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1. "Hey, lovebirds, do I have your order right or are you too busy necking to notice?" the chef asked, pointing at us with one of his cooking knives.I snapped my head up and could feel my cheeks flush, but as usual John was as cool as a cucumber. He smiled and looked at the chef. "We weren't necking...yet. But I'm sure we will be as soon as you're done making our steaks."The hipster couple shook their heads, but I could hear Martha awwing at us again. Luckily the chef had a sense of humor, but it still embarrassed the heck out of me."Okay, red meat and then necking.Gotcha. You need some wine? Or music to set the mood?" he asked, playing an invisible violin on his shoulder."
Author: Magan Vernon

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I have a greater appreciation for kitchen appliances, having played one."
Author: Anthony Daniels

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