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1. "I decorated my house like a medieval gothic castle, European-style. Chandeliers and red velvet curtains. My bedroom is pink and black, my bathroom is totally Hello Kitty, I have a massive pink couch and a big antique gold cross."
Author: Avril Lavigne
2. "I think I was a Japanese schoolgirl in another life. That's how much I love Hello Kitty."
Author: Dakota Fanning
3. "I think about pasta in the shape of Hello Kitty, stockings with diamond seams up the back, Marilyn's crumbling cake-mascara, and Liz Taylor's new white hair. I haven't got time for the trivials."
Author: Emma Forrest
4. "I'm as bouge as the next person. My mother was a waitress and my father was a bartender. People think I went to Yale and shit, because I have a vocabulary and I wear a suit. I wear a suit because I aspire to wear a fuckin' suit. I didn't work my whole fuckin' life to wear a Hello Kitty fuckin' wifebeater up here."
Author: Greg Proops
5. "That's Carlos?" Phineas lowered his sword and whistled under his breath. "Hello, kitty."
Author: Kerrelyn Sparks
6. "My teeth, washed my face, and walked back down the hall to my bedroom when I bumped into Bryan. "Sorry," he said, then glanced at my tank top, and lingered with his eyes a little longer than he should. I didn't mind, but when he realized what he was doing, he looked up. "You like Hello Kitty?" "Uh, yeah," I said, thrown off by his remark. "That's really cute." His lips quirked up. "Really?" I couldn't tell if"
Author: Lauren Blakely
7. "The pyjamas have cats on them. I am informed that these cats belong to an organisation called Hello Kitty."
Author: Martin Millar
8. "Junior high is so much worse than high school because at least in high school different is more accepted, celebrated actually: all the girls with blue hair and gothic Hello Kitty backpacks."
Author: Nikki Reed
9. "Hello Kitty will never speak."
Author: Pico Iyer
10. "Jenna slipped in wearing an outfit that I can only describe as Hello Kitty Goes Goth."
Author: Rachel Hawkins
11. "The equation Bubble Tea = Something to Look Forward To depressurizes the misery of capitalism and is a Hello Kitty band-aid on the festering wound of Neo-Liberalism."
Author: Vanessa Veselka
12. "I don't carry a purse when I fly because I have my Hello Kitty carry-on. I'm the biggest adult supporter."
Author: Venus Williams

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Quotes About Hello Kitty
Quotes About Hello Kitty

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