'd look at 'Heavy Metal' and go 'Woo-hoo!'"
Author: Zack Snyder

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