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1. "I'd like to write the way Matisse paints."
Author: A. S. Byatt
2. "Who would not have been laughed at if he had said in 1800 that metals could be extracted from their ores by electricity or that portraits could be drawn by chemistry.{Commenting on Henri Becquerel's process for extracting metals by voltaic means.}"
Author: Henri Becquerel
3. "How's your scratch, Henri?" I asked.He snorted and leaned against the dresser. "You mean the shotgun blast in my side? It's wonderful. I have about eighty pellet-size scars to show for it.""Dude," Dub said, plopping down in one of the chairs, "Who gets shot with their own gun? Embarrassing, if you ask me."Henri gave Dub's chair a hard shove with his foot. Dub laughed, and Henri rolled his eyes."
Author: Kelly Keaton
4. "I wonder if it is possible to have two boyfriends. I mean, times are changing. Relationships are more complicated. In France men always have mistresses and wives and so on. Henri probably has two girlfriends. He would laugh if you told him you just had one. He would say, 'C'est tres, tres tragique.'"
Author: Louise Rennison
5. "To the memory of Vincent Van Gogh, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, El Greco, and many others who came before me as well as those who will come after. We are one. Thank you."
Author: Luther E. Vann
6. "-Siempre hay esperanza, Henri - [...]-Es lo último que se pierde - dice Henri-. Cuando has perdido la esperanza, lo has perdido todo. Y cuando crees que todo está perdido, cuando todo se ve gris y sombrío, siempre hay esperanza. [pp. 333]"
Author: Pittacus Lore
7. "Orgueilleux, Henri Guaino répète à qui veut l'entendre : « C'est moi qui ai fait gagner Chirac en 1995, qui ai fait gagner Sarkozy en 2007, et qui le ferai encore gagner en 2012. Et puis, en 2017, ce sera mon tour d'être Président de la République. »"
Author: Roselyne Bachelot
8. "The Matisse seemed to respond to the decreasing light by increasing its own wattage. Every object in the room was drained of color, but the Matisse stood firm in the de-escalating illumination, its beauty turning functionality inside out, making itself a more practical and useful presence than anything else in sight."
Author: Steve Martin
9. "People in coats and ties were milling around the Talley gallery, and on the wall were the minimally rendered still lifes by Giorgio Morandi, most of them no bigger than a tea tray. Their thin browns, ashy grays, and muted blues made people speak softly to one another, as if a shouted word might curdle one of the paintings and ruin it. Bottles, carafes, and ceramic whatnots sat in his paintings like small animals huddling for warmth, and these shy pictures could easily hang next to a Picasso or Matisse without feeling inferior."
Author: Steve Martin

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Quotes About Henri Matisse
Quotes About Henri Matisse
Quotes About Henri Matisse

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