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1. "Right now he was nothing but a physically hurt man who had been through hell and back, clinging to his promise. "We be... together. More than just... few... hours. Wanna die... with you. Not... alone." Fought to stay awake, needed to spend every second with Vadim while he could.Vadim kissed that hand again, looked up. "We won't die. We'll never die. I promise. He'd promise anything, meant it, would die defending this man, would live and die and suffer for him."
Author: Aleksandr Voinov
2. "And maybe I was a little intense. But not as much as the princess who marched into that court in a very unprofessional pair of jeans and a T-shirt, looking like she had gone to hell and back--and was about to drag the rest of us back there with her, just like I kinda planned to do.I knew it in a split second--and everybody else knew it too, even old Fabio--that we weren't just seeing a princess standing there in a pair of jeans and boots.We were all getting our first glimpse of the next queen."
Author: Beth Fantaskey
3. "To hell and back with you."
Author: Cara Dee
4. "I won't let anyone talk to my wife that way, Gray said, his voice with a steely edge. I know that underneath that expensive tux you're nothing but a mama's boy sucking off your father's money and looking for a wealthy woman to keep you doing nothing for the rest of your life. I just want you to understand that beneath my tux is a rough and tumble cowboy who will kick your ever-loving ass to hell and back if you ever talk about my wife in derogatory terms again."
Author: Carla Cassidy
5. "If you feel ignorant and stupid, then find a way to learn. don't curse those who calling you ignorant and stupid. find ways to prove them wrong. that, is satisfaction. much more satisfying than cursing them all the way to hell and back"
Author: Hlovate
6. "I've already been to hell and back. This time, I want to go to paradise. I want to do whatever it is you want. Because all I want is you, by my side, from this moment until forever."
Author: Holly Stephens
7. "Ella, when are you going to realize that you two belong together? Everyone who lays eyes on you can see it and is envious of it because that kind of love isn't supposed to exist.""What kind of love are you talking about?""The kind of love that owns you. The kind where you know the other person inside and out. Where you can go through hell and back and still make it out ok."
Author: Jessica Sorensen
8. "What kid of love are you talking about?""The kind of love that owns you. The kinds where you know the other person inside and out. Where you can go through hell and back and still make it out okay."
Author: Jessica Sorensen
9. "When I said I'd follow you to hell and back, I wasn't trying to be literal, princess."
Author: Julie Kagawa
10. "I've gone through hell and back."
Author: Keith Emerson
11. "Yeah, my life a bitch, but you know nothing about herBeen to hell and back, I can show you vouchers"
Author: Lil Wayne
12. "I'd go to hell and back and cut off the devil's head myself to save you."
Author: Melika Dannese Lux
13. "We're going to open this bookcase and remove the grimoire."Now I wasn't surprised so much as shocked. "No way," I shot back. "This thing is enchanted to hell and back-maybe literally."Dad closed his eyes and took a deep breath, like he was having to physically restrain himself from yelling."
Author: Rachel Hawkins
14. "Well, I looked my demons in the eyeslaid bare my chest, said "Do your best, destroy me.You see, I've been to hell and back so many times,I must admit you kind of bore me."
Author: Ray Lamontagne
15. "That's the kind of guy you'd follow to hell and back."
Author: Richelle Mead
16. "I love him to hell and back and heaven and back, and have and do and will."
Author: Sylvia Plath
17. "Will you follow me, Darsal? Will you Silvie? Will you both follow me to hell and back because two fuzzy white bats told me you should?"
Author: Ted Dekker

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