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1. "He was working that charm right now on the trainer who kneeled before him and touched his thigh as though it were the thigh of David, Michelangelo's glorious statue come to life right here on court."
Author: A.G. Starling
2. "Españolito que vienesal mundo te guarde Dios.Una de las dos Españasha de helarte el corazón."
Author: Antonio Machado
3. "Take a Nicodemus and put a Joseph Smith's spirit in him, and what do you have? Take a Da Vinci or a Michelangelo or a Shakespeare and give him a total knowledge of the plan of salvation of God and personal revelation and cleanse him and take a look at the statues he will carve and the murals he will paint and the masterpieves he will produce. Take a handel with his purposeful effort, his superb talent, his earnest desire to properly depict the story, and give him inward vision of the whole true story and revelation, and what a master you will have!"
Author: Brigham Young
4. "Help for PMS—Low progesterone is often one of the culprits of PMS symptoms. Progesterone cream used during the last week of a woman's cycle is often helpful. I also recommend a combination of supplements to balance the brain, especially 400–500 mg calcium citrate twice a day, 200–300 mg chelated magnesium twice a day, vitamin A, B complex with 50 mg B6, and 500 mg evening primrose oil twice a day. I also suggest 50–100 mg 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) twice a day to help to boost serotonin and decrease anxiety and worry. If focus is a problem, try green tea or 500 mg L-tyrosine two to three times a day. Chaste-berry, 20–40 mg a day, can also help for PMS symptoms of especially breast pain or tenderness, swelling, constipation, irritability, depressed mood or mood alterations, anger, and headache in some women. Boost exercise in the last week of your cycle, and hold the sugar and alcohol."
Author: Daniel G. Amen
5. "Socrates became a trendsetter. Other philosophers, including Plato and Aristotle and Gus, quickly followed suit, dropping their last names too. And, for centuries after that there would be countless imitators including oltaire, Michelangelo, and, much later, Cher."
Author: Demetri Martin
6. "Too many maniacs not enough michelangelos"
Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
7. "Mi padre solía hacer algo similar —dice ella—. Esa atractiva, encantadora seducción. Pasé los primeros pocos años de mi vida viendo a mi madre anhelarlo, fuertemente. Amándolo y deseándolo mucho después del tiempo cuando él había perdido el poco interés en ella que había podido contener. Hasta un día cuando yo tenía cinco años y ella se quitó la vida. Cuando fui lo suficientemente mayor para entenderlo, me prometí a mi misma que no sufriría por nadie. Tomará mucho más que esa encantadora sonrisa tuya para seducirme."
Author: Erin Morgenstern
8. "De los muchos rostros que (como todos los seres humanos) Alejandra tenía, aquél era el que más le pertenecía a Martín; o, por lo menos, el que más le había pertenecido: era la expresión profunda y un poco triste del que anhela algo que sabe, por anticipado, que es imposible; un rostro ansioso pero ya de antemano desesperanzado, como si la ansiedad (es decir, la esperanza) y la desesperanza pudieran manifestarse a la vez. Y, además, con aquella casi imperceptible pero sin embargo violenta expresión de desdén contra algo, quizá contra Dios o la humanidad entera o, más probablemente, contra ella misma. O contra todo junto. No sólo de desdén, sino de desprecio y hasta de asco."
Author: Ernesto Sabato
9. "Recordando estas cosas mientras alistaban el baúl de José Arcadio, Úrsula se preguntaba si no era preferible acostarse de una vez en la sepultura y que le echaran la tierra encima, y le preguntaba a Dios, sin miedo, si de verdad creía que la gente estaba hecha de fierro para soportar tantas penas y mortificaciones; y preguntando y preguntando iba atizando su propia ofuscación, y sentía unos irreprimibles deseos de soltarse a despotricar como un forastero, y de permitirse por fin un instante de rebeldía, el instante tantas veces anhelado y tantas veces aplazado de meterse la resignación por el fundamento y cagarse de una vez en todo, y sacarse del corazón los infinitos montones de malas palabras que había tenido que atragantarse en todo un siglo de conformidad."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
10. "Rifangi hanya menawarkan sehelai pembalut putih yang steril, tapi manusia bukan cetakan tunggal mumi Adam di atas bumi, yang ditaruh dalam gelas, tanpa sejarah, tanpa ketelanjuran kebudayaan."
