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1. "For all the tough talk about China during the presidential debates, Romney and Obama evaded any mention of China's suspect human rights record, corruption, and rule of law. By not tackling these controversial topics, the candidates are protecting a strategic partnership with China at the expense of essential human values and beliefs."
Author: Ai Weiwei
2. "Zen Buddhism is a way and a view of life which does not belong to any of the formal categories of modern Western thought. It is not religion or philosophy; it is not a psychology or a type of science. It is an example of what is known in India and China as a "way of liberation," and is similar in this respect to Taoism, Vedanta, and Yoga. As will soon be obvious, a way of liberation can have no positive definition. It has to be suggested by saying what it is not, somewhat as a sculptor reveals an image by the act of removing pieces of stone from a block."
Author: Alan Wilson Watts
3. "I don't care what political party is controlling China right now. All I know is we are all Chinese."
Author: Alex Chiu
4. "Most of the food imported to Russia came from China."
Author: Alex Chiu
5. "Forty feet long sixty feet high hotelCovered with old gray for buzzing fliesEye like mango flowing orange pusEars Durga people vomiting in their sleepGot huge legs a dozen buses move inside CalcuttaSwallowing mouthfuls of dead ratsMangy dogs bark out of a thousand breastsGarbage pouring from its ass behind alleysAlways pissing yellow Hooghly waterBellybutton melted Chinatown brown puddlesCoughing lungs Sound going down the sewerNose smell a big gray BidiHeart bumping and crashing over tramcar tracksCovered with a hat of cloudy ironSuffering water buffalo head loweredTo pull the huge cart of year uphill"
Author: Allen Ginsberg
6. "Central Intelligence cutting Meo opium fields! China Lobby copping poppies in Burma! How long this Addict government support our oil-burner matter-habit"
Author: Allen Ginsberg
7. "In China, you've got six people buying for one child. But the thing is, you've got the largest rising upper-middle class in the world."
Author: Angela Ahrendts
8. "You shouldn't speak until you know what you're talking about. That's why I get uncomfortable with interviews. Reporters ask me what I feel China should do about Tibet. Who cares what I think China should do? I'm a fucking actor! They hand me a script. I act. I'm here for entertainment. Basically, when you whittle everything away, I'm a grown man who puts on makeup."
Author: Brad Pitt
9. "Neoliberalization has not been very effective in revitalizing global capital accumulation, but it has succeeded remarkably well in restoring, or in some instances (as in Russia and China) creating, the power of an economic elite. The theoretical utopianism of neoliberal argument has, I conclude, primarily worked as a system of justification and legitimation for whatever needed to be done to achieve this goal."
Author: David Harvey
10. "China is the same age as I am, and even I have to admit that she wears it better!" He laughed, then stopped and peered at her. "Because I'm a skeleton" he explained."
Author: Derek Landy
11. "I was the female lead in a romantic comedy. It's a little indie film that we shot in China called 'America Town,' starring Daniel Henney and Bill Paxton. I actually had to speak Chinese in the film. It was funny because I found out I was doing the film and then a week later, I was in Shanghai."
Author: Eliza Coupe
12. "Six decades ago, as Mao's Communists seized power, the question in Washington was, 'Who lost China?' Now, as his capitalist descendants stand astride the world stage and Washington worries about decline, it seems to be, 'Who lost America?'"
Author: Eric Liu
13. "Much of our national debate proceeds as if China and America were locked in a zero-sum game in which one's loss is precisely the other's gain."
Author: Eric Liu
14. "Hindi din ako nagpi-prisinta na dalhin ang gamit ng mga babae. Lalo na ang bitbitin ang kanilang shoulder bag. Hindi dahil ayokong isiping bading ako. Ang sa akin lang, nabuhat nga nila yung bag mula bahay hanggang school, tapos kapag nakakita ng lalake, bigla silang manghihina."
Author: Eros Atalia
15. "Siguro kaya naimbento ang salita't konseptong closure ay para sa mga tinatamad malaman ang magiging wakas. Yung mga atat na atat malaman ang ending. Yung mga naburyong na sa pagkainip sa dapat kahinatnan. Kesa nga naman maghintay sa pagkahaba-haba't pagkatagal-tagal ng ending, mabuti pang putulin nalang."
Author: Eros Atalia
16. "The serious people who took him seriously never felt quite sure of his deportment; they were somehow aware that trusting their reputations for judgment with him was like furnishing a nursery with egg-shell china."
Author: H.G. Wells
17. "This 21st century economy holds great promise for our people. But unless we give all Americans the skills they need to succeed, countries like India and China will take good-paying jobs that should be ours."
Author: Harry Reid
18. "Die Leute schauen vorbei, nehmen ein paar Drinks, hören sich die Musik an, unterhalten sich und gehen dann nach Hause. Sie sind bereit, für ein paar Drinks bis hier hinauszufahren und dann noch eine Menge Geld auszugeben – und weißt du, warum? Weil jeder das gleiche sucht: einen imaginären Ort, sein eigenes Luftschloss, und darin seinen ganz besonderen privaten Winkel."
