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1. "If charter schools are not more successful on average than the public schools they replace, what is accomplished by demolishing public education? What is the rationale for authorizing for-profit charters or charter management organizations with high-paid executives, since their profits and high salaries are paid by taxpayers' dollars?"
Author: Diane Ravitch
2. "Today the salaries of stars are astronomical in comparison with the 20's, but the high cost of today's living and taxes takes a huge bite out of these salaries."
Author: Pola Negri
3. "Companies like I.B.M. have offered women scholarships to study engineering for years, and women engineers routinely get higher starting salaries than men."
Author: Warren Farrell

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Quotes About High Salaries
Quotes About High Salaries
Quotes About High Salaries

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We cannot see how our lives will unfold. What is destiny and What is accident? And how can one ever be certain?"
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