Author: Goenawan Mohamad
11. "Allah takkan bebankan hamba-Nya dengan apa yang dia tak mampu!Hidup tak selalunya lawaTak selalunya ada pelangiKalau nak kata a bed of roses pun, duri-durinya tetap adaKadang-kadang... bilamana ‘malapetaka' tu datang, terasa macam kena gelek ke bumi dek ahli sumoRasa macam dah tak mampu bangkitRasa macam dah tak mampu hela nafas..." live well or hell you choose May Allah bless...."
Author: Hlovate
12. "Bleed me of art, and there won't be enough liquid left in me to spit! [Michelangelo Buonorotti]"
Author: Irving Stone
13. "Demi persahabatan! Demi kebaikan hati! Demi sepuluh Galleon per helai rambut-!"
Author: J.K. Rowling
14. "Larry said that Michelangelo was a poof, so I wondered why he'd sculpted a guy with a really tiny cock. But I know when you go to old houses, the doorways are much smaller, 'cause people were shorter then, so maybe cocks were smaller too. It makes me glad I wasn't born a few centuries ago."
Author: J.L. Merrow
15. "And now at last it comes. You will give me the Ring freely! In place of theDark Lord you will set up a Queen. And I shall not be dark, but beautiful andterrible as the Morning and the Night! Fair as the Sea and the Sun and theSnow upon the Mountain! Dreadful as the Storm and the Lightning! Strongerthan the foundations of the earth. All shall love me and despair!"She lifted up her hand and from the ring that she wore there issued a greatlight that illuminated her alone and left all else dark. She stood before Frodoseeming now tall beyond measurement, and beautiful beyond enduring, terribleand worshipful. Then she let her hand fall, and the light faded, and suddenly shelaughed again, and lo! she was shrunken; a slender Elf woman, clad in simplewhite, whose gentle voice was soft and sad."
Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
16. "A foundation in Christ was and is always to be a protection in days "when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty storm shall beat upon you." In such days as we are now in--and will more or less always be in--the storms of life "shall have no power over you... because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall." (Helaman 5:12)"
Author: Jeffrey R. Holland
17. "En helaas hebben huwelijken in het algemeen iets lomps. Ze bederven de tederste verhoudingen, en dat komt toch eigenlijk alleen door de botte zekerheid waarvan ten minste één partij profiteert. Alles is vanzelfsprekend en men lijkt de verbintenis alleen gesloten te hebben opdat beiden hun eigen gang kunnen gaan."
Author: Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
18. "A visionary company is like a great work of art. Think of Michelangelo's scenes from Genesis on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel or his statue of David. Think of a great and enduring novel like Huckleberry Finn or Crime and Punishment. Think of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony or Shakespeare's Henry V. Think of a beautifully designed building, like the masterpieces of Frank Lloyd Wright or Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. You can't point to any one single item that makes the whole thing work; it's the entire work—all the pieces working together to create an overall effect—that leads to enduring greatness."
Author: John C. Maxwell
19. "Tahiya hote pavan nahin pani, tahiya srishti kown utpati;tahiya hote kali nahin phula, tahiya hote garbh nahi mula;tahiya hote vidya nahin Veda, tahiya hote shabd nahin swada;tahiya hote pind nahin basu,nahin dhar dharni na pavan akasu;tahiya hote guru nahin chela, gamya agamya na panth duhela.Sakhi: avigati ki gati ka kahown, jake gawn na thawngun bihuna pekhana, ka kahi lijai nawnIn that state there is no air or water, and no creation or creator; There is no bud or flower, and no fetus or semen; There is no education or Vedas, and no word or taste; There is no body or settlement, and no earth, air or space; There is no guru or disciple, and no easy or difficult path.Sakhi: That state is very strange. I cannot explain it. It has no village or resting place. That state is without gunas (qualities). What name can on give it?"