Author: Haruki Murakami
19. "In dealing with the China problem, the British and American side, which had particularly strong interests in China, should have based its judgments about the origins of the problem on direct observation of the actual circumstances at the time."
Author: Hideki Tojo
20. "It may take three years, it may take five, it may take ten, but that will be the war of Indo-china."
Author: H? Chí Minh
21. "China traditionally has been a tea-drinking country but we turned them into coffee drinkers."
Author: Howard Schultz
22. "China will stay firmly committed to the basic state policy of opening-up. We will actively and effectively use foreign investment, improve its structure, diversify its form and open up more channels and sectors so as to facilitate investment."
Author: Hu Jintao
23. "Like other countries in the world, China must uphold its own sovereignty, territorial integrity and development interests. At the same time, we are willing to properly handle differences and disagreements in state-to-state relations."
Author: Hu Jintao
24. "I was living and dying in all the fibers of what is chewed and digested and in all the fibers that absorb the sun, consuming and digesting. Under the thatched arbor of a restaurant on a river-bank, where Olivia had waited for me, our teeth began to move slowly, with equal rhythm, and our eyes stared into each other's with the intensity of serpents'—serpents concentrated in the ecstasy of swallowing each other in turn, as we were aware, in our turn, of being swallowed by the serpent that digests us all, assimilated ceaselessly in the process of ingestion and digestion, in the universal cannibalism that leaves its imprint on every amorous relationship and erases the lines between our bodies and sopa de frijoles, huachinango a la vera cru-zana, and enchiladas."
Author: Italo Calvino
25. "Die Sache mit dem Sündenbock funktionierte wirklich, als noch religiöse Kraft dahinterstand. Man lud dem Ziegenbock die Sünden der Stadt auf und trieb ihn hinaus, und die Stadt war gereinigt. Es funktionierte, weil alle, einschließlich der Götter, wussten, wie das Ritual zu verstehen war. Dann starben die Götter, und plötzlich musste man die Stadt ohne göttliche Hilfe reinigen. Statt Symbolen waren richtige Taten gefragt. Der Zensor war geboren, im römischen Sinn. Wachsamkeit hieß die Parole: Die Wachsamkeit aller allen gegenüber. Reinigung wurde ersetzt durch Säuberungsaktionen."
Author: J.M. Coetzee
26. "The most fun I've had on 'Burn Notice,' I think it would have to be working with China Chow and Lucy Lawless."
Author: Jeffrey Donovan
27. "Well, we lost a lot of our independence already. We are dependent on China for credit. We are dependent on Middle Eastern countries for energy supplies. And many Americans are dependent on the government for their income, health care, education of their children, food stamps."
Author: Jim DeMint
28. "The goal of Australian foreign policy should be to promote the maximum harmony between the U.S. and China."
Author: John Howard
29. "When I was in China, Mao was Chairman, and parents were terrified to tell their children anything that differed from the party line in case the children repeated it and endangered the whole family."
Author: Jung Chang
30. "Shoulder to shoulder, a coordinated movement of the people, their blood no longer confined in the limited circulation of the body but rolling sweetly and yet still returning through the infinite extent of China."
Author: Kafka, Franz
31. "I want to make the choice that gives an accurate impression of who I am; and who I am is someone who wants to be ethical, evolved, yet not at all an oil pan for the machinations of the morally corrupt."
Author: Kelli Jae Baeli
32. "There are boys you look at and want to touch with your mouth, and there are boys you look at and want to wear one of those surgical masks everyone in China had during bird flu. There are a lot more bird-flu boys at large."
Author: Laini Taylor
33. "For us, from Korea's perspective, China is the number one investment destination as well as number one trading partner."
Author: Lee Myung Bak
34. "Suzanne takes you down to her place near the river You can hear the boats go by You can spend the night beside her And you know that she's half crazy But that's why you want to be there And she feeds you tea and oranges That come all the way from China And just when you mean to tell her That you have no love to give her Then she gets you on her wavelength And she lets the river answer"
Author: Leonard Cohen
35. "Couples stray," said Edgar. "Part of the breaking-in process.""Not breaking in, breaking." Nicola differed sharply. "You can glue people together again. But then your relationship's like any other repaired object, with cracks, blobs of epoxy, a little askew. It's never the same. I can see you haven't a notion what I'm on about, so you'll have to take my word for it.""Christ, you're a babe in the woods." Edgar stopped slicing tomatoes. "You got it ass-backward. A marriage perched like porcelain on the mantelpiece is doomed. Sooner or later grown-ups treat each other like shit. You gotta be able to kick the thing around, less like china than an old shoe—bam, under the bed, or walk it through some puddles. No love's gonna last it if can't take abuse."
Author: Lionel Shriver
36. "I think anorexia is a metaphor. It is a young woman's statement that she will become what the culture asks of its women, which is that they be thin and nonthreatening. Anorexia signifies that a young woman is so delicate that, like the women of China with their tiny broken feet, she needs a man to shelter and protect her from a world she cannot handle. Anorexic women signal with their bodies "I will take up only a small amount of space. I won't get in the way." They signal "I won't be intimidating or threatening." (Who is afraid of a seventy-pound adult?)"
Author: Mary Pipher
37. "You foreigners," he said. "You come to China and complain about thepollution, but I don't know why." He then gestured at the blurredlandscape around us. "To me, this place smells like money."
Author: Paul Midler
38. "Melawan pada yang berilmu dan pengetahuan adalah menyerahkan diri pada maut dan kehinaan"
Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
39. "Why travel to the Moon or Mars if we only continue our wars there with Russia or China or Africa? Why build rockets at all? For fun? For adventure? Or is this the same process that sends the salmons back upstream year after year to spawn and die - a subliminal urge in mankind to spread, in self-preservation, to the stars? Are we then secretly fearful that one day the sun might freeze and the the earth grow cold or the sun explode in a terrific thermal cataclysm and burn down our house of cards?"
Author: Ray Bradbury
40. "It was as if the entire day, the entire vacation even, were leading up to a single moment. he felt certain then that stan lee was in some direct communication with the universe - in a way, say, that the watcher, the most mysterious marvel character, was content like some gnostic entity merely to know of machinations of creation - and that through lee's spiritually advanced vision, paul's own destiny was entrapped in the monthly serializations of these kitschy superheroes. he seemed both influenced and influencer in the world of marvel."
Author: Rick Moody
41. "Hai dunia, menjauhlah dariku! Mengapa engkau datang padaku? Tak adakah orang lain untuk engkau dayakan? Adakah engkau sangat menginginkanku! Tipulah orang lain! Aku tak memiliki urusan denganmu! Aku telah menceraikanmu tiga kali, yang sesudahnya tak ada rujuk lagi. Kehidupanmu singkat, kegunaanmu kecil, kedudukanmu hina, dan bahayamu mudah berlaku! Ah, sayang. Sangat sedikit bekal di tangan, jalan begitu panjang, perjalanan masih jauh, dan tujuan sukar dicapai!" - Saidina Ali"
Author: Salim Akhukum Fillah
42. "It was one thing to contain the Soviet Union in Europe because Britain, France, and Germany were all willing to join in. But will Japan and other Asian countries be willing to join in the containment of China?"
Author: Samuel P. Huntington
43. "The writing of solid, instructive stuff fortified by facts and figures is easy enough. There is no trouble in writing a scientific treatise on the folk-lore of Central China, or a statistical enquiry into the declining population of Prince Edward Island. But to write something out of one's own mind, worth reading for its own sake, is an arduous contrivance only to be achieved in fortunate moments, few and far in between. Personally, I would sooner have written Alice in Wonderland than the whole Encyclopedia Britannica."
Author: Stephen Leacock
44. "Edward & Bella:I suoi occhi dorati mi sfiorarono con uno sguardo dolce. «Hai detto che mi amavi»«Lo sapevi già» dissi, chinando la testa«Però è stato bello sentirlo».Affondai la faccia nella sua spalla.«Ti amo», sussurrai.«Tu sei la mia vita adesso»."
Author: Stephenie Meyer
45. "As the message drained away Vimes stared at the opposite wall, in which the door now opened, after a cursory knock, to reveal the steward bearing that which is guaranteed to frighten away all nightmares, to wit, a cup of hot tea.** The sound of the gentle rattle of china cup on china saucer drives away all demons, a little-known fact."
Author: Terry Pratchett
46. "Sorry China...You May Take Tibet Lives...But You Will Never Take Away Tibet's Spirit!    One Day...TIBET Will Be FREE!?"
Author: Timothy Pina
47. "Wehehehehell, if it isn't Ollie-Ollie-oxidant-free..."You can take…all the tea in China…put it in a big brown…bag for me.He's as sweet as tupelo honey; he's an angel of the first degree.Men with insight…men in granite…knights in armor bent on…chivalry.He's as sweet as…tupelo honey; just like honey, baby…from the bee."=> For those who read and liked "When Irish eyes are sparkling"Can i have a musician here?"
Author: Tom Collins
48. "I'll love you, dear, I'll love you till China and Africa meet and the river jumps over the mountain and the salmon sing in the street."
Author: W. H. Auden
49. "Months earlier, Apple had gotten the right to export computers to China,"
Author: Walter Isaacson
50. "A war in the Taiwan Strait would destroy China's international relations overnight. It would destroy Chinese - Japanese relations, not to mention Chinese - American relations."
Author: William Kirby

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