Author: Kabir
20. "Mrs. Charlotte Phelan's Guide to Husband-Hunting, Rule Number One: a pretty, petite girl should accentuate with makeup and good posture. A tall plain one, with a trust fund."
Author: Kathryn Stockett
21. "The language of sword is less powerful than the language of word, but most ofthe people understand the language of sword with greater power than thelanguage of word."
Author: Kedar Joshi
22. "Levanto la mano lentamente para tocar su rostro helado, para rozar con mis dedos su mejilla, y me sorprendo al descubrir que es suave y no dura como el mármol. Se queda paralizada y luego, indecisa, alza su mano y al reposa sobre la mía."
Author: Kendare Blake
23. "Anhelar el amor la hacía sentir como un gato que siempre se enrosca en los tobillos maullando acaríciame, acaríciame, mírame,quiéreme.Preferiría ser el gato que observa todo con descaro desde lo alto de una pared, con expresión inescrutable. El gato que evita las caricias, que no las necesita. ¿Por qué no ser ese gato?"
Author: Laini Taylor
24. "I stand by my opinions when I know I'm right, Captain Phelan. Whereas you stand by yours merely because you're stubborn."
Author: Lisa Kleypas
25. "Captain Phelan and I dislike each other," Beatrix told her. "In fact, we're sworn enemies."Christopher glanced at her quickly. "When did we become sworn enemies?"Ignoring him, Beatrix said to her sister, "Regardless, he's staying for tea.""Wonderful," Amelia said equably. "Why are you enemies, dear?""I met him yesterday while I was out walking," Beatrix explained. "And he called Medusa a ‘garden pest,'and faulted me for bringing her to a picnic."Amelia smiled at Christopher. "Medusa has been called many worse things around here, including ‘diseasedpincushion,' and ‘perambulating cactus.'"
Author: Lisa Kleypas
26. "Intimacy, says the phenomenologist Gaston Bachelard, is the highest value. I resist this statement at first. What about artistic achievement, or moral courage, or heroism, or altruistic acts, or work in the cause of social change? What about wealth or accomplishment? And yet something about it rings true, finally—that what we want is to be brought into relationship, to be inside, within. Perhaps it's true that nothing matters more to us than that."
Author: Mark Doty
27. "And when you discover what you will be in your life, set out to do it as if God Almighty called you at this particular moment in history to do it. Don't just set out to do a good job. Set out to do such a good job that the living, the dead or the unborn couldn't do it any better. If it falls your lot to be a street sweeper, sweep streets like Michelangelo painted pictures, sweep streets like Beethoven composed music, sweep streets like Leontyne Price sings before the Metropolitan Opera. Sweep streets like Shakespeare wrote poetry. Sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will have to pause and say: Here lived a great street sweeper who swept his job well."
Author: Martin Luther King Jr.
28. "Analiza la cuestión, ¿cómo pretendes que sea un ser agradable si soy un monstruo, o que sea generoso con los demás, si se muestran implacables conmigo? Si tú me arrojases a uno de esos barrancos helados, o me destrozaras con tus manos, ¿verdad que no lo considerarías un crimen? Y yo me pregunto, ¿por qué debo de respectar al que me desprecia? Haz que el hombre, en vez de odiarme, me acepte y me enseñe sus bondades, y serás testigo de todas las cosas buenas que soy capaz de hacer por vosotros."
Author: Mary Shelley
29. "So it is with Moslem women and their veils,' Michelangelo said. ‘When they saw Muhammad's wives wearing veils, they sought to imitate them, and so now nearly all Islamic women wear veils even though there is no stipulation in their Holy Koran that they do so."
Author: Matthew Reilly
30. "Todos necesitamos que alguien nos mire. Sería posible dividirnos en cuatro categorías, según el tipo de mirada bajo la cual queremos vivir:La primera categoría anhela la mirada de una cantidad infinita de ojos anónimos, o dicho de otro modo, la mirada del público.La segunda categoría la forman los que necesitan para vivir la mirada de muchos ojos conocidos. Estos son los incansables organizadores de cócteles y cenas.Luego está la tercera categoría, los que necesitan de la mirada de la persona amada.Y hay también una cuarta categoría, la más preciada, la de quienes viven bajo la mirada imaginaria de personas ausentes. Son los soñadores."
Author: Milan Kundera
31. "Ese chico roto en la playa parecía como hace una vida. Los años habían pasado, colegio y la NFL, matrimonio y un bebé, pero de vez en cuando, cuando Jude miraba hacia mí y me daba esa lenta mirada, con esa sonrisa conocida en él, yo era esa chica en bikini negro de nuevo, anhelando por un chico que nunca pensé que podría ser mío."
Author: Nicole Williams
32. "No, he didn't want to tame her any more than he wanted to tame theland. But by God, it was time for acceptance, on both sides."
Author: Nora Roberts
33. "You might say that I'm the Michelangelo of the dress business."
Author: Oleg Cassini
34. "I like to address all parts of my game, but I'm really concentrating a lot of time with my coach, David Whelan, on my short game and on the greens."
Author: Paula Creamer
35. "Ultimately the judge threw Moore's suit out of court, saying he had no case. Ironically, in his decision, the judge cited the HeLa cell line as a precedent for what happened with the Mo cell line. The fact that no one had sued over the growth or ownership of the HeLa cell line, he said, illustrated that patients didn't mind when doctors took their cells and turned them into commercial products. The judge believed Moore was unusual in his objections. But in fact, he was simply the first to realize there was something potentially objectionable going on."
Author: Rebecca Skloot
36. "The American Type Culture Collection—a nonprofit whose funds go mainly toward maintaining and providing pure cultures for science—has been selling HeLa since the sixties. When this book went to press, their price per vial was $256. The ATCC won't reveal how much money it brings in from HeLa sales each year, but since HeLa is one of the most popular cell lines in the world, that number is surely significant."
Author: Rebecca Skloot
37. "Ah, min dotter", sa han. "Arton år och du har redan blivit anklagad för mord,hjälpt brottslingar och dödat fler än de flesta beskyddare kommer att göraunder hela sitt liv."
Author: Richelle Mead
38. "Points to Ponder 1. What does it mean to "grow up unto the Lord" (Helaman 3:21)? 2. How often do I think about what kind of man I want to be? How often do I think about what others will remember most about me? What kind of priesthood legacy am I leaving? 3. The Prophet Lehi pleaded with his sons repeatedly to "Awake! and arise from the dust" (2 Nephi 1:14). In what ways do I need to wake up? How is it that I have been called to arise from the dust? (see D&C 113:7–10). 4. Peter was counseled by the Master at the Last Supper to become converted and then to strengthen his brethren (Luke..."
Author: Robert L. Millet
39. "Fuck the weather forecasters and their predictions. With magic, he'd just turned their Doppler radar upside down.Sapphire Phelan (Being Familiar With a Witch)"
Author: Sapphire Phelan
40. "Some knitters say that they buy yarn with no project in mind and wait patiently for the yarn to "speak" to them. This reminds me of Michelangelo, who believed that every block of stone he carved had the statue waiting inside and that all he did was reveal it. I think I've had yarn speak to me during the knitting process, and I've definitely spoken to it. Perhaps I'm doing it wrong, or maybe my yarn and I aren't on such good terms, but it really seems to me that all I say is "please" and all it ever says is "no"."
Author: Stephanie Pearl McPhee
41. "Stay hungry. It worked for Michelangelo, it worked for Picasso, and it works for a hundred thousand artists who do it not for love (although that might play a part) but in order to put food on the table. If you want to translate the world, you need to use your appetites. Does this surprise you? It shouldn't. There's no creation without talent, I give you that, but talent is cheap. Talent goes begging. Hunger is the piston of art."
Author: Stephen King
42. "Although 'to paint' means something like "to cause to be covered with paint," one does not 'paint a brush' when one dips it in the can, and it is hard to say with a straight face that "Michelangelo painted the ceiling" when he caused the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel to be covered with paint."
Author: Steven Pinker
43. "For a long moment the butler sat in silence, his jaw hanging open. "I . . . my lord, I simply don't feelqualifiedto advise you about such matters.""Don't tell me that," Saint protested. "Tell me whether you can imagine me as a married man or not."To his surprise, the butler set aside his brandy snifter and sat forward. "My lord, I do not wish tooverstep my bounds, but I have noticed a ... change in your demeanor,of late. The question of whetheranyone can imagine you married or not, however, is one I believe must be answered by you. And thelady, of course."Saint frowned. "Coward.""There is that, as well."
Author: Suzanne Enoch
44. "Even at this ridiculous hour, and clad in a faded blue t-shirt and ancient pyjama pants, he looked like something Michelangelo might reject for being too beautiful"
Author: Tabitha McGowan
45. "Cae la noche a toda prisa y el cristal helado produce en tus manos un tintineo leve pero muy agradable. La gran ciudad parece arder en toda su amplitud, en su apabullante telón de torres recubiertas de destellos, zurcidos ahora junto al polen diamantino de un millón de luce…y el sol se ha puesto ya detrás de ellas y la vieja luz rojiza del crepúsculo queda pinta sin calor, sin violencia, sobre el río. Y allí están los botes, los remolques, las barcazas que pasan y la perspectiva alada de los puentes con su gracia exultante. De pronto, ha caído la noche y hay barcos allí, hay barcos, y una ansiedad animal e intolerable dentro de ti que no consigues calmar."
Author: Thomas Wolfe
46. "Whoso List to HuntWhoso list to hunt, I know where is an hind, But as for me, helas! I may no more. The vain travail hath worried me so sore, I am of them that furthest come behind. Yet may I by no means, my worried mind Draw from the deer; but as she fleeth afore Fainting I follow. I leave off therefore, Since in a net I seek to hold the wind. Who list her hunt, I put him out of doubt, As well as I, may spend his time in vain; And graven in diamonds in letters plain There is written, her fair neck round about, "Noli me tangere, for Caesar's I am,And wild to hold, though I seem tame." Sir Thomas Wyatt"
Author: Thomas Wyatt
47. "But Italy is not an intellectual country. On the subway in Tokyo everybody reads. In Italy, they don't. Don't evaluate Italy from the fact that it produced Raphael and Michelangelo."
Author: Umberto Eco
48. "Tú me echabas una mirada con un gris signo de interrogación en tus ojos. "Oh, no, no empecemos de nuevo" (incredulidad, exasperación). Pues nunca te dignabas a creer que yo pudiera sentir el deseo -sin intenciones específicas- de hundir mi cara en tu falda tableada, amor mío. La fragilidad de tus brazos desnudos... Cómo anhelaba envolver esos brazos, y tus cuatro miembros límpidos, encantadores -un potrillo acurrucado-, y tomar tu cabeza entre mis manos indignas y estirar hacia atrás la piel de tus sienes y besar tus ojos achinados y... "Por favor, déjame en paz, ¿quieres?", decías. "Dios mío, déjame tranquila". Y yo me levantaba del suelo, mientras tú me mirabas crispando el rostro en una imitación deliberada de mi tic nerveux. Pero no importa, no importa, soy un miserable, no importa, sigamos con mi desgraciada historia."
Author: Vladimir Nabokov
49. "Algunos días a finales de Agosto son en casa como éste, el aire fino y anhelante como éste, habiendo en él algo triste y nostálgico y familiar. El hombre la suma de sus experiencias climáticas, dijo Padre. El hombre la suma de lo que te dé la gana. Un problema de propiedades impuras tediosamente arrastrado hacia una inmutable nada: jaquemate de polvo y deseo."
Author: William Faulkner
50. "After analyzing our current crisis and studying well-establishedhistorical precedents, I must conclude that the global bankers haveonly three possible cards left to play.The first is admitting culpability and working to restore theAmerican economic engine to its free-market potential. History hastaught us that the ruling class rarely admits error and never concedespower.The second is to foment so much civil unrest and fear that thegeneral population will be clamoring for a global dictator who willprovide them food, shelter, and security in exchange for their individualfreedom and sovereignty. I see the emerging militancy of thelabor union movement playing right into this scenario.The final play is global conflict where they can try and controlthe outcome by means of funding both sides."
Author: Ziad K. Abdelnour